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Artist Album Format Label & Cat. Number Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
NADJA & TROUM Dominium Visurgis CD Transgredient Records TR-07 2010 €12.00
  Dominium Visurgis (white) LP Denovali Records DEN59 2010 €18.00
RAISON D'ETRE & TROUM XIBIPIIO. In and Out of Experience CD Transgredient Records TR-12 2017 €13.00
TROUM Tjukurrpa (part three: rhythms and pulsations) CD Transgredient Records TR-01(c) 2003 €13.00
Tjukurrpa (part two: drones) CD Transgredient Records TR-01 (b) 2002 €13.00
Ryna CD Transgredient Records TR-04 2006 €12.00
AIWS CD Transgredient Records TR-05 2007 €12.00
Nargis 7inch VivaHate Records VHR-45-002.1 2007 €6.00
Symballein CD Small Voices SVR07024 2007 €10.00
Darve sh / Ajin CD NEFRYT N 016 2008 €13.00
SIGQAN CD Transgredient Records TR-06 2009 €13.00
Ljubimaya / Daur CD Abgurd AB-38 2009 €12.50
Autopoiesis / Nahtscato CD Zoharum ZOHAR 012-2 2010 €12.00
Mare Idiophonika CD Silken Tofu stx.12 2010 €13.00
Seeing-Ear Gods CD ZOHARUM Zohar 017-2 2011 €12.00
Grote Mandrenke CD Beta-lactam Ring Records mt238 2012 €13.00
Mort aux Vaches: Sen CD Aquarellist aquarel 24-13 2013 €14.00
Mare morphosis CD Transgredient Records TR-09 2013 €13.00
Syzygie CD Cold Spring Records CSR183CD 2013 €12.00
Dreaming Muzak CD Zoharum ZOHAR 074-2 2014 €13.00
Ryna do-LP :retortae: - elixir 10 2015 €33.00
ACOUASME CD Cold Spring Records CSR213CD 2015 €12.00
ACOUASME do-LP Silken Tofu STX.45 2017 €20.00
  AIWS LP Backwards BW25 2017 €18.00
TROUM & AIDAN BAKER Nihtes Niht CD Alone At Last AAL[4] 2013 €15.00
TROUM & ALL SIDES Shutun CD Old Europa Cafe OECD089 2006 €14.00
TROUM & MARTYN BATES To a Child, Dancing in the Wind CD Transgredient Records TR-03 2006 €10.00
TROUM & RAISON D'ETRE De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu CD Essence Music ESS024 2015 €14.00
TROUM & REUTOFF Kreuzung Zwei: Creatura Per Creaturam Continetur CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 019 CD 2008 €13.00
  Kreuzung Zwei: Creatura Per Creaturam Continetur do-LP Ewers Tonkunst HHE 019 V 2012 €27.50
TROUM VS. NID Ignis Sacer LP Herzbräune HB 001 / Art Konkret ART 42 2007 €15.00
YEN POX & TROUM Mnemonic Induction CD Transgredient Records TR-11 2015 €13.00
  Mnemonic Induction do-LP Burning Inside Records BURNING01 2016 €20.00

"TROUM" entries in albums descriptions

Artist Album Format Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
AARDVARK Born CD-R lim. 140 / dark industrialized ambience in the way of SUNN O))), TROUM or FINAL 2007 €10.00
BAKER, AIDAN Gathering Blue do-LP gatefold-cover lim. 444 copies designed by ALAN MC CLELLAND, coming in three vinyl colours! Feat. new material, a JOY DIVISION cover-version of "Twenty-four hours", the CICATRICE mCDR (Dreamland Rec.), THE TASTE OF SUMMER ON YOUR SKIN mCDR (Taalem), and two remixes of tracks by BUILDING CASTLES OUT OF MATCHSTICKS and TROUM that appeared before on the "Remixes" CDR (Arcolepsy). A wonderful collection of introspective & poetic drone-ambience ! 2009 €24.00
BRANT, JACOB Rainmaking mCD-R highly recommended newcomer creating multi-layered, shimmering dronescapes with powerful washes of winds & harmonics - somehow guitarish, 'post rock' elements are involved, , truly elevating! For fans of TIM HECKER; TROUM; etc... filed under: energetic beauty drones & overtunes; 22 min. in mCD box 2013 €6.00
CAUL & KIRCHENKAMPF Sleep - Night - Death CD highly interesting collaboration by these two US "experimental & dark ambient"-artists, lim. 888 copies & comes in stunning design by eye.lyft (who also designed some of the latest Troum-albums) ! 2008 €10.00
CLOUWBECK Wolfrahm CD behind CLOUWBECK we find RICHARD SKELTON (also active as A BROKEN CONSORT), who spreads here beautifully poly-layered violin-drones, always shifting & waving and building organic landscapes of metallic shining acoustics.. . absolutely stunning & highly recommended if you like multi-layered drone-harmonics as TROUM, VOICE OF EYE, CISFINITUM, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, etc.. 2009 €13.00
COLLAPSAR Beyond the Event Horizont CD massive "cosmic" dark analogue ambience from this new French act; for fans of INADE, etc. ; nice digipack design by eye:lyft who did the recent Troum/Transgredient artworks (AIWS, Sigqan) 2009 €12.00
D-EFFECTS No. 3 mag music, philosophy, literature, texts, cinema, art, german language. KONRADIN LEINER, TRANSGRESSIVE CINEMA, ASIA ARGENTO, JÜRGEN PLOOG, ZOMBIES, DICTIONNAIRE CRITIQUE, the history of COUM transmissions, TROUM-Interview, SARDH, RITUALMUSIK UND AKUSTISCHE INNENRAUMFAHRTEN, WOLFGANG MÜLLER-Interview, etc.. 2005 €3.50
DAGG, JAMIE M. RIVER - Movie by JAMIE M. DAGG DVD the movie for all TROUM-fans! For most of the soundtrack of this unusual realistic, intense Canadian thriller (which is set in the jungle of Laos) music by TROUM has been used (german title: "MEKONG RUSH"): feat. ROSSIF SUTHERLAND, directed by JAMIE M. DAGG; 83 min length. Official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival 2015 2016 €15.00
E/I MAGAZINE MUSIC ELECTRONIC AND OTHERWISE - Issue Seven (Summer 2006) mag articles on JOHN DUNCAN, TROUM, MUSLIMGAUZE, CHRISTOPHER WILLITS, RADBOUD MENS, INFRACTION, RUNE GRAMMOFON, 'ellipsis' by COLIN NEWMAN, 150+ reviews... great full colour mag from the US 2006 €8.00
EXIT IN GREY Nowadays Warm CD-R re-edition of the first EIG-album from 2004; highly melancholic ambient drones from Russia; comes in full colour cardboard cover, compared to guitarish TROUM or AIDAN BAKER solo; BACK IN STOCK! 2006 €9.00
  One Lumen in the Past CD the beloved Russian project with a transcendental drone masterpiece, three long 'primeval soup' tracks that sound extremely mysterious & melancholic at the same time... when subliminal atmospheric drones meet with field recordings and melancholic guitar drones, this sounds like a mixture of TOY BIZARRE and TROUM; dedicated to the memory of the space around us! lim. 300 2016 €13.00
FEAR DROP No. 16: LA ZONE GRISE mag & CD finally a new FEAR DROP (best french mag for ambient & experimental music) issue, on the theme "GREY AREA"; feat. two long essays by publisher DENIS BOYER, plus articles about COILs ANS-work, HUMAN GREED; STEVE RODEN, BERNHARD GÜNTER, and the very first interview / article about our 10" series SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA! + compilation CD with mentioned artists and CISFINITUM, TROUM, YANNICK FRANCK, L. MARCHETTI, M. DELPLANQUE, etc.. a definite MUST HAVE, highly recommended!!! Exclusive material only ! 2012 €12.00
  No. 17: Arctic Antiphon - L'imaginaire musical des glaces mag & CD new volume of the best French magazine for ambient & experimental music, this time on the theme "Imaginary Ice Soundscapes"; feat. interviews with THOMAS KÖNER, JANA WINDEREN and A. TEDESCHI (GLACIAL MOVEMENTS), diverse articles & reviews (TROUM & AIDAN BAKER / BIOSPHERE / S. MATHIEU, etc..) and a CD with exclusive tracks recorded for this issue by KÖNER, WINDEREN, COH, MARC NAMBLARD, FINAL, NETHERWORLD, etc.. highly recommended, French language 2014 €12.00
GHOUL DETAIL Only for the Lonely CD-R very late listing of this highly recommended album by the British experimental drone project (& member of SYRINX), creating glowing transcension drones & loops, dark waving & whirring, using instrumental sounds as well, think of a mixture of TROUM, JARL, MACHINEFABRIEK maybe.. 2008 €7.50
LINGUA FUNGI Flowery Dreams CD FOR YOU, LITTLE SEED - the debut album of this Finnish "subconscious ethno/folk drone" project, mainly created with real instruments (flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin, various percussion tools).. "Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. No sharp line between sorrow and joy, dark and bright moments".. long waving organic ambience for fans of ALIO DIE, JÜPPALA KÄÄPIO, ORIGAMI ARKTIKA, ethereal TROUM, etc.. 2006 €13.00
LOVESLIESCRUSHING Ghost Colored Halo CD newer material (in fact so far the latest release) by the most atmospheric low-fi dreamscape droners, this is an extended version of a self-released digital EP from 2011; imagine MY BLOODY VALENTINE mixed with guitarish TROUM plus ethereal noise drones and female voice choirs... 2013 €14.50
MERNAGH, SIOUXZI THE DANGERS. The most dangerous Plaything is Woman DVD-R short film with soundtrack by TROUM & VOICE OF THE SEVEN WOODS; a great surrealistic piece by this female Australian film-maker, who developed the concept of a "Subconscious Narrative". For fans of DAVID LYNCH, etc. Australian import 2009 €10.00
MUSLIMGAUZE Port Said do-CD re-issue of the great 12" from 1999, comes with a full bonus CD of NEW remixes/re-arrangements of these tracks, by: BASS COMMUNION, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, RAPOON, DEAD VOICES ON AIR, SCANNER, PACIFIC 231, VELEHENTOR, TROUM, etc... very beautiful artwork (oversized 6-panel gatefold) 2017 €18.00
NADJA Bliss torn from Emptiness do-LP first vinyl re-issue of this mighty early NADJA album from 2005, comes on splatter coloured vinyl (white vinyl with black spatter, black vinyl with white spatter) with unrelased fourth bonus side (a live version of 'Memory Leak' rec. at Hamburg Markthalle in June 2009, when they performed with TROUM & ALLSEITS on the same evening!); lim. 500 2014 €29.00
NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES Your Suffering will be legendary do-CD re-issue of the two bonus-CDRs that came originally with the box-version of the last N.T.T. release from 2009, "The Gospels of the Gash", containing 18 collaborative tracks & remixes by: TROUM, AUN, HERBST9, DEUTSCH NEPAL, JARBOE, HECATE, [LAW RAH] COLLECTIVE, etc. etc.; comes in stunning 8-panel DVD-sized double-digipack 2013 €15.00
NIMH & ANTIKATECHON Out Hunting for Teeth CD a very dark and at times noisy work for NIMH, who teamed up with ANTIKATECHON (ex ORNAMENT)... repetitive synths and guitar sounds and a background wall of noises build the main basis for this trip into deepest unconscious areas, a mixture of harmonic guitar drone & symphonic dark ambient, like AIDAN BAKER or TROUM meeting DESIDERII MARGINIS or ARCANA ? 4 tracks, 47 min. 2013 €12.00
NORTHERN VALENTINE The Distance brings us closer CD band from Philadelphia doing mellow / warm guitar-driven ambient drone spheres with an experimental edge, feat. BEN FLEURY-STEINER (LIGHT OF SHIPWRECK); sounds similar to LABRADFORD, ULTRASOUND, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, AARKTICA, more quiet TROUM... very nice 2009 €12.00
OLHON Lucifugus 10inch processed field recordings from an abandoned water tank; first vinyl release for the project of BAD SECTOR & WHERE !! lim. 500 on orange vinyl, artwork by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS known from the CISFINITUM - Devotio 10" (SUB-04) and IGNIS SACER LP (TROUM vs. NID) 2009 €12.00
ONDO Sol CD-R very limited CDR-release from this Swedish "doom drone"-project, here more experimental & dark eerie droning.. excellent one-tracker, compared to OMENYA, RAISON D'ETRE, TROUM.. lim. 100, nice full colour sleeve 2010 €9.00
ORSI, FABIO Qui Vicino CD & booklet the Italian master of subtle "intimate daydream ambience" encharms with a melancholic 33 min. piece based on a most sublime & harmonic evolving guitar drone, soft as a summer breeze and going round in slow circles...think of: ULTRA MILKMAIDS, early AIDAN BAKER, STARS OF THE LID, TROUM.... comes with 16 page A4 booklet with b/w pictures taken by ORSI himself, showing the lonely moments of daily life....lim. 250 2014 €15.00
PEAL GRIM same CD side project of Russian artist DMITRY SHILOV (maybe better known as NEZNAMO) with overwhelming, nicely distorted guitar drones, hyper minimal & full of orchestral overtunes and layered guitar melodies expressing an endless yearning... think of NADJA, 'N', or TROUM... lim. 100 2015 €12.00
PHANTOM SHIP Spheres CD-R Italian emotional ambience and melancholic / orchestral / industrial drone, everything is drowned in heavy effects and stirring noises & slowly waving resonances and feedbacks, but keeps a harmonic basis in the massive ghost-scapes (often based on guitar sounds it seems)....reminded us on MAEROR TRI / early TROUM, VOICE OF EYE or RAISON D'ETRE, highly recommended ! lim. 150, professional duplication & digipack cover 2015 €12.00
SECRET PYRAMID The Silent March / Movements of Night do-CD CD re-issue of their first two vinyl albums by this ethereal guitar dream drone / Pop project from Vancouver, a nice combination of acoustic song-forms and transcension ambience, executed with impressive subtleness... the meeting point of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK and POPOL VUH? (as the label says); it also reminded us on SLOWDIVE, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, TROUM or STARS OF THE LID... 2014 €16.50
SIJ & ITEM CALIGO Queer Reminiscence CD very peaceful ambient-collaboration mainly based on perfectly arranged synths, neo-classic elements meet drone ambient minimalism, but also more broad waving atmo clouds appear.. always harmonic and slow, full of nostalgy and melancholy, music for peaceful, isolated landscapes... for fans of CELER, ALIO DIE, or more harmonic TROUM.... lim. 200 2017 €13.00
SPECIMENS Sculptures LP great debut LP by a new "experimental drone" project from London, working mainly with guitar feedbacks, resonances and overtunes (but also with other sources like piano, gongs, field recordings, etc..), creating amorph sculptures with sound, without loosing a harmonic and often subtle basis... think of AUN, PETER WRIGHT or TROUM.... a lift into timelessness and day-dreaming spheres.. mastered by LAWRENCE ENGLISH 2016 €18.00
STROM NOIR Famadihana mCDR wonderful guitar drone muzak inspired by a funeral ritual of a tribe in Madagascar .- endless spaces, mildly distorted, slowly evolving/devolving overtunes & hisses.. think of FINAL, N, EXIT IN GREY, TROUM.. 2012 €5.00
SYNDROME Now and Forever LP last copies of the vinyl version of the third SYNDROME release, the project of MATHIEU VANDEKERCKHOVE (SEMBLER DEAH, AMENRA) form Ghent, Belgium => one long profound / philosophic piece of super minimal guitar-ambient drone folk with vocals, feat. JOSH GRAHAM (ex NEUROSIS, A STORM OF LIGHT) and COLIN VAN EECKHOUT (AMENRA), so slow, fragile and emotional, think of STEVE VON TILL (the voice) or TROUM (the polyphonic guitars)... 2013 €20.50
TAPHEPHOBIA Escape from the mundane Self CD the emotional & melancholic side of dark ambience, using especially spheric guitar-based sounds & dark harmonies, the perfect soundtrack to an introspective inner journey, excellent new album reminding on TROUM/MAEROR TRI, DESIDERII MARGINIS, etc.. beautiful & desolate at the same time! 2013 €13.00
URE THRALL Arabian Knightmares CD re-release of the CDR from 2004 / comes in specially designed cardboard-box folder & with 8 postcards (full-colour); feat. the two great tracks from the Drone Rec. EP - think of the marriage of ZOVIET FRANCE, VOICE OF EYE, TROUM.. 2006 €13.00
V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) CRYOSPHERE CD-R first release from a new italian label, a comp. dedicated to the theme "frozen landscapes", with: CLOSING THE ETERNITY, NORTHAUNT, THO-SO-AA, TUU, TROUM, AIDAN BAKER, NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI, LIGHTWAVE. lim. 300; LAST COPY !! 2006 €15.00
INFERNAL PROTEUS BOOK / 4 x CD 96-page-hardcover / full-colour book / w. J. COLECLOUGH, INADE, TROUM, CHAOS AS SHELTER, AUBE, MNORTHAM, YANNICK DAUBY, CHAOS AS SHELTER, etc etc 2002 €45.00
I, Mute Hummings: A collection of drone music and dulcet atmospheres CD compilation with: KEITH BERRY, FEAR FALLS BURNING, DRONAEMENT, TROUM, JEFFREY RODEN, PAUL BRADLEY, STEVE JOLLIFFE, COLUMN ONE, RICHARD LAINHART. All exclusive material on new german label 2006 €14.00
The walls are whispering... CD lim. 525 copies in gold-printed 7"-cover, with exclusive material from: TOY BIZARRE, DIETER MUH, KALLABRIS, C.RENOU, VIDNA OBMANA, STEVE RODEN, SVEEN, PBK, INADE, TROUM 2003 €12.00
Listen to something different CD 10th anniversary comp. for the record-shop from Rostock, who also organized many concerts on the MS STUBNITZ ship ! Mainly exclusives from MUSLIMGAUZE, BEEQUEEN, DITTERICH VON EULER-DONNERSPERG, HAFLER TRIO, ASMUS TIETCHENS, WINDFAHNENAMT, TROUM, INADE, COLUMN ONE, RAPOON, ETANT DONNES, AUBE, CONTROLLED BLEEDING. nice coverpackaging 2007 €13.00
Noise Factory Records Sampler Vol. 3 CD label-sampler with BEEF TERMINAL, HEXES & OHS, NYBBL, TINKERTOY, NAW, MINISYSTEM, NEON TETRA, ADCBICYCLE, AIDAN BAKER (TROUM-Remix)... 2007 €12.00
OEC 100 / THE OLD EUROPA CAFE 7 x CD-Box Celebration-Compilation for the 25th OEC anniversary with 101 contributing artists spreading on 7 CDs, working on the theme "Europe": BAD SECTOR, BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS, DEUTSCH NEPAL, KALLABRIS, MOLJEBKA PVLSE, RAPOON, CHRISTIAN RENOU (BRUME), S.Q.E., TAM QUAM TABULA RASA, TROUM / ASIA NOVA / VOICE OF EYE, VOX POPULI, and many many more from the areas of post-industrial, neo-folk, dark ambient, harsh noise.. 2008 €35.00
SACRAL SYMPHONY CD compilation around the theme "Sacral Symphony", compiled & mixed by CISFINITUM; exclusive material only by 1000SCHOEN, TROUM, RAPOON, FIRST HUMAN FERRO, and CISFINITUM. Nice silver / grey 7" silk-screen cover, edition of 300 2008 €13.00
Desolationhouse do-CD closing compilation of this nice experimental series of Relapse Records, exclusive material from: TROUM, BASTARD NOISE/C.RENOU, WÄLDCHENGARTEN, AMAZING GRACE, GRUNTSPLATTER, SUBTERRANEAN SOURCE, ANGEL OF DECAY, JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR, KEPLERS ODD, RISE OF BECAUSE. Double Digipack w. booklet, limited one time pressing 1000 copies 2009 €15.00
SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA STARTER SET : 10 SUBS (your choice) as SET 10 x 10inch-SET SPECIAL OFFER! You can choose 10 SUB- releases of our 10" series (except SUB-01+SUB-13 which are sold out completely) for a special price! A good starting point if you decide late to collect the SUBs! still available (01.2016) are: NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, CISFINITUM, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, RLW, OÖPHOI, HUM, VOICE OF EYE, MNORTHAM, OLHON, KALLABRIS, YEN POX, [AD]VANCE[D], LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, COLUMN ONE, BRUME, THOMAS DIMUZIO (counts as 2), MOLJEBKA PVLSE, TOY BIZARRE, soon: KRENG (do-10"), HITOSHI KOJI & YANNICK DAUBY, INADE & TROUM and many more planned!! start to collect it NOW !! 2016 €95.00
Dark Ambient Radio Volume 2 CD second compilation of exclusive tracks by mainly unknown or newcomer-acts from the Dark Ambient-scene, collected by the excellent online-radio programme from Hamburg; THOLEN, INNER VISION LABORATORY, ARKHITEKTUR NOIR, THERRADAEMON, ASPECTEE, PHELIOS, CREPUSCULAR, NAGUAL ART, TROUM, PHOBOS, FALSE MIRROR. A must for any dark ambient fan !!! 2009 €13.00
MOM CD Godspeed Mom! Tribute & benefit compilation for Chris Mc. Beths (label owner) mother Jeanine with exclusive material only; NURSE WITH WOUND, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, VOLCANO THE BEAR, NADJA, LA STPO, TROUM, ANDREW LILES, EARTHMONKEY, and many others from the label; comes in thick oversized cover 2009 €13.00
VERNACULAR do-CD absolute lovely Japanese ambient compilation curated by YUI ONODERA presenting various atmospheric acts from experimental to minimal, from known to unknown, all exclusive material by 15 sound artists: STEVE RODEN, SIMON SCOTT (SLOWDIVE), YUI ONODERA, JANEK SCHAEFER, TROUM, DALE LLOYD, KIM CASCONE, JOHN GRZINICH, LAWRENCE ENGLISH, etc.. long tracks & extensive 16p. booklet 2013 €14.00
In Progress II CD Polish compilation with acts that performed in Gdansk at the great art-centre LAZNIA, many exclusive tracks by: RAPOON, TROUM, ANDREW LAGOWSK, FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM, AKI ONDA, Z'EV & HATI, ROBERT PIOTROWICZ, MATS LINDSTRÖM, etc.. special price !! 2013 €8.00
EIDOLON. A Tribute to REUTOFF CD exclusive remixes and re-workings of REUTOFF material by: ATRIUM CARCERI, CISFINITUM, DESIDERII MARGINIS, WERMUT, DEUTSCH NEPAL, TROUM, SVARTSINN, SAL SOLARIS; etc... plus a collaboration track by DEUTSCH NEPAL & REUTOFF; excellent stuff from the dark ambient, drone and post-industrial regions of the current underground scene, lim. 400 2014 €13.00
Ambient Intimacy I CD-R compilation with: TROUM (their very first released track 'Stredan' appeared here January 1998!!), DE FABRIEK, YASNAIA (HYBRYDS), HYPNOSKULL, DISUMANA RES, SONAR, etc.. 2nd ed. lim. & numbered 69 copies, very rare now, ONE 2nd hand copy in stock, excellent condition 1998 €12.00
  Your Reality is broken LP for the 30th anniversary of the band, CONTRASTATE invited several artists who worked with them in the past to cover, re-interpret or collage their material, the result is this compilation with exclusive tracks by CONTRASTATE, RLW, TROUM, GENOCIDE ORGAN, BAND OF PAIN and ETAT D'URGENCE; a great document for one of most orginal "post industrial" bands from UK! lim. 300 2017 €20.00
WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW Lullabies from our Dreams CD "for fans of raw, occult and lo-fi recordings, Fursaxa, Troum, Current 93, Islaja, drone music and neo psych-folk, folk noir, field recordings, concrete noise and acoustic melodies..." [Cold Current info] digipack, lim. 600 2007 €13.00
WESOLOWSKI, STEFAN Rite of the End LP second album on Ici D'Ailleurs for this Polish composer, who works in the fields of beautiful but also dark and droning neo-classic chamber music, refined with influences from religious and spiritual elevated sounds... this has mesmerizing, ethereal drone passages full of yearning and emotion.. reminds on MAX RICHTER, JOHANN JOHANNSSON, but also TIM HECKER, TROUM, MOLJEBKA PVLSE..."a music which permits transcendence, contemplation, wonderment"... 2017 €18.00
1000SCHOEN Yoshiwara do-CD "Esoteric realism is the good term for 1000schoen works. With every new album, the meaning of this wordplay is getting more obvious, though also unexpected at the same time. "Yoshiwara" is not exception, it was first released by Kafue Systems in 2007, in very limited run on CDR with handmade photographic cover. The title should be familiar for those who knows the famous movie "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang, it was the nightclub where the main character Maria was working as the dancer. But it's also the red light district name, in 17th century Tokyo. However, the music we can find here can be hardly imagined as the soundtrack for the new version of "Metropolis". It's a trademark ambient symphony, with melodies dwelling somewhere on the edge of harmonic spheres. Both in short and long tracks, the impact is incredible - for the fans of experimental ambient sounds, it's another adventurous listening experience. This re-edition includes the second CD with two new and previously unreleased tracks, recorded in 2011." [label info] "Als Maeror Tri sich 1996 teilte, machten Martin Gitschel & Stefan Knappe weiter als Troum und Helge Siehl wurde verzaubert in 1000schoen. Yoshiwara (patch seven, 2 x CD) ist die Wiederkehr von 5 Tracks, der er 2005 als CDr bei Kafue Systeme veröffentlicht hat, erweitert um bisher unveröffentlichte 24 Bonusminuten. Die nehmen größerenteils die aus läutenden Phantomen und motorischem Grollen geballte Gestalt von 'Dronescape' an und verraten damit kein Geheimnis - Siehl ist ein Dröhner und Looper vor dem Herrn. Eine besondere Note bringt er auch mal durch den Einsatz von Pianoklimperei ins Spiel, zusammen mit summendem Singsang. 'Sowlong', die 26 zentralen Minuten von Yoshiwara, zerschroten in ihrem Mahlwerk Sufi- oder Muezzingesang mit, was den Erhabenheitsfaktor des Brausens, Orgelns und hintergründigen Klapperns um eine Zweierpotenz erhöht. Mit gelooptem Handclapping und Chorgesang eines tribalen Festes treibt die eingefangene Folklore den Puls gleich mit in die Höhe. Mir kommen Morgenland fahrer wie Rapoon und Muslimgauze in den Sinn. 1000schoen variiert deren und eigene Rezepte, wenn er bei 'followed your steps' sein Low-fi-Rauschen wiederum mit einem psychedelischen Bassloopgroove ankurbelt, der die Lebenssäfte spätgeborener Singles quasi-kultisch und saturday-night-festlich keltert. Das noch einmal 20-min. Titelstück umorgelt die Sinne mit schnellen und hellen Synthie- und Gitarrenwellen. Ein Großreinemachen, das die Synapsen frei zu blasen versucht von den Anhaftungen der Blöd-Maschinerie? 1000schön wär's." [Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy] "Back in Vital Weekly 565 1000Schoen's 'Yoshiwara' CD was reviewed by NM and he wrote: ""Yoshiwara" is also the name of a prostitute area of the 17 th century's Tokyo just like it was the name of the nightclub in Fritz Lang's movie "Metropolis" (1927) where the main character Maria worked as an exotic dancer. This very interesting album by German composer 1000Schøen could well be the soundtrack for a 21 st century's edition of the Fritz Lang's legendary futuristic movie. Taking its starting point in the world of ambience the intense work circulates in sonic worlds of buzzing noise drones and otherworldly spheres of melodic beauty. Thus being both dramatic and harmonic in expression the album changes between short tracks and long conceptual tracks with the third track (all tracks are untitled!) clocking 26+ minutes. "Yoshiwara" is a remarkable work of experimental ambient. With these three very different albums, Kafue Systeme, demonstrates its wide approach to electronic sound, and the musical quality is in all three cases impressively high!" In this re-issue the tracks do have titles and I can add that 1000Schoen is the project of Helge Siehl, the third member of Maeror Tri, who went solo when the others became Troum. This re-issue has a bonus CD with twenty-four minutes, two tracks with some more excellent excursions into the world of drone music. Very much along the lines of Maeror Tri/Troum, both the disc that was recorded in 2006 and the bonus disc (no recording date). 1000Schoen doesn't have the same recognition yet as Troum, but its about time that changes." [FdW / Vital Weekly] www.nitkie.ru 2011 €17.00
AEOGA Coav CD Erstes Album eines neuen finnischen Projekts mit organischer Ritualmusik, die uns hervorragend gefällt....... stehende, teils rückwärtige Klangmassen, voller ätherischer Schwere. surrealistisch & hypnotisch loopig, dunkel und von sakraler Tiefe, irgendwo zwischen VOICE OF EYE, TROUM & URE THRALL vielleicht.. Das ganze im 8eckigen Spezialcover. Very recommend debut – album of this finnish project with organic ritualistic dronemusic ! “ The debut album of Aeoga, titled as 'COAV ', presents very original and haunting material based on spiralling dark drones, eerie guitar feedback textures, archaic drum and cymbal patterns, atonal / tonal vocalizations and distant / peculiar sample layers. The 8 tracks of the album offer material from organic dark ambient / archaic & ascetic horizons to dark and haunting tribal/ritual atmospheres. "To exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and thus receive, realize and create material based on both primal and absent vision". (total time: 65:52). Comes in a special octagon shaped cardboard covers including an 6 panel textured cardboard sleeve. Limited to 1000 copies.”[label info] 2004 €13.00
AIDAN BAKER & IDKLANG In the Red Room LP "Format: LP (180gr, silk-screened sleeve, download code, 300 items) Release date: june 5th 2015 AIDAN BAKER (NADJA, B/B/S/) joins forces with IDKLANG aka MARKUS STEINKELLNER for two epic instrumentals, melting ambient, drone and krautrock into a psychedelic trip of pure beauty. For years now AIDAN BAKER has proved himself one of the most productive and versatile artists when it’s about postrock, drone or ambient. Since his beginnings in the early millennium, the guitarist has released numerous albums with his duo NADJA, CAUDAL, B/B/S/, solo and in various collaborations with artists like TIM HECKER, THISQUIETARMY or TROUM, documented on labels such as ALIEN8, IMPORTANT or MIASMAH. “In The Red Room” presents BAKER, currently living in Berlin, in a duo constellation with IDKLANG aka MARKUS STEINKELLNER (guitar), member of JAKUZI’S ATTEMPT and ARKTIS/AIR, who in the past has besides his own projects worked with ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, AVA MENDOZA or EUGENE S. ROBINSON (OXBOW). With their guitars and effects the two create a gentle, yet uncanny ambience that unfolds in two epic pieces, each clocking in at around 20 minutes. As often with BAKER’s music, “In The Red Room” transgresses genres and instead melts their diverse elements into one: ambient’s detailed sound design is paired with drone’s experimental guitar approach and krautrock’s repetition for a psychedelic excursion of pure beauty. 180gr LP incl. download code, housed in a silk-screened sleeve, in a limited edition of 300 copies. … something really new in Baker’s extensive output … pure improvisation, inspiration out of the moment. A fascinating LP. Unruhr.de " [label info] www.karlrecords.net 2015 €16.00
APALUSA Live from the Dry Valleys mCD-R Hinter APALUSA steckt Dan Layton aus Notthingham UK, der hier einen majestätisch warmen one-tracker Drone mit Vibrato-Beilage serviert, erinnert uns v.a. an "N" und STARS OF THE LID. Eine anmutig wallende, schützende Klangblase wird gewebt, die vor Wohlklang nur so trotzt. Für jeden Guitar-Drone Fan ein Muss! "Der originalklang im vordergrund, als akkordfläche ausgebreitet und mit zunehmender laufzeit immer stärker geschichtet, der looper als tonfalle und die zunächst für sich stehende akkordfläche, strukturiert durch ebensolche wechsel und tremolotexturen, entwickelt ab der ersten addition mit sich selbst und weiteren runden im repeater diese schicken summentöne, die nur dann entstehen können, wenn sich immer mehr aneinander zu reiben beginnt. anstatt mit dieser harmonischen geste jedoch glückselig ins nirvana zu gleiten, stoppt apalusa für das letzte drittel der 3"-CDR und besinnt sich auf eine coda, die aber, kaum vom looper bemerkt, letztlich den gleichen weg gehen muss wie ihr vorgänger. eigentlich schon fast selten, den klang so wenig zu biegen und zu verändern und, mit ausnahme der startsequenz, mit so wenig fremdzutaten zu würzen. erinnert mich ein wenig an ein ebenso eindeutig klassisches (und mit blick auf das übliche klangbild der band absolut unübliches) stück von troum, erschienen als beitrag der "walls have ears" serie des belgischen ee-tapes labels… und zeigt (wieder mal), dass das klangbild einer gitarre soviel varianz in sich bietet, dass es kaum langweilig werden kann (besonders wenn, wie hier, nicht nur der sound, sondern auch der ganze "rest" stimmt). insofern: wohlbekannte rezeptur, sehr schön abgeschmeckt. " [N, Unruhr.de] "Live From The Dry Valley's is an almost 19 minute long guitar drone. Starting really slow just to catch your attention while it is building more and more until it reaches the climax which is a wonderful mesmerising layer of guitar tones with tremolo effect on it. In some way this could be compared to Fear Falls Burning, just with the exception, that Apalusa is hiking on the bright and warm side of the mighy guitar drone. Highly recommended to all lovers of the guitar drone." [label info] www.waterscape.de 2008 €6.50
AUN Phantom Ghost LP "New full length of this groundbreaking Canadian duo! AUN’s previous travels took the duo to space, hell and back. Now home to tackle more earthly concerns ‘Phantom Ghost’ shows AUN at its most complex and determined, but also at its most accessible, while still quite adept to their use of extreme tones. Previous outings heralded as masterpieces of ambient and heavy psychedelic strains, ‘Phantom Ghost’ finds AUN’s considerable stylistic palette, augmented again. Fractured voice and locked dry, immovable, hypnotic rhythms are ethereal and experimental qualities, now find themselves magnified by a sound edging on indie-noise-rock, while also delving deeper into their penchant for pristine and shattered electronics. Drenched in celestial gazy-prog sheen, fuelled by blurry acid drenched dreams, ‘Phantom Ghost’ is AUN at its most otherworldly, but also most grounded and terrestrial. The Phantom and Ghost in focus here, could easily be of the supernatural variety, but are more the result of complex sound wave apparitions during the recording process. Very human in its essence and execution, but also increasingly beautifully machine driven, ‘Phantom Ghost’ is a wide new door opened by the constantly mutating AUN. For fans of : Sonic Youth, Cocteau Twins, Zoviet France, Troum, Can, Cabaret Voltaire, My Bloody Valentine, Popol Vuh, Chris and Cosey, Boards Of Canada, Eno, Ennio Morricone." [label info] www.denovali.com 2011 €16.00
  Phantom Ghost CD "New full length of this groundbreaking Canadian duo! AUN’s previous travels took the duo to space, hell and back. Now home to tackle more earthly concerns ‘Phantom Ghost’ shows AUN at its most complex and determined, but also at its most accessible, while still quite adept to their use of extreme tones. Previous outings heralded as masterpieces of ambient and heavy psychedelic strains, ‘Phantom Ghost’ finds AUN’s considerable stylistic palette, augmented again. Fractured voice and locked dry, immovable, hypnotic rhythms are ethereal and experimental qualities, now find themselves magnified by a sound edging on indie-noise-rock, while also delving deeper into their penchant for pristine and shattered electronics. Drenched in celestial gazy-prog sheen, fuelled by blurry acid drenched dreams, ‘Phantom Ghost’ is AUN at its most otherworldly, but also most grounded and terrestrial. The Phantom and Ghost in focus here, could easily be of the supernatural variety, but are more the result of complex sound wave apparitions during the recording process. Very human in its essence and execution, but also increasingly beautifully machine driven, ‘Phantom Ghost’ is a wide new door opened by the constantly mutating AUN. For fans of : Sonic Youth, Cocteau Twins, Zoviet France, Troum, Can, Cabaret Voltaire, My Bloody Valentine, Popol Vuh, Chris and Cosey, Boards Of Canada, Eno, Ennio Morricone." [label info] 2011 €14.50
AVSKY Silent decay CD A new label from Sweden presents this newcomer from Norway with synth-loops and huge reverberations... an act with potential to delevop, worth to check out ! "The Norwegian dark ambient scene is growing with acts that defines the sound to be. Avsky is one of the upcoming stars at the dark heavens of isolationism/ambient. The eminent debut Silent decay takes the listener into eight passages of distorted and vast soundscapes, giving the opportunity to fall into relaxing infinite. Edition of 500 copies comes in standard jewelcase." [label notes] ".... So Avsky is from Norway, judging by his e-mail, and he likes his tunes to be dark. As far as I can tell he plays guitar through 863 different kinds of effect processing devices, foot and hand controlled. Alright, now that sounded not very nice of me. Perhaps I just don't know. No, I really don't know. The eight sonic landscapes sound actually very nice. Dark, controlled and haunted, atmospheric. Fans of Moljebka Pvlse, Troum and such like should take notice. Fine dark ambience all around. Maybe this is one of those obscure things that float around on blogs in ten years as the long forgotten classic." [FdW / Vital Weekly] www.myspace.com/reversealignment 2007 €10.00
BAKER, AIDAN Green & Cold CD-R Hier zeigt AIDAN BAKER seine Songwriter-Seele: er singt, sehr sanft, flüstert manchmal eher, dazu spielt er "richtige" Stücke, die aber durchaus experimentelle Anwandlungen und "Dronifizierungen" erfahren... ultra-sanfter dream'n'drone songwriter-Pop mit viel Emotion, auch das gelingt AIDAN wieder traumwandlerlisch & sicher... "The innovative master of ambient guitar returns with a breakthrough album. At its core 'Green & Cold' is a a mix of drone, post-rock, and what the artist calls appropriately "deconstructive dream-pop." Memorable hooks combine with Baker's trademark huge wall of guitar constituted atmospherics. Baker's shoegazey croon floats among the stuttering clicks and cuts permeating the layers of catchy riffs and slow, intoxicating beats. As 'Green & Cold' unfolds the listener is coaxed familarly inward only to be washed over in waves of wispy, warming drones: An album of uncommon intelligence and artistry." [label info] "Aidan Baker is back, still vying for the most prolific man in show business award (well, at least underground, free drone show business) with a double shot of washed out dreamy droniness. There's the latest from Nadja, reflecting his more metal side, and then there's this, the follow up to last year's Pendulum, which was a fantastic slab of glistening disembodied dronemusic. Green & Gold follows suit but with an interesting twist. Vocals. Lots of 'em. Baker is no stranger to singing, his whispery croon has graced more than a few of his releases, but on G & G, the vocals are a big part of the songs, and the songs are actual songs, with drums, and verses and choruses and everything. Well, sort of. Some tracks, like the untitled opener, are indeed still just wispy slow shifting expanses of fuzzy dreamlike sound, which we can NEVER get enough of, but others, like "Chainsaw", are actual lowercase, slow motion, dark and dolorous slowcore pop songs. Simple murky guitar riffs, wreathed of course in all manner of reverb and soft focus fuzz, hovering over stripped down shuffling rhythms, while Baker croons softly over the top, a hushed almost whisper, sounding not entirely unlike Iron & Wine's Sam Beam actually. Even the music sounds a little like a blissier tarpit version of Iron & Wine. There is some definite twang there, subtle, but it's there, nestled amidst the delicate folky strum and the glistening sonic glimmer. Imagine an even more somnambulant Low, or Spacemen 3 at 16 rpm, a ultra druggy (druggier?) Galaxie 500, each track a pop song mumbled and murky, a moonlit crawl through a hazy landscape of shuffle and shimmer, of strum and twang, all wrapped up in soft swirls of shimmer. Essential for fans of all things Jeck and Tim Hecker and Jasper TX and Machinefabriek and Grouper and Troum and Main and the like, but also worth a listen for more adventurous fans of Iron & Wine, Spacemen 3, Galaxie 500, Low and other slowcore drugrock dreaminess..." [Aquarius Records] label: www.gearsofsand.net 2006 €13.00
Exoskeleton Heart CD-R "Following up his amazing Periodic disc that was issued through Crucial Bliss two years ago, acclaimed Toronto drone-guitarist Aidan Baker is back with Exoskeleton Heart, his newest entry into our ongoing Crucial Bliss series. And this 2-track, hour long excursion into deep feedback bliss is stunningly beautiful. Split into two halves, "Interior" and "Anterior", Baker once again taps into his visions of the bodycage using only his electric guitar, performed and recorded live; the result is an evocative feedback-heavy dronescape drifting with the gritty hum of the amplifier, layers of shimmering, chiming feedback, crushing distorted ambient dirge that borders on Sunn O)))-levels of sonic weight, and shafts of elegiac melody breaking through the stormclouds of Baker's cavernous rumbling like rays of sunlight. Aidan Baker is without question the North American counterpart to the Teutonic guitar drones of Troum, and Exoskeleton Heart delivers some of his most massive, meditative, crushing, and beautiful subterranean drift yet. Hell, the final 10 minutes of "Anterior" is without questions one of the most beautiful things we have ever presented through this label, an angelic glacial melody that builds inexorably into a wall of blissed out fuzz a la something you'd expect from Aidan's dronesludge band Nadja. Essential. The disc comes in a full-color signature Crucial Bliss foldover sleeve with the disc affixed to a plastic hub on the interior of the sleeve, and has been pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies" [label info] label: www.crucialblast.net 2007 €10.00
  Element CD "A collection of the early works by the Canadian musician. All compositions were recorded in late 90-ies. This is a kind of journal documenting the search for "oneself", one's own style of sound. In fact "Element" sounds a bit more abstract then many late Aidan's albums. And although this album has something from the industrial drones of Troum, Baker still continues the traditions of European drone, upgrading them with his own sound and instrumental skills. On his very first album one can see how good is Aidan in creating the atmosphere. Endless spaces-oceans of ambient wash through our ears. Guitar loops melt into the song of water running underneath a bridge. Aidan Baker is a really acclaimed drone musician, and "Element" shows us the great debut work representing the style which Aidan has been developing and refining during the long years of his career." [label info] www.tetamorph.ru 2015 €12.00
B°TONG (B*TONG / B-TONG/ BTONG) Hostile Environments CD "B°TONG is Chris Sigdell, former member of the German experimental industrial group NID (1995 – 2005). With B°TONG he reaches for the nether regions of experimental electronic sound and has established himself as an acknowledged and known professional soundscape artist. His music is a choice of dark, brooding layers of sound, high-pitched tones and weird electronic sounds that give birth to images of darkness and tranquillity, the solitude of an icy polar night or the equivalent of an underwater journey into a bottomless pit. To create these soundscapes, he uses found samples and self-made recordings and processes these on the computer together with recordings of his own voice and other vocal samples. There are no traditional instruments involved. In a live-situation Chris Sigdell relies on playing metal-sheets, electric toys and various kitchen utensils. The sounds thus generated are put through various effect-pedals giving him that trademark sound. . B°TONG has played over 200 concerts all around Europe and in Russia, Canada and the U.S.A. He has shared stages with Aun, Batur Sönmez, Column One, Dave Phillips, Frontline Assembly, Michael Northam, Origami Galaktika, Sudden Infant, The (Law) Rah Collective, To Live And Shave In LA, Troum, Zbigniew Karkowski. . Sometimes B°TONG collaborates with other artists, as he has done with: Alain Courtis, Batur Sönmez, Diskrepant, Origami Galaktika, PS Stamps Back, TBC, and Tamagawa. Two new project are Tongdisklaktika, a together with Benny Braaten (Origami Galaktika) and Per Åhlund (Diskrepant) and Thee Secret Society with Jürgen Eberhard (F.T.PB.P.D.), Helge Moune (1000schoen) and Melvin Neumann (Vibrae). B°TONG has also been part of installations (“Polarkreis” & “95°“ by Brigitte Gierlich & Camilla Schuler) and video-projects (“Images” by Ulrich Fischer). He video-clips have been shown at the 2007 Miami Art Fair as part of the Urban Nomad film-festival, and in Beijing. His videos are made in collaboration with video artist Silvia Bergmann." [label info] www.greytone.eu "We first discovered Chris Sigdell, aka B-Tong (which, by the way, is usually written with a little circle, you know, the degrees sign, not a dash, but our website doesn't like it, so hence the hyphen), via a four way split called One Man Drone, which as you may have surmised, was a collection of one man drone-groups, and our favorite of the bunch happened to be B-Tong, whose sound was weirdly cinematic, and fantastically and psychedelically noisy and chaotic. We compared the sound to Philip Jeck mixing Goblin and Wolf Eyes! We later discovered that Sigdell played in NID, another group who utilized drones, but wove those drones into something much more cacophonous, and expansive and lushly layered. But still, ultimately, it was all about the drone. We had always hankered for more B-Tong, and while apparently there have been a bunch of full lengths, this is the first we've managed to get our hands on, and it's just as good as we remember; and yeah, if there was ever any doubt, Sigdell firmly establishes himself as an aQ-pantheon-worthy dronelord. The opener, is ominous and cavernous, laced with weird crackles and gritty crunch, kindred spirits with our own Jim Haynes for sure. The sounds oozing a sort of sonic decay, and some deft and subtle sample placement, makes the opener even more chilling. It's almost like some industrial doom, stripped down to its skeletal core. A moody, muted melody, playing out like foghorns in the distance, echo drenched chimes, and tinkling percussion, buried under grey washes of softly undulating thrum, lots of constantly shifting textures, and some seriously harrowing sound design reminiscent of Ben Frost. And the sound continues to drift southward as the record progresses, a virtual journey through dark caverns, toward whatever lurks below, fields of deep resonant rumbles, dripping water, distant billows of thunder, stretched out into weird glossolallic shimmers, thick chordal blurs that ooze and bleed ominously, splashing water doused in FX and transformed into a sort of garbled alien language. Plenty of barely there lowercase ambience, but also super active sprawls of electro static gristle, ultra creepy moans and gasps, sonar pings that disappear into the abyss, short wave broadcasts from beyond, lumbering behemoth beats, dulled into barely perceptible pulsations, smears of almost dub like throb, and keening high end tones dulled into bleary shimmery sonic ripples, all locked in a sort of hazy stasis, while all around, billowing clouds of black hum drift malevolently, and beneath this black soundworld, hushed melodies, and dreamlike sonic coloration, shift constantly creating an ethereally prismatic sonic backdrop. Fantastic. Essential dronemusic for sure!!" [Aquarius Records] 2013 €13.00
CINDYTALK Silver 7inch "We dream in colour, is the title of the new Live music project, curetted by six d.o.g.s (www.sixdogs.gr) and Angelos Petroutsas (Prince of Poverty), that consists of seven live concerts in the Gig Space of six d.o.g.s venue in Athens Greece, starting from February 2011 and ending in December 2011 of seven music artists, and the release of seven 7” by Tourette Records, in which the artists shall contribute music for the project. Each artist has been assigned with one colour in a “journey” from the moon to the sun, and each 7” is considered as a blooming coloured flower and as seen in the art work of the jacket a bee dancing in coordinates with the sun showing to other “bees” where the “nectar” music can be found and a solar clock pointing the time of each live concert taking place in Athens. Each 7” vinyl shall be released in the colour assigned to each artist in 300 limited edition copies and the artistic direction is by Pindaros (www.arsondpi.gr), the first seven vinyls from each release will be all united in a limited edition box of seven copies in the form of a bee hive made from black non see through Plexiglas, with a surprised art work inside to be revealed to the ones that acquire them, plus as each box will be dedicated to each artist taking part in this will include also the test press for each one. The artists that are participating in the project and their colours are as follows : Silver - Cindytalk Yellow - COH Red - Οthon & Tomasini Green - Troum Violet - Mark Spybey (Dead Voices on Air) & Jochen Arbeit Blue - Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo & Little Annie (USA) Orange - ?" [label info] www.touretterecords.com 2011 €10.00
CLADE, Holonic Sadism CD-R limited edition compact disc. screen printed on 4 panel 375GSM stock, hand-assembled, bound in crepe and sealed, edition of 100. "the self can never be completely represented in its own awareness, nor can its actions be completely predicted by any conceivable information-processing device. both attempts lead to infinite regress." [website info] "It's been a while since the first release by Clade, which was reviewed in Vital Weekly 821. Clade is from Oklahoma, but it says in the information that the recordings were made in 2010 in Chicago, and 'we apologize for the delay'. Perhaps Clade was on tour, and they stayed for a couple of days in Chicago, since the tracks are called 'Thursday III' and via Friday ends with 'Saturday III (Long)'. I am not sure, but I guess that they record this music also in one take, just like the previous release and that the instruments are still lots of guitars and electronics. Clade plays drone music, but there is a bit of difference with the previous release. Whereas then we found traces of noise/drone metal, that seems to be have disappeared here. The mood in these seven tracks is very subdued, calm and highly atmospheric. It's a wall of sound, but then of a relaxing nature, introspective. More Troum than Earth, if you catch my drift. It's however still not the most varied release that you could imagine, but these seven pieces, spanning some forty-eight minutes, are clearly various shades of the same color, and not many colors. The previous encouraged 'chemical accompaniment' - although not required - but then the forceful character of the music may have caused some damage. You'd better save those chemicals for this one, as this is the perfect music for such chemical enhancement. I thought this was the better release of the two I heard so far and I would certainly hope they would continue to explore these roads further." [FdW/Vital Weekly] www.cladistic.org 2013 €10.00
CLOSING THE ETERNITY & AD LUX TENEBRAE Nearby Being CD Collaboration des durch die Drone 7" hoffentlich etwas bekannter gewordenen sibirischen Projekts CLOSING THE ETERNITY mit den uns bisher unbekannten AD LUX TENEBRAE, der "cosmic black hole" Sound von CTE gewinnt dadurch an Variation. Hier wurde ausschliesslich mit asiatischen Original-Instrumenten gearbeitet, also Glocken, Gongs, Klangschalen, das Ergebnis ist aber weitaus droniger & dark ambienter, als z.B. bei HATI... Sehr behutsam umgesetzt ergeben sich Obertöne & Resonanzen, die manchmal fast wie wispernde Stimmen klingen, und man kann sich ganz den Schwällen von sanft vibrierenden Drone-Sounds hingeben, die sich in langsamen Wellen ausbreiten... "Wonderful cooperation of two Uralian projects CLOSING THE ETERNITY and AD LUX TENEBRAE. Fascinating ritual shamanic drone ambient changing your consciousness. Real delicacy for lovers of Alio Die, Troum, Sostrah Tinnitus... Limited edition of 500 copies in digisleeve." [label info] 2006 €13.50
DEAD VOICES ON AIR & SIMON FISHER TURNER MzMzLaLaLa 7inch "This single is a double A side and is the first of the DVOA@20 series. Side A is entitled, ‘MzMzLaLaLa for Peace,’ and Side A is entitled, ‘MzMzLaLaLa Sing-Song-Sing.’ Simon Fisher Turner Simon had a highly successful career as a child/young hopeful actor, appearing in movie and TV roles from Black Beauty, Tom Brown’s Schooldays to The Big Sleep (re-made with Robert Mitchum). Aged 17 he signed to Jonathan King’s UK Records and released the album “Simon Turner” in 1969. He then discovered tape recorders and ended up playing with the legendary Portsmouth Symphonia with musicians such as Brian Eno. Simon first worked as a runner on the sets of films by Derek Jarman, before becoming Jarman’s favoured soundtrack composer. Simon’s association with Jarman was lasting and massively fruitful. “Caravaggio”, “The Last Of England” (with contributions from Barry Adamson and Diamanda Galas), “The Garden” (with the Balanescu Quartet), and “Edward II”, were amongst the most innovative film sound projects of the ’80s and early ’90s, most of them surfacing as CDs though Mute. His final film with Jarman was the powerful, poignant “Blue”, where a soundscape recorded by Simon at Eno’s country house, plus Jarman’s AIDs inspired spoken words, stood in for the visuals - only a blue screen was projected. Simon also worked under the name of The King Of Luxembourg and has collaborated extensively. He has released many albums and in addition to his work with Jarman has contributed to numerous other film soundtracks for directors such as David Lynch. Simon and Mark Spybey first met backstage at a Can concert at the Barbican in London in 1999. They work together, in spurts and fits, under the name MzMzLaLaLa and this single is their first release. They recently played a concert in London together under a railway arch. DVOA @ 20 Anniversary Series Since leaving :zoviet-france: in the late eighties Mark Spybey has released fifteen albums as Dead Voices On Air. He’s appeared on over 80 releases in the past twenty years. When the late Michael Karoli, the seminal guitarist, put together a band in the late nineties to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Can, it was Spybey who he asked to help him.. He has made a career out of collaborating extensively with a wide range of musicians, film- makers and visual artists. He was a member of Download and formed Beehatch with Phil Western of Download and Reformed Faction with ex-:zoviet-france: members, including Robin Storey of Rapoon. Between 1992 and 2000 he lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada and has toured extensively around the world with a variety of collaborators including Karoli and Damo Suzuki of Can, The Legendary Pink Dots, Pigface, Michael Rother of Neu! and Dieter Moebius of Cluster. He’s remixed Neu! and Faust amongst others. His has worked with labels such as Kranky, Nettwerk, Soleilmoon Recordings, Invisible, Spoon, Scratch, Cleopatra, Lens and for the 20th anniversary seven inch single series, Tourette Records of Houston Texas." [label info] www.touretterecords.com "To celebrate twenty years of existence, Dead Voices On Air, also known to mankind as Mark Spybey, will release a bunch of 7"s in collaboration with people who he has worked with in those years. The series kicks of with Simon Fisher Turner, perhaps best known for scoring soundtracks for the films of Derek Jarman (Caravaggio", "The Last Of England", "The Garden" and "Edward II") and also with David Lynch. he met Spybey at a concert of Can in 1999 and worked together since as MzMzLaLaLa, but this 7" is their first release. I am in a bit in the dark wether this 7" is t45 or 33 rpm, and I decided for 33. One side has an interesting tape collage of sounds and spoken word in a very film noir like style, while the other side ('MzMzLaLaLa Sing Song Sing') is more a pop like track with a very sparse guitar, a wacky percussive sample and a sad voice. This side did less for me, I think, maybe its too short, or perhaps too vague, but the other side is in fact very good. In the future there will be 7's with James Plotkin, Troum, Edward Ka-spel, Cevin Key, Robert Hampson, Robin Storey, Jochen Arbeit, Dave Wright, Ryan Moore and Orbit Service, which me thinks looks a promising series. Great cover too." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2011 €10.00
FEAR FALLS BURNING The Rainbow mirrors a burning Heart LP Zwei Seiten-lange epische Drones, "live" im Studio eingespielt, auf wellenden, herrlich angezerrten Loop-Flächen bilden sich mit der Zeit tänzelnde Sounds... filed under: contemplation-drones ! "Fear Falls Burning - With all the power, noise, aggression and subtlety that comes from a single man performing real-time on the electric guitar through a maze of pedal effects, notes and chords shifting and multiplying over time into dense and trance-inducing walls of sound. Fear Falls Burning succeeds in uncovering a new language that stretches time and brings the listener to the edge multiple times, entrancing with the repetitive yet pure sonic presence of the electric guitar. Fear Falls Burning sets himself apart from the current drone scene by using different techniques and an expansive collection of pedal effects. The zen-induced result of a harsh method of musical effacement: Lonely tones drift through harmoniously singing clouds of sustain, black streams of crunching distortion flow underneath heavenly harmonics, minuscule melodies appear and drift off. With no overdubs or post-production effects involved, the compositions progress in an organic and natural way, giving the music a special feeling and soul that is missing from many recordings these days. This is Fear Falls Burning. Fear Falls Burning is the new solo project by Dirk Serries from Vidna Obmana. The FFB sound may appeal to friends of Sunn O))), Boris, Earth, Troum, Robert Fripp and all connaisseurs of heavy guitar drone layers! www.fearfallsburning.be" [label description] www.aufabwegen.de 2006 €15.00
FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM (F.T.B.P.D.) Live at lab.30 CD-R "One of the great achievements of the lab.30 festival is the bridging of the gap between ‘high-culture’ media installation art and ‘underground’ experimental musics, the latter represented in this 2009 live recording by Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim, truly a household name in the post-industrial drone/ambient scene. Eine der großen Leistungen des lab.30-Festivals ist die Überbrückung der Kluft zwischen der ‚Hochkultur’-Welt von installativer Medienkunst und experimenteller Musik aus dem ‚Underground’. Letzterer wird in diesem Livemitschnitt von 2009 von einer echten Größe der Post-Industrial-/Droneambient-Szene repräsentiert, nämlich Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim. Amplified objects, some effects and rather cheap electronics – this is all it takes for Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim to take the audience into a deep space of resonances and acoustic illusions. An exercise in musical ‘arte povera,’ proving that a rather reduced set-up can yield great, richly emotional sonic art. Drony textures and intricately interwoven metallic meshes of sounds combine in this varied sound trip. Verstärkte Objekte, ein paar Effekte und eher billige Elektronik - mehr brauchen Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels daheim nicht, um das Publikum mitzunehmen in einen tiefen Raum voller Resonanzen und akustischer Illusionen. Ein Beispiel musikalischer ‚Arte povera’, das beweist, dass ein sehr reduzierter Materialeinsatz emotional reichhaltige Soundkunst hervorbringen kann. Drone-Texturen und kleinteilig ineinander gewobene metallische Geräuschgeflechte bilden auf dieser Klangreise eine Einheit." [label info] www.attenuationcircuit.de "Also noisy, but then of an entirely different order, is the music of Jurgen Eberhard, going by the name of Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim since 1990. In 2009 he played at Lab.30 at a presentation of Attenuation Circuit, and now, five years later, this recording is released. Feine Trinkers are, along with say Maeror Tri/Troum and Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, part of the ambient/drone/noise scene in Germany, the old masters if you will and from this lot I think Feine Trinkers are the most noisy ones. At least in concert they have quite a forceful presence. Much of their (his, maybe, as it's I think mostly Eberhard solo) music revolves and evolves around the use of effects. There is a little bit of original sound running, which is fed through all sorts of sound effects - reverb mostly, but also delay, chorus, distortion and such like, and the end result is a strong thick multitude layered mass of sounds. Shrieking high towards the end - the excited strings of violin bows - but also the endless grooves from records, deep end bass and machine hum, all with quite an amount of power and also with control. Feine Trinkers also pull back so they can use a bit of spoken word here and there and in the end have a powerful listening trip for you. Probably loud on the evening itself, but at home you can be in control, which is nice." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2014 €9.00
  A Bug's Life CD "Jürgen Eberhard aka Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim celebrates 25 years of his artistic activity with the first full-length album on Zoharum entitled "A Bug's Life". keen observers of our activity certainly know his name, for instance from a common vinyl 7-incher entitled "Both Sides of The Looking Glass" shared with Bisclaveret duo or from the composition "Enigmatic Visions", which appeared on a commemorative compilation "07|100|15". "A Bug's Life" is the tenth full-length album in the discography of Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim. It was being created, like the previous ones, for several years and is another conscious artistic statement. Seven compositions included here are of a collage nature and combine echoes of post-industrial ambient, drone music, musique concrete, field recordings and even plunderphonics. On his first studio album since "Die Legende vom Heiligen Trinker" from 2011, Jürgen Eberhard consciously continues his sonic quest on a depleted terrain and he manages to avoid traps of empty experiments. "A Bug's Life" is at the same time an atmospheric, and even accessible, album, and sonically elaborate and demanding of the listener." [label info] www.zoharum.com "FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM ist ein Projekt, das ja eher unregelmäßig in der Musiklandschaft auftaucht, dabei aber bereits recht langlebig ist. Das letzte reguläre Album von JÜRGEN EBERHARD unter diesem Banner erschien 2011. „A Bug’s Life“ – so hieß übrigens auch der Pixar-Film „Das große Krabbeln“ im Original – widmet sich dem Namen entsprechend den Geräuschen von Insekten, die Grundlage für die Soundgestaltung des Albums gewesen sein sollen. Hierbei sollte man aber kein dauerndes, möglichst naturnahes Gezirpe oder Gesirre im Kopf haben – quasi ein Field-Recording-Overkill, sondern Klänge, die extrem stark bearbeitet und verfremdet wurden, wobei am Ende dennoch der Charakter von Sounds, die von Insekten erzeugt werden – auch knisternde, schabende Geräusche –, erhalten bleibt. Tatsächlich ist der Sound auf „A Bug’s Life“ aber relativ vielschichtig, teils auch wuchtig und massiv oder mit Drones durchsetzt, sodass das Ganze recht gut funktioniert und eben nicht an einen Abend auf der Terrasse erinnert. Auch Stimmen werden – verfremdet oder nicht – eingesetzt und Abwechslung kommt zusätzlich durch Stücke ins Spiel, die mit weiblichen Gesangslinien, die quasi als Zusatzinstrument fungieren, ausgestattet sind. Hier wäre wohl auch der Punkt, an dem man die Unterstützung von diversen Gästen wie u.a. MISS POLYESTER, FRL. LINIENTREU oder GENEVIÈVE PASQUIER erwähnen könnte. Das Klangspektrum reicht letztendlich von orientalisch angehauchten Sounds inklusive Rhythmus („Metallifekuwagamon“) bis hin zu düsteren Soundcollagen, die auch aufgrund der Bilder, die im Kopf entstehen, Unruhe auslösen können. Somit ist „A Bug’s Life“ eine spannende Sache für Freunde des Ambient oder der experimentellen Elektronik. Idee und Ausführung passen in jedem Fall hervorragend zueinander und die Qualität stimmt hier sowieso." [Tony F. für nonpop.de] "In der Geräuschmusik und überall sonst, wo mit Samples gearbeitet wird, sind Tiergeräusche eine beliebte Soundquelle, und zu den gefragtesten Geräuschproduzenten zählen seit jeher Insekten – was wäre ein sommerliches Kitschkolorit ohne das Zirpen von Grillen und Zikaden, und dass man aus dem Summen fliegender Insekten Noise und elektroakustiche Musik machen kann, ist hinlänglich bekannt. Beliebt sind Feldaufnahmen, bei denen die Sounds weitgehend naturbelassen bleiben und nur gelegentlich etwas Struktur eingebracht wird wie bei Dave Phillips’ und Hasegawa Hiroshis “Insect Apocalypse” oder “The Progeny of Flies” von Daniel Manche und Andrew Liles. Seltener sind Aufnahmen, bei denen die Sounds so stark verfremdet sind, dass man ohne Hintergrundwissen die Quelle kaum erkennen kann. Etwas derartiges hat der feine Pinkel, ähm: Trinker Jürgen Eberhard vor Kurzem unter dem Titel “A Bug’s Life” zustande gebracht. Die komplette CD wirkt wie ein Zoom, bei dem die Kamera dem lebenden Objekt so nah auf den Panzer rückt, dass man nur noch kleinteilige Strukturen in Übergröße erkennt, während größere Zusammenhänge nur noch zu erahnen sind. Vieles klingt wie ins Monströße vergrößert: Maschinell klingendes Summen, dass zeitweise in Noisewände übergeht, Detonationen, verursacht von einem enormen Insekt, das gegen eine überdimensionierte Scheibe knallt. Zirpen und Flattern, das eher nach einem Vogel klingt, und dem Tier, dessen rhythmischer Flügenschlag gegen Ende zu hören ist, möchte ich nicht im Dunkeln begegnen. So furchteinflößend es hier zugeht, hat die bizarre Szenerie auch irrsinnig Komisches zu bieten. Neben all dem gibt es zahlreiche Stellen, an denen kaum zu erkennen ist, ob die Aufnahmen ganz unkenntlich gemacht wurden oder anderen, z.B. elektronischen Ursprungs sind. Dies gilt für geschliffenen Ambientsound und zirkushafte Melodien ebenso wie für den entspannten Ethnosound, der irgendwann ganz überraschend eine Sängerin begleitet (die meisten Stimmbeiträge von Geneviève Pasquier, Allseits vs Troum, Frl. Linientreu und Joke Lanz sind spoken words). Ebenso gilt dies für monströses Brüllen, dass hoffentlich von einem Wirbeltier stammt. Aber warum eigentlich? Im Unterschied zu naturbelassenen Insektensounds lassen die Aufnahmen hier die Tiere enorm groß erscheinen und brechen so mit gänigen Wahrnehmungsgewohnheiten. Die nachhaltige, über den bloßen Schock weit hinausgehende Wirkung, kann im besten Fall in einem veränderten Blick auf das Tierreich münden." [J.G./U.S./African Paper] 2016 €12.00
FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC Solumpremoterra CD-R Great stuff again from this (new?) russian project, mainly hyper-deep earthquake sounds, rather silently moving, revealing amazing detail-sounds also....the real earth-drone !! jewel box with sandpaper inlay and photos (on face and back). “The second album of FEM is entirely dedicated to the earth element – completely low-frequency drone, to some extent close to the collaboration album of Troum & Yen Pox.“ [Zhelezobeton] 2005 €9.50
GOREHALLREIDER A Blow to the Head CD-R Collaboration von JOHN GORE (KIRCHENKAMPF), STEVE HALL (YEN POX-Hälfte und VEIL OF SECRECY) und C. REIDER (auch solo aktiv), 7 Stücke zwischen elektronischem dark ambient, minimaler Elektronik mit bedrohlichen / fremdartigen Untertönen, und puren backwards-drone-Sphären. Die Stimmung ändert sich mit jedem der sieben Stücke, sehr gut ! Handpainted coversleeves... “It seems to me that Cohort Records is becoming more and more active these days, and so are the musical activities of their boss, John Gore, aka Kirchenkampf, aka The Oratory Of Divine Love and aka >wirewall<. Here he teams up with Steve Hall, aka Yen Pox and aka Veil Of Secrecy and the more unknown C. Reider, who runs the Vuzh Music label. All three delivered sound material for this release, which was then 'arranged, effected and mixed' by John Gore. He calls this 'psychedelic ambient', which is an appropriate tag. 'Violent Drone' might also be appropriate, as in all seven tracks drones of whatever nature (radio static, analogue synth and perhaps even field recordings) play an important role, but a likewise important role is played by all the applied effects that Gore adds to this. This gives this drone music a top heavy character, sounds bursting in and out everywhere, from the depths of the earth and stardust from the sky. A sizzling mix of static sounds that never sounds static. Everything seems to be moving around all the time, with small changes of color and texture, like a Yves Klein painting or a Steve Reich piano piece, ever so apparent in 'I Hear Voices'. Powerful drone music, along the lines of Troum, but more musical... by which ever definition music of course.” [FdW / Vital Weekly] http://cohortrecords.0catch.com 2005 €9.00
HALL OF MIRRORS Altered Nights do-CD "3rd CD from the acclaimed dark ambient collaboration between Andrea Marutti ( Amon, Never Known, among others) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh). Spread out over two CDs and totaling over 100 minutes, there’s a lot to absorb here; organic, textural ambience that’s murky and abstract, uncurling like tendrils of smoke before coalescing into a simulacrum of shadowy figures, to turbulent, more immersive post industrial sounds that prowl the depths of subterranean caverns and forgotten, still radioactive ruins. At its core, this is dark ambient, but with its roughly edged, mildly corrosive machine edges and cascading factory whir, Hall of Mirrors moves into a much more active and cerebral sonic realm. Features contributions from Vestigial , New Risen Throne, and Pietro Riparbelli/ K11, among others. 2 discs in 6 panel eco-wallet, with 4 tracks on one disc, and one 45 minute track on the second. A must for fans of Troum, Terra Sancta, early Zoviet France, and of course all related Andrea Marutti projects." [label info] www.malignantrecords.com 2012 €15.00
JARL Akatisi / Somnolens Part I-VI CD "Advanced Experimental Drone"-Musik von ERIK JARL (eine Hälfte von IRM), das grossartige TANTRIC-Album (aufgenommen bereits 2003); schwelende Geräuschfelder, wummernde Klangflächen, elektro-magnetische Mikrodetail-statik, zwischen Ent- und Anspannung, voller interessanter Sounds & kontemplativer Kraft ! "Solo material from soundartist Erik Jarl known by his works with power electronics monster IRM. Sustained static fields and repetitive patterns construct expressive layers of sound in contrasting colours. Delicately and ambitiously put together to a transcendental cycle - this is music for occidental meditation. Limited to 499 copies." [label info] "....Over the 6 tracks and 45+ minutes Erik has taken the concept of drone music and revitalised and buffed this sometimes staid and boring music into a shimmering gossamer sheen. Drifting pastoral passages are continually looped into hypnotic rippling waves of sound that appear almost ethereal in structure. Slight faint jarring effects are carefully layered into the mix along with flecks of faint Industrial and ritualistic bias that reaches out towards black malevolent ambience before being drawn back clutching despondently at the air. "Akatisi / Somnolens" is music to meditate to. To dream sweet dreams to. To fully immerse yourself and lose all track of time to. Time becomes totally irrelevant, a non event, when listening to music that bathes and cloaks the senses in full spectrum of a rainbow. Erik and his amazing Technicolor drone overcoat. Around this part of a review I suppose I’ve got to try and mention like minded recording artists in case the words I’ve written haven’t conveyed the musical style adequately enough. Fair enough…though it will be a difficult task…so having had a quick trawl through my record collection I offer up the following: MRSA-16, Troum and Elektro Nova. Elements of each can be found ever so partially on "Akatisi / Somnolens" but Erik has retained a unique individuality and foresight which has been stamped firmly across this recording. If his earlier works were his evolution then "Akatisi / Somnolens" marks his re-birth as a genuine musical maestro. Artist and label in a marriage made just for each other." [Aural Pressure] www.the-edge.ws/pretentious/tantric-harmonies 2005 €13.00
KAVE Dismal Radiance CD "Monstrously deep dark ambient. Evolving structures and unsettling atmospheres with a somehow "cinematic" touch for all the fans of CAUL, YEN POX, AMON and for anyone else into menacing, profound black ambience." [label info] www.eibonrecords.com "Imagine that you are standing in total blackness. There are no people. It’s as if you are standing in a large, cylindrical hall of emptiness where the echoing sounds around you are endless. Haunting shapes whistle by quietly and ominously. Streams of sound blow through as if there’s a wind fuelling this vision of nothingness. There’s the occasional splash of water. Rumblings can be heard in the distance. There’s no passion, no emotion, just a spooky and mystical atmosphere of desolation and helplessness. This black ambiance is the world of Kave, a mysterious band from Holland. The atmosphere changes very little. “Dismal Radiance” is minimalist, even in comparison to a Blut aus Nord production where a similar soundtrack-type atmosphere prevails. The droning, spooky style is in fact more akin to Yen Pox and Troum. It’s very marginal with this style but I think I prefer the evolving atmospheres which those bands generate. But this is impressive too. Here there is no beauty in this blackness, nor is there any deviation or sign of escape from the bleak and apocalyptic aspect. As this album progresses, we find ourselves deeper inside the chasm with no sign of a beginning or an end. As the rumbling winds continue, the sense of solitude is intensified. We find ourselves staring into space but it’s not a space we can see. This album will neutralise you in its empty blackness. There are eight tracks but it’s not that you would notice. It’s not stasis but let’s face it – we’re stuck in a void here. Those track titles are revealing and appropriate: “Tomb of the Black Sand”, “Corridors under the Sea”, “Dark Monoliths Rising” and “Encompassing Emptiness” are among them. Of all of them, “Bleak Phantasm” develops the most spiritual quality but as ever it floats away before another set of shapes set in and we are enveloped further in the menacingly tranquil scene. Yes, there is a subtle evolution over the course of the album but we remain in the same dark place. The power lies in the absence of apparent human control over these frightening and monolithic structures that epitomise the sounds of “Dismal Radiance”. It is a very lonely experience. It is monotonous and desolate. Yet in spite of being depressive, nightmarish and overwhelming in its weightiness, its mesmerising consistency gives it the paradoxical quality of being inspiring. Some of us will see it that way. Others, I suspect, will not want to stomach this ambient and despairing soundscape." [Andrew Doherty / AVE NOCTUM] 2012 €13.00
KODIAK + N Rn/Xe LP "180 gr Vinyl im dicken Gatefoldsleeve und bedruckten Innenhüllen mit zwei verschiedenen Vinylfarben. Nach einer einjährigen Phase, in der neues Material geschrieben wurde und nur ausgewählte Konzerte gespielt wurden, kehren KODIAK mit zwei frischen Tracks zurück. Bevor sie 2012 damit beginnen, eine Serie von drei Konzeptalben aufzunehmen, beschlossen sie, noch eine weitere Symbiose zu realisieren: nach ihren Kollaborationen mit NADJA und BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS fiel die Wahl dieses Mal auf die Drone Ambient Legende N, um zusammen eine eindrucksvolle Soundmauer zu errichten. KODIAKs Sinn für ultraharte Monolithen des Sounds und Ns eklektische Intuition für komplexe Soundlandschaften ergänzen sich hier bis aufs i-Tüpfelchen. Die beiden Stücke ,Radon" und ,Xenon" kombinieren die Härte von SUNN O))) mit den Soundlandschaften, die Menschen wir N, TROUM oder THOMAS KÖNER seit zehn Jahren erforschen. Stream: www.denovali.com/kodiak" [label info] www.denovali.com 2011 €16.50
MAEROR TRI Language of Flames and Sound CD "Finally we are going for the re-edition of this great Maeror Tri album ! Power for the right side of the brain! Our world is dominated by the left brain hemisphere ! M.T. is here supporting the theory that it is necessary to stimulate and challenge the right hemisphere in order to get back to an equal activity of the two brain sides ... Best Shamanic Meditation music of the industrial era ! Maybe the best and more intense Maeror Tri album ! all material PRODUCED by MAËROR TRI [...] from 1992 to 1996 Comes packed in a special brain-shaped folder in a limited edition of about 500 copies ! Here some notes by the authors : “our world is dominated by the left hemisphere of the brain. due to intensive support of the left side of the brain over the last millenniums the human mind has progressed its ability to communicate verbally, to think logically and in a practical way, to behave in a linear and systematic way. this was the basic advantage which became, as a cynic would say, the "crown" of the creation of the human race. the right hemisphere of our brains, which is processing in a non-reducing, holistic way, is responsible for non-verbal, spatial thinking, for visualisation, intuition and emotions, and for music and atmospheric perception / cognition ! the abilities of our right hemisphere have been heavily suppressed in the past millenniums by the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain. science proves that the human brain works on the best level when both hemispheres are stimulated with the same intensity. maeror. tri [...] support the theory that it is necessary to stimulate and challenge the right hemisphere in order to get back to a state of equal activity of the two sides of the brain. the activity of the right brain can be increased through exercises and stimulation. listen, feel & realize!” maëror tri [...] march 1996" [label info] "Here is the second pressing of Maeror Tri's 1996 album Language Of Flames And Sound, which has long been noted for the brain-shaped packaging (faithfully restored in the second edition) and also has the distinction as being Maeror Tri's noisiest recording. This German trio began in the early '90s as a bleak, Dark Ambient project that brought a simple, if elegant use of effects-driven melodies to post-industrial noisescapes proposed by the Hafler Trio, Lustmord, and Illusion of Safety. While there are plenty of drawn out periods of flanging drones, spectral hiss, and those evanescent melodies which have become the trademark for the post-Maeror Tri project Troum, Language Of Flames And Sound brutally slams down on the distortion boxes, turning these languid, pseudo-Goth drones into thickened buzzsaws of melodic guitar noise that's not all that far from where black metal has progressed in recent years. An album like this should also make Aidan Baker blush as so many of these sounds have been mirrored in Najda. Throughout these megawatt explosions of radioactive noise splattering the all-consuming, ever dark ambience, Maeror Tri set down grinding loops of mekanoid pulsations that get at the band's Industrial roots. It's nice to have this back in print, although it's pretty " [Aquarius Records review] 2008 €13.00
Yearning for the Secret(s) of Nature CD "Dass die Aufnahmen dieses in einer 300er Auflage wiederveröffentlichten Tapes schon fast zwanzig Jahre auf dem Buckel haben, hört man in keiner Sekunde! Da hat jemand eine wirklich sehr gute und feinfühlige Re-Mastering-Arbeit abgeliefert. MAEROR TRI sind ja immer noch in reduzierter Besetzung als TROUM unterwegs und Herr Knappe betreibt das allgemein bekannte Drone-Label mit angegliederten Vertrieb. MAEROR TRI waren sicher damals eine der interessantesten und auch aktivsten Industrial-Bands der Kassettenszene, die schnell den Sprung auf Vinyl und später auch auf CD vollzogen und hervorragend gemeistert haben. Ihre Musik ist sehr spirituell, meditativ und extrem fließend. Nicht wirklich Ambient, dafür gibt es einfach zu viele krachige Eruptionen, noch nicht Drone, was man heute darunter versteht, sondern eine Art psychedelisches Ritual, das positiv, neugierig und befreiend wirkt und in keinster Weise destruktiv oder mystisch verklärt ist, wie es ja seinerzeit sehr beliebt war. MAEROR TRI sind sicher eine der Wiederentdeckungen dieser Zeit und heute noch genauso spannend und unberechenbar wie damals. Vielleicht auch die einzigen legitimen Nachfahren des Krautrocks? Leider auch schon wieder lange Geschichte ... Wunderbar ..." [Carsten Vollmer, OX-Fanzine] "Born as an obscure cassette on Fool's Paradise (London 1993), this exclusive and essential work by Maeror Tri made a brief appearance earlier as a CD-r on EE Tapes (Saint Nix 2001) before it quickly vanished into oblivion. Due to popular demand it has finally been made available again as a limited CD release! Repolished in sound and housed in a new designed jacket, 'Yearning....' has now become of full value between such masterpieces as 'Myein' or 'Language of flames and sound'. Don't miss it this time....... Restoring/remastering work by Anders Peterson @ghostsounds.net Art design by Alan McClelland @eyelyft.blogspot.com" [label info] www.myspace.com/eetapes 2009 €13.00
Multiple Personality Disorder CD "... this debut CD by the German trio Maeror Tri is a devastating experience in sonic art. In the realm of Soviet France, Cranioclast or The Hafler Trio, its's hard to call such constructed wedges of noise music, this is something else. In fact I think it just scared four people who entered the Ultima Thule shop, leaving with bewildered and perplexed looks on their faces! Be they atmospheric or intensive, Maeror Tri offer a challenging sound that defies description." [Alan Freeman, AUDIO, 1993] "Maeror Tri als der J.G. BALLARD der Musik." [Vi-Va-Vogel, Auf Abwegen] "Some music is related to a period, because of the sound of the amplifiers, recording possibilities, effects and synthesizers. The technic colors the sound during that period and gives is that time limit. I cannot say that about the re-release of the timeless sounds at the CD "Multiple Personality Disorder" (MPD) of the not anymore existing German group Maeror Tri. The groups existed from 1998 - 1996 and has the following members Stefan "Baraka [H]" Knappe, Martin "GLIT[s]CH" Gitschel and Helge Siehl. Stefan Knappe and Martin Gitschel continues to make music with the group Troum and releases music with the vinyllabel Drone Records. From 1998 - 1993 Maeror Tri released a lot of tapes. The music for the first CD Multiply Personality Disorder was recorded in 1991 and released in 1993 by Korm Plastics as a limited edition of 600 in the serial Introductionaire to promote the music of new musical artists. For now the re-release has been done by the Purplesoil from the Czech Republic. During the musical project the group examined the different states of mind and characters by means of music and they want to confront the listener with the totally different states of mind and feeling of people with MPD. The CD exist of five compositions, with different moods, from ambient and atmospheric to aggressive and anxious. And really I was confronted with the different moods some with MPD. The meaning of the album has been successful. During that same period I was working in a psychiatric hospital with people with so-called personality diseases. I worked also with people with MPD and they presented themselves with totally different characters, behaviour, clothing, sexual preference and sound of the voice. I was really very difficult to work with these people because I had to deal with one person, but sometimes during daytime with three or four different persons. Most of these people had very bad childhood experiences and they try to deal with the some treating or stressful reality with different personalities. For now MPD has become more on the background but this release is really a good flashback of that period and a successful experiment of Maeror Tri." [JKH / Vital Weekly] 2009 €13.00
The A.V.E.-Tapes / Live in Nevers CD "The German band Maeror Tri existed from early 1988 to the end of 1996. Over these nine years they have made a serious contribution to the development of the European post-industrial scene and had significant influence on many young musicians. Much of this was also achieved by their own record label Drone Records which has discovered a lot of talented artists. Even now, after the break-up of Maeror Tri, the band members continue to excite fans with recordings of their new projects Troum and 1000schoen. Unlike many industrial and noise musicians exploiting the themes of violence, politics and social problems in their creativity, Maeror Tri turned attention to the transcendental quality of sound, to its ability to expand consciousness and to awaken timeless and non-personal spiritual experiences. They recorded their music, which can be formally called industrial drone ambient, with the use of guitars, percussion, tape loops, various objects and effects, turning everything in a coherent flux of unconscious drones. This compact disk contains the last previously unreleased recordings by Maeror Tri. Four tracks are fragments of the band's 12-hour concert at the "Audio-Visual-Experimental" festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on November 11th, 1995; the fifth track is a part of their performance at the "Musique Ultimes" festival in Nevers, France, on May 14th, 1995. The material was thoroughly remastered by Sergey Uak-Kib (Kshatriy) and the artwork was prepared by Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit & Vetvei Art)." [label info] http://zhb.radionoise.ru 2010 €13.00
Emotional Engramm CD "The reissue of a long-forgotten classic MAEROR TRI album with stunning new artwork and newly remastered sound. Back in 1997, it turned out to be the last album by this experimental trio of German droners composed of Stefan ‘Barakah’ Knappe, Martin ‘GLIT[s]CH’ Gitschel and Helge Siehl. The former two later formed TROUM (Zoharum releases: “Autopoiesis / Nahtscato” and “Seeing-Ear Gods” (A Continuous Journey in Six Parts) and the latter 1000SCHOEN. During their nine-year existence, they recorded a handful of albums and cassettes with their unique mixture of minimalism, industrial, ambient and drone, exploring the brains of potential listeners. „Emotional Engramm” is MAEROR TRI's most refined effort to date. After years of experimenting, the group came to a characteristic sound composed of layers of electrically/electronically-treated acoustic instruments. Their organic sound achieved the most accessible form on „Emotional Engramm”;. Clocking in at just under 80 minutes, the seven tracks presented here show Maeror Tri at its best. The reissue is presented in a lavish 6-panel digipak designed by Marcin Lojek (Ibsen Design, New Nihilism label, Mantichora and Schmerz bands) with a foreword by Martyn Bates (EYELESS IN GAZA). The album has been faithfully remastered by Lukasz Miernik (Dead Cat Mastering)." [label info] www.zoharum.com "Originally released in 1997 on the now defunct Iris Light imprint out of England, Emotion Engramm was the final album from Maeror Tri - the haunting, post-industrial drone trio that was the precursor to the equally haunting, post-industrial drone DUO Troum. This record - more so than any of the other Maeror Tri albums - engaged the complex structures that Troum would later push through their interlocking, shadowy melodies and slow-motion, effects-heavy drone. At the same time, the concepts that went into Emotional Engramm are more closely related to the clinical psychological themes of the Maeror Tri albums Multiple Personality Disorder or Language Of Flames & Sound, as referenced by the titular engram (purposefully misspelled in the title), a Scientology term for a mental image embedded into the brain by any type of trauma - physical, emotional, psychic, or otherwise. Far from prescribing the teachings of Scientology, Maeror Tri uses that concept as a jumping off point in conjuring "resonance of control, impact, fortuity, the randomly instigated yet inedibly etched emotional memory: Kodak ghosts." It's easy to read particular passages within the frozen din of washed-out guitar noise, spectral melodies, tectonic bass rumblings, and metallic slashes of grim electronics as the seizures within the psyche that might get caught in an infinite loop for the inner-mind. Some of those images provide an emotional resonance that's deeply sad and full of despair, while others are enraged with a blackened hostility. As we mentioned, many of the ideas and strategies that went into this album continued to develop through Troum; but even so, this stands as one of the best albums that either Maeror Tri or Troum had produced." [Aquarius Records] 2012 €12.00
Meditamentum (I & II) do-CD After a successful reissue of a long-lost classic "Emotional Engramm", MAEROR TRI returns to Zoharum and New Nihilism with another album. This time it is a double, deluxe reissue of both volumes of "Meditamentum" (released previously on Holonom and Manifold respectively). Unavailable for many years, "Meditamentum" is a collection of tracks culled from tape releases and rarities hidden on many compilations. It spans the whole existence of Maeror Tri, starting with 2 tracks from 1989 ending with 3 tracks from 1996. It is a sort of "best of" Maeror Tri, as it tells the story of the bands progress. From rough edges of "Peak Experience" to dreamy soundscapes of "The Beauty of Sadness". "Meditamentum" is also a document of the underground tape scene of the 1980s and 1990s, and of a genius of MAEROR TRI as purveyors of mind-altering sonic experience. It's "Music for the Brain" at its best. The release is presented in a lavish gatefold Japanese vinyl replica designed by Marcin Łojek (Ibsendesign, responsible also for the cover for Zoharum's reissue of "Emotional Engramm"). Each volume is extended with a bonus track making the whole collection 155 minutes long and comprising of 23 tracks. The sound is greatly enhanced by our remastering wizard Łukasz Miernik. "Meditamentum" is co-released by Zoharum and New Nihilism to give you the maximum sonic experience. This double CD is strictly limited to 500 copies." [label info] www.zoharum.com "Whenever there is no new music to digest, I return to my collection and see what I have - I guess a pretty normal activity if you love music. I tend to play music label or group-wise, so a while ago I pulled out all the Maeror Tri CDs I have - which I guess is pretty much all of them in their original released form - and had that on play for a couple of days. Not much later it was the turn for Troum, Maeror Tri successor - and I decided that I liked Maeror Tri better, even when the differences are pretty small. Just a matter of highly private opinion, but I am bringing this up, since today I got this double pack of the two 'Meditamentum' releases. The first volume was released by Holonom and then re-issued by Manifold, who also released a second volume of it. Both of these releases compile tracks that were scattered on compilation cassettes in the very early Maeror Tri, the years of inexpexerience and lots of experiment. It's years that I have close to my heart and very early on I was in contact with the band and liked their music straight away. I reminded me of Zoviet*France and was regarded back then as ambient industrial. Through all these twenty-three tracks (two are new bonus pieces, also from compilations, but on the previous volumes) you can follow their early steps from Maeror Tri on CD one which spans 1989-1992 and their more refined sound on CD two, 1992-1996, when their music gained more and more depth. Still all highly ambient, right from 'The Threat' (1989) to 'Res Magnifica' (1996) with endless sustaining sounds, drones, processed field recordings and harmonium/guitar/percussion sounds and sometimes bringing the sound back, deep into the earth. Tons of effects have been used, but all with the right amount. If you are a Maeror Tri fan you may have the original releases, but worth here for the bonus tracks and the excellent remaster. Or if you are curious what the hell all the fuzz is about this obscure band in it's day worth all these re-issues, then this is also your place to start." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2013 €18.00
Ambiguitas CD "Reissue of a cassette originally released in 1995 by Lebensraum label as an edition of 149 copies. Most of the material was recorded in 1991-1992 plus two tracks from 1989. The tape is dedicated to the never understandable ambiguity of life. Raw minimalistic industrial rumble and roar, trademark reversed sounds, melancholic guitar drone and psychedelic wave of spiraling melodies." [label info] "The material from the cassette releases of Maeror Tri have been trickling back into circulation over the years thanks to a nearly global campaign to keep these recordings into print. Maeror Tri should need no introduction from us by now, they being the German industrial-drone trio that enjoyed a vibrant existence from 1988 to 1996. In the best tradition of the DIY / mail-art / cassette-culture values, they eagerly recorded material for pretty much every request that came their way, with cassette releases and compilation tracks that barely saw much in the way of distribution during that time period, given the limited pressings. Ambiguitas was one of these cassette-only releases that was released in 1995 by the Lebensraum subsidiary of the French power-electronics / dark-ambient imprint Nuit Et Bruillard. It should be noted that the recordings are actually much earlier, dating back to 1991. This is a very bleak album even by the standards of Maeror Tri, who seem to be augmenting their thrumming drones with power-tool expressionism and nocturnal percussive clamor as heard on "Fusion Of Sementary Intelligence" which follows the guttural tape-noise chimney sweeping of the aptly named "Death Surrounds You". The latter half of the album shifts towards those achingly maudlin, long-form guitar drones that Maeror Tri's Stefan Knappe has mastered over the years, transitioning into those into a epochally cinematic form within Troum. Ambiguitas is fleshed out with two possibly unreleased tracks that date back to 1988, when the trio buttressed their ashen bellows with lugubrious synths and delay-pedal dub tricks. This cd edition was reissued by Sergey of Five Elements Music / Exit In Grey on his new imprint Teta-Morphosis in an edition of 500 copies." [Aquarius Records] 2014 €12.00
Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia CD "Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum ("Autopoiesis / Nahtscato", "Seeing-Ear Gods" and "Dreaming Muzak"), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri ("Emotional Engramm" and "Meditamentum"). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings. Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled "Emotional Engramm." In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio's regular albums. One of these two tape albums is "Sensuum Mendacia" originally released in 1991 by the Welsh label Direction Music. It was the third tape in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with 5 additional tracks lifted from the split tape with Nostalgie Eternelle duo released in 1990. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. The cover is designed by Marcin Łojek (rozpad.com). It is mastered by Łukasz Miernik. The whole production process is overseen by Michał Porwet." [label info] www.zoharum.com 2016 €12.50
  Hypnobasia CD "Musicians of the now-defunct Maeror Tri have already had many opportunities to work with Zoharum on both releasing their new recordings and reissues of their older material. Our catalog contains titles by Troum ("Autopoiesis / Nahtscato", "Seeing-Ear Gods" and "Dreaming Muzak"), 1000Schoen (double split with Polish Ab Intra), and also their original project Maeror Tri ("Emotional Engramm" and "Meditamentum"). Together with musicians we remove blank spots in their discography by restoring their older recordings. Maeror Tri was a project operating since the mid-80s until 1997, when they released their last album entitled "Emotional Engramm." In their works they penetrated such genres as minimalism, ambient and industrial music, and borrowed drone aesthetic from classical music. In addition to seven regular albums on CD and LP, they released a number of cassettes. They contained much rawer recordings compared to those from the trio's regular albums. One of these two tape albums is "Hypnobasia" originally released in 1992 by the Italian label Old Europa Cafe. It was the fifth tape in the discography of Maeror Tri. The following rerelease is expanded with 3 additional tracks lifted from various artists compilations from 1989-1992. All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 350 copies. The cover is designed by Marcin Łojek (rozpad.com). It is mastered by Łukasz Miernik. The whole production process is overseen by Michał Porwet." [label info] www.zoharum.com "MAEROR TRI war ein Trio, das vom Ende der 80er-Jahre bis zum Jahr 1997 aktiv war. Nach einer Reihe von Veröffentlichungen, die sich in dem Rahmen Dark-Ambient, Industrial, Drone, Experimental einordnen lassen, war mit dem 1997er-Album „Emotional Engramm“ jedenfalls Schluss. Zwei Mitglieder, MARTIN GITSCHEL und STEFAN KNAPPE, machten danach mit TROUM weiter; HELGE SIEHL veröffentlichte in den Folgejahren als 1000SCHOEN. Gerade zu Beginn der Existenz von MAEROR TRI wurden eine Reihe von Tapes veröffentlicht, von denen einige bereits auf CD wiederveröffentlicht wurden. Die noch vorhandenen Lücken möchte nun das polnische ZOHARUM-Label schließen, indem es zum einen „Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia“ und zum anderen „Hypnobasia“ wiederveröffentlicht. „Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia“ umfasst dabei das „Sensuum Mendacia“ Tape und die MAEROR TRI-Stücke des „Somnia Et Expergisci“ Split-Tapes, das damals zusammen mit NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE veröffentlicht wurde. „Hypnobasia“ wurde noch um drei Tape-Compilation-Stücke aus der Zeit ergänzt. Gemeinsam ist beiden Veröffentlichungen, dass die Gitarre prägendes aber nicht wahrnehmbar dominierendes Element ist, wobei das Klangspektrum von Drones und Noise bis hin zu Akkorden und melancholischem Einzelanschlag der Saiten reicht. Die zupackendere, Richtung Industrial und Noise tendierende Seite von MAEROR TRI deckt hier definitiv „Hypnobasia“ ab, hier wird mit rhythmischen Elementen, Noise und bearbeiteten Stimmen gearbeitet. Ruhiger, flächiger, klanglich weitläufiger und auch melancholischer erscheint dagegen „Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia“. Der Klang erscheint bei beiden Veröffentlichungen als organisches, mit vielen Unebenheiten und Wendungen ausgestattetes Gebilde. Hochgezüchtete, digitale Soundwälle oder gar symphonische Elemente sucht man hier jedenfalls vergeblich. Im Klangbild mag man hier und da vielleicht den Staub der 90er-Jahre und die vielleicht noch nicht ganz ausgereifte technische Ausstattung erkennen; dennoch haftet dem Sound eine gewisse Zeitlosigkeit an, die das Wirken von MAEROR TRI auch aus heutiger Sicht als spannend erscheinen lassen kann." [Tony F. für nonpop.de] 2016 €12.50
MOLJEBKA PVLSE Sadalsuud CD SADALSUUD ist ein fantastischer one-tracker, über 69 Minuten lang, der mit diversen Gastmusikern und einem wahren Arsenal an verschiedenen Instrumenten und Soundquellen entstanden ist. Sanfte, "erdige" Drone-scapes, aber mit sehr düsterem Unterton, eine surreale Atmosphäre heraufbeschwörend, flüsternde Stimmen aus einem Zwischenreich sind omnipräsent, immer wieder tauchen neue interesante unbekannte Klangobjekte auf, es tönt sehr lebendig & mikro-dynamisch, zum Ende hin wirds noisig & komplexer... Ein Drone-Meisterwerk, vielleicht das bisher beste Album von M.P., unsere besondere Empfehlung !!! "....For this album, Mathias collaborated with a number of his colleagues who provided him various source sounds to work with. The name Sadalsuud refers to a star of the same name in the constellation of Aquarius. The name comes from an Arabic phrase meaning "the luckiest of them all". Nevertheless the album is rather earthy-sounding, yet mystical and surreal, almost claustrophobic at times. The sound is vaguely reminiscent of some works by Nurse With Wound, Maeror Tri or The Halfer Trio, but carries the trademark Moljebka Pvlse feel. An unsuspecting pre-listener described Sadalsuud as "a visit to a supposedly haunted house, though only once you've entered the house you begin to grasp the real meaning of haunting." CD in matt-varnished 4-panel digipak. Playing time 70 minutes." [label info] " Latest disc of sonic exploration from this Swedish dronescaping ensemble. With such a darkly minimal sound, it's amazing that, at least for this recording. Moljebka Pvlse included ten members! Credited, with among other things, sounds (yep, just 'sounds'), no-input mixing board, synthesizers, melodica, field recording, cymbals, guitar, voices, flute, electric piano, text, didgeridoo, mbira and supercollider(!), this expansive ensemble takes all of that and manages to distill it into the darkest and simplest of sounds. A nearly seventy minute single piece, slowly sprawling out from a stretch of barely there shimmer into gradually more and more active low end minimalism. Long drawn out tones, mysterious bits of glitch and click, haunting voices, moaning and mumbling, chanting and intoning, bits of creaking and tiny swirls of FX, deep swells of synth and barely discernible rhythms, everything constantly shifting and gradually changing shapes, some parts almost coalescing into fragmented bits of actual pop (albeit stripped down and smeared), while others are mostly melody free, remaining stretched out and abstract. Quite sinister and lovely, dark and subtly intense, not all that far removed from the sounds of Troum and Thomas Koner and other practitioners of the drone and drift. Which as avid AQ customers should realize, is indeed a very good thing." [Aquarius Records] www.someplaceelse.net 2007 €13.00
  In Love and Death You are Alone 10inch "The Stockholm-based 'electroacoustic drone' & experimental ambient project is active since the beginning of the century (exactly: 1999) and has build an impressive discography of hypnotic sound expansions, while the main member MATHIAS JOSEFSON refined his technical and compositorical skills by finishing a study of sound art at the Royal Institute of Art and the legendary EMS Elektronmusikstudion. After a longer period of silence MOLJEBKA PVLSE is back with two new compositions on this 10" vinyl with a quite existential title, using amplified objects, analogue synthesizers, guitars and field recordings made in Europe, Africa and the USA => an invitation to explore these unknown audio landscapes. Two dense & emotional drone tracks that form an existential unity! This is a one time pressing of only 300 copies on transparent vinyl with incredible artwork by THOMAS DOHMEN using a "frozen bronce" metallic colour cover print. "Moljebka Pvlse search for the place where everything you can imagine is real." [press release] "Thick, turbulent, and tearjerking dronemusik from the Swedish project Moljebka Pvlse, making for a pitch perfect contribution to Drone Records' 10" inch series. So many FX and organically accreted layers swirl together in these heavily processed tracks of unrecognizable field recordings, electronics, guitar, and voice. Within these long and drawn out shimmers of truly sad intonations Moljebka Pvlse sets forth waves of subtle melodies caught in deepwater, oceanic tides to arrive at a majestic pairing of sublime ambient tracks. One of the best things we've heard from Moljebka Pvlse, and one of the best from the always superb Drone Records, certainly on par with Troum, Tim Hecker, and Jonathan Coleclough." [Aquarius Records] 2015 €15.00
MØHR & MAEROR TRI Hafenstadt CD " On “Hafenstadt”: This music was originally planned to form a part of the third tape box in the MØHR interpretation series of ZNS TAPES. In this series different artists got an individual 30-minutes-piece of basic material by MØHR to be interpreted it in any way: Using it as a backing tape and adding some more tracks, getting inspired and doing something unique in the spirit of the basic material, deconstruct and arrange it anew. The invited artists had any opportunity to re-work the source material. For the actual release the basic material was placed on side A and the interpretation on side B, enabling the listener to compare the basic and the final sound. Three tapes were compiled as one tape box linked by a loose theme. The first box, Bürokratie, contained works by DAS KONZENTRAT, BESTATTUNGSINSTITUT and SUICIDE COMMANDO (released in 1990), the second, Kulturschock, contained works by ANDREW CHALK/DARREN TATE, ECTOPLASMIC EMBRYO EXPERIENCE and FLAGRANTs D’ELI (released in 1991). The third one, which was to contain Hafenstadt by MAEROR TRI (as well as material of PBK and THE HATERS), has never been released due to the sudden end of ZNS TAPES. We’re convinced that this combination of basic stuff plus musical reworking is still an interesting and exciting experience for the audience, maybe especially after more than 20 years in the archives. (Andreaz Vogel) MØHR biography MØHR existed between 1986 and 1994 as the solo project of Andreaz Vogel. Previously he had been active as a bass player and drummer in various post punk and noise rock groups.Since its inception the main aim with MØHR was to create a dense and energetic sound without the use of conventional instruemnts. With this wall of sound the listeners were almost under attack and forced into a dark and brooding listening environment, both on the recordings and in the live situation. Andreaz also ran the important tape label ZNS TAPES. MAEROR TRI biography MAEROR TRI existed from April 1988 to the end of 1996, coming from the very north-western part of Germany. The three members were influenced by (post) industrial, noise rock and experimental ambient and found a way to establish their very own drone based style, using often guitars but also other instruments plus all kinds of (self build) objects and masses of sound effects. Their symbol, the triangle “Wheel” stood for ‘consciousness’, moving & shining in different colours and speed. The sound was meant as a tool for the listener to open the mind for transcension & sensitization: ‘We want to transmit a total openness, the bursting and overcoming of all mental barriers, the breaking out of the enforced subject “Tunnel-Reality” of modern society. ‘ Out of MAEROR TRI evolved the projects TROUM and 1000SCHOEN that are still very active." [label info] www.aufabwegen.com www.aufabwegen.com 2015 €13.00
NADJA / NETHERWORLD Magma to Ice CD 10. Ausgabe in der FEAR DROP / FARIO - Split & Collaboration-Serie, diesmal sind die kanadischen Drone-Metal Überflieger NADJA und der italienische POLAR-AMBIENT Act NETHERWORLD in interessanter Kombination zu hören - 3 Stücke von NETHERWORLD, ein langes von NADJA welches eine einzige gigantische Drone-Blase darstellt, und eine fast 10minütige Zusammenarbeit). Kommt im überdimensionierten Vollfarb / Aufklapp-Cover! Eine Verbindung von "heissem" und "kaltem" Ambient wie man sie nur selten auf einer CD finden wird. "Talented Italian ambient composer Alessandro Tedeschi runs the Glacial Movements record label and plays music as Netherworld. His fascination for polar landscapes and soundscapes makes him close to industrial ambient pioneers such as Thomas Köner, Rapoon, Biosphere and Lull. Icy, windy, droning and deeply "protomelodic" at once, his music is a poetic translation of the ice floe. For this record, he used processed fragments of classical music. Nadja is the drone / doom / ambient duo of Canadian musicians Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. Their behemoth of sound is a construction of heat, weight, loop and vapour. Here, they had to break Netherworld¹s ice and find a way to the red core of Earth. The common track brings heat onto ice, which warms up, crackles and soon melts. As a conclusion, the long piece by Nadja is total heat. This is Nadja "unrhythmed", which means pure lava. This CD features exclusive graphic concepts and artwork by Alan McClelland (www.eyelyft.com) " [label info] "French label Fario is not very active: this is their tenth release in about as many years. The label is an off shoot of the excellent (but en Francais) magazine Fear Drop, whose only goal seems to release a CD with the meeting of two artists. They present each a couple of solo pieces and one collaborative piece. Lopez & Roden, Troum & Christian Renou, Rapoon & Desaccord Majeur and Vromb & Telepherique went ahead (among others) and here it's the turn for Alessandro Tedeschi, also known as Netherworld, and owner of the Glacial Movements label and Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, from Canada and best known as Nadja. Netherworld's three pieces are an excellent sound example of his own label: glacial movements. A very apt description. Still music of slow moving, utter deep movements. A turtle moves faster I think. A deep bass rumble in 'Closing To A Glacial Dawn'. Sounds like Biosphere or early Thomas Köner, but surely with a fine twist of his own, apparently all made with snippets of classical music. I skipped the collaboration to save that until the end and first heard the piece by Nadja, which spans nineteen minutes. A giant explosion takes place, and it sounds like a 180 degrees turn around from the Netherworld tracks. Yet that is only deceiving the listener. Yes, Nadja is much louder, but it's the same side of the ambient at work here: long sustaining sounds, feeding through effects, creating a ringing effect in your ear. Absense of rhythm is noted. How exactly their collaborative effort was recorded is a bit unclear but both ends meet up well here. There is the glacier like sounds of Netherworld, amplified of course to compete with the harsher sounds of Nadja, who mix in their own blend of guitars and electronics. Placed as the fourth track on the CD it makes perfect sense, forming a perfect bridge between the trio of silence of Netherworld and the solo outburst of Nadja. A perfect collaboration." [FdW / Vital Weekly] labelwebsite FARIO: http://www.feardrop.net/fario.html 2008 €13.00
NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS Terror's Horns LP "Da ist es wieder, das französische Psychedelic Dronefolk Duo. Ihr 2013 wiederveröffentlichtes Album The Snowbringer Cult hat mich damals aus den Socken gehauen. Das war das reinste Hitfeuerwerk und in dem Jahr nicht umsonst als zweitbestes Album noch vor dem damaligen Release meiner Lieblingsband Troum plaziert. So konsequent hittig gehts diesmal nicht zu, aber dafür noch ein wenig verspulter. Hits gibts aber mit dem eher psychedelisch-folkig gehaltenen „Sun Tower“ und dem eher ambient-dronigen „The Rising Portal“ dann auch noch. Insgesamt so spannend und visionär, daß ich das nächste Album jetzt schon kaum erwarten kann." [Sibylle Bölling/Pretty in Noise] "After a string of Natural Snow Buildings reissues, each more elaborate then the last, Ba Da Bing presents their first ever release of new material from the band. For a group known for its use of horror imagery and lyricism, perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that this album clocks in at just under 45 minutes. If there ever was a release that served as the proper entry point for Natural Snow Buildings, Terror’s Horns is it. It would be a stretch to call this Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte’s pop record, for Terror’s Horns continues the duo’s tradition of combining many layers into sometimes blissful, sometimes contemplative, often menacing conditions. Stringed instruments trill, percussion gongs, feedback hisses and vocals maintain near monotone as if in a cultish trance. The songs still unveil themselves slowly, and the album’s progression lends the impression of descending down through the depths, past hidden cavities and chambers never to be unseen once experienced. Terror’s Horns features new artwork by Gularte that pays tribute to the backwoods horror of massacres involving chainsaws." [label info] "Yes, there are a plethora of insanely limited editions published for and by Natural Snow Buildings and their satellite projects; but with their recent dealings with Ba Da Bing, the problematic availability has been alleviated somewhat. Of course, there was a tiny cd-r bonus edition that was coupled with this album but only available in pre-order direct from the label. No shops got any of those; so, we apologize in advance that we cannot offer that version. HOWEVER, we do have this amazing album itself, from aQ fave death-folk explorers Natural Snow Buildings. There's long been a haunted thread that traces through all of the work from the French duo of Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte, whose long-form tangles of ritualist drone-rock minimalism and sprawling, opiated psychedelia harks back to International Harvester, Flying Saucer Attack, and Kemialliset Ystavat. Here on Terror's Horns, Natural Snow Buildings plumb the depths of an emotional gloom and shuddering despair with this epic, cinematic album. The two have long specialized in expansive tracks of shimmering guitars, woodwinds, and bowed instruments that could be psalters, zithers, and / or violins, all of which blossom into sublime masses of dronological impressionism; and on Terror's Horns, Natural Snow Building engage in a sound far more elegiac and funereal and heavier than heard on any of their previous recordings. The freak-folk transcendence of NSB still will embrace the unsettling falsetto of Ameziane and the percussive clatter of Gularte, with the swirling psychedelia tumbling downward in lush cinematic collapse, with heavy minor-key chords and reverb saturated rhythmic plod providing plenty of parallels to the early days of Barn Owl and the latter days of Earth. Beautiful as always, these Natural Snow Buildings, if much darker than in days gone by." [Aquarius Records] 2015 €20.00
  Terror's Horns CD "Da ist es wieder, das französische Psychedelic Dronefolk Duo. Ihr 2013 wiederveröffentlichtes Album The Snowbringer Cult hat mich damals aus den Socken gehauen. Das war das reinste Hitfeuerwerk und in dem Jahr nicht umsonst als zweitbestes Album noch vor dem damaligen Release meiner Lieblingsband Troum plaziert. So konsequent hittig gehts diesmal nicht zu, aber dafür noch ein wenig verspulter. Hits gibts aber mit dem eher psychedelisch-folkig gehaltenen „Sun Tower“ und dem eher ambient-dronigen „The Rising Portal“ dann auch noch. Insgesamt so spannend und visionär, daß ich das nächste Album jetzt schon kaum erwarten kann." [Sibylle Bölling/Pretty in Noise] "After a string of Natural Snow Buildings reissues, each more elaborate then the last, Ba Da Bing presents their first ever release of new material from the band. For a group known for its use of horror imagery and lyricism, perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that this album clocks in at just under 45 minutes. If there ever was a release that served as the proper entry point for Natural Snow Buildings, Terror’s Horns is it. It would be a stretch to call this Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte’s pop record, for Terror’s Horns continues the duo’s tradition of combining many layers into sometimes blissful, sometimes contemplative, often menacing conditions. Stringed instruments trill, percussion gongs, feedback hisses and vocals maintain near monotone as if in a cultish trance. The songs still unveil themselves slowly, and the album’s progression lends the impression of descending down through the depths, past hidden cavities and chambers never to be unseen once experienced. Terror’s Horns features new artwork by Gularte that pays tribute to the backwoods horror of massacres involving chainsaws." [label info] "Yes, there are a plethora of insanely limited editions published for and by Natural Snow Buildings and their satellite projects; but with their recent dealings with Ba Da Bing, the problematic availability has been alleviated somewhat. Of course, there was a tiny cd-r bonus edition that was coupled with this album but only available in pre-order direct from the label. No shops got any of those; so, we apologize in advance that we cannot offer that version. HOWEVER, we do have this amazing album itself, from aQ fave death-folk explorers Natural Snow Buildings. There's long been a haunted thread that traces through all of the work from the French duo of Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte, whose long-form tangles of ritualist drone-rock minimalism and sprawling, opiated psychedelia harks back to International Harvester, Flying Saucer Attack, and Kemialliset Ystavat. Here on Terror's Horns, Natural Snow Buildings plumb the depths of an emotional gloom and shuddering despair with this epic, cinematic album. The two have long specialized in expansive tracks of shimmering guitars, woodwinds, and bowed instruments that could be psalters, zithers, and / or violins, all of which blossom into sublime masses of dronological impressionism; and on Terror's Horns, Natural Snow Building engage in a sound far more elegiac and funereal and heavier than heard on any of their previous recordings. The freak-folk transcendence of NSB still will embrace the unsettling falsetto of Ameziane and the percussive clatter of Gularte, with the swirling psychedelia tumbling downward in lush cinematic collapse, with heavy minor-key chords and reverb saturated rhythmic plod providing plenty of parallels to the early days of Barn Owl and the latter days of Earth. Beautiful as always, these Natural Snow Buildings, if much darker than in days gone by." [Aquarius Records] www.badabingrecords.com 2015 €13.00
NEZNAMO Aiwyâstô CD-R "If somebody still doesn't know, behind the Neznamo project stands the Moscow-based musician Dmitry Shilov who stepped on the path of ritual ambient music in 1996 under the stage name of Unknown. After releasing five albums on the "Strely Peruna" ("Perun's Arrows") label, the project temporarily fell in a lethargic sleep but woke up again in 2006 with a renewed name and approach. As Neznamo Dmitriy has released several mini-albums on his own label Moonsun Productions, as well as a number of collaboration works with several other acts from the Russian drone underground: Misery, Bardo, Lunar Abyss, Siyanie, etc… For those interested in the project's roots and branches we can give some more keywords: Temnozor', Medve Na Meche, Peal Grim, Magickal Things. "Aiwyâstô" is Neznamo's first full-length album and first "factory-pressed" CD. The album consists of one 42-min long composition recorded in a deep transcendental state. Covered in ornaments of unhasting vibrations, flickering and parallel sound layers, dense string drone permeates the whole track. This music is for lovers of deep inner self diving. Towards the depths of pitch-dark sound where one can see all forms dissolving in emptiness and being reborn by it again in an endless game of space and imagination." [label info] zhb.radionoise.ru/eng/releases.html "The shadowy figure behind Neznamo is the same Muscovite who offered up the Peal Grim cd from a couple months back. That was the album sporting the disclaimer "This record is not recommended to listening for depressively inclined persons" and Aiwyasyo is a blackened ambient record of a similar disposition. This album is not as exasperatedly bleak as the Peal Grim album, but it makes for another really amazing entry in the canons of contemporary Russian dark ambient works. Synth, guitars, and spectral emanations may or may not be in the mix for the bleak electrical pools of Aiwyasto. Sawtooth hums and buzzes gird the semi-melodic fugues that swirl, rumble, and brood over 40 minutes into this overwhelmingly sublime expanse of Ur-drone majesty that's not all that far from the likes of Troum / Maeror Tri, Aidan Baker's more turbulent solo works, and the cosmological grimness of Inade. Very nice, indeed." [Aquarius Rec.] 2015 €12.00
NINTH DESERT Collision h mCD-R The project of CYRIL HERRY, who also works as a film-maker (in example for TROUM). COLLISION H is a fabulous one-tracker using many layers of cloudy sounds & subdrones, evoking a haunting atmosphere. Comers in a nice oversized cardboard-cover, numbered ed. of 60. "Collision h is made of various types of handled, stretched, retracted, skinned sound matters… Sequences extracted from sacred chants are confronted here with electronic frequencies and field recordings which collide and injure themselves but are forced to cohabit inside the same time and of the same space, similar to conflicting data assimilated by one and only memory." [label info] " 'Collision H' enthält eine lange, 20 minütige Soundcollage die ziemlich dunkel und tief erscheint. Feld-Aufnahmen, rabenschwarze Ambiancen und schwere elektronische Frequenzen wabern und brodeln irgendwo ganz weit unten im Berg herum. Nur ein leichtes Drönen erinnert immer wieder an diesen Klangkanal, der so dunkel und trostlos ist, dass man, wenn man ihn entdeckt hat, auf keinen Fall hinuntersteigen möchte. Die Aufmachung hingegen ist hell und simpel. Die kleine 3 Zoll CD-R ist in eine schöne Kartonhülle zum aufklappen eingefasst. Eine gelungene Veröffentlichung." [Creative-Eclipse] 2006 €9.00
NOISES OF RUSSIA Experimental Structure CD-R Von dieser extrem interessanten russischen Performance-Gruppe sind Releases nur schwer zu bekommen. Hier ein Mitschnitt aus St. Petersburg vom Oktober 2008, als sie hinter TROUM auftraten und mit diversen Gastmusikern eine theatralisch-expressive Stimmung heraufbeschwörten, sehr dunkel & geräuschaft & voller Spannung.. "Nowadays Noises Of Russia is one of the most known groups on the Russian experimental post-industrial scene, mainly because of their numerous concerts and CDR-releases, published by their leader - Gosha Solnzev aka 1g0g ("Van Gog") - on his own label ElectroIndustria. This release has captured one of such concerts which took place at the Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) in St. Petersburg in October 2008... This concert was peculiar because of the non-traditional band line-up which aside from 1g0g included some of his friends: musicians Nikolay Kalmykov (Hladna), M.M. (Kryptogen Rundfunk), Igor Potsukailo (Bardoseneticcube) and Evgeny Savenko (Lunar Abyss Deus Organum), and also VJ Alco (video projection) and Grigory Glazunov (ODDDance Theatre, butoh dance). By common efforts these comrades performed totally improvised material quite typical for the "St. Petersburg post-industrial wave" and combining elements of collage, industrial, noise and ambient. Field recordings and voice manipulations, metal percussion and rough analogue signals, guitar semi-melodies and various sound effects - all this is harmoniously blended in the unified psychedelic soundsphere." [label info] http://zhb.radionoise.ru/ 2008 €7.50
ONDE Purple LP Die zweite LP des intensiven belgischen "Konkret / Instrumental" - Drone / Minimalismus Trios (TIMO VAN LUIJK, GREG JACOBS, MARC WROBLEWSKI), kam exakt am Tage ihres phänomenalen Konzerts auf dem AVANTGARDE-Festival in Schiphorst heraus (29. August 2009); limitiert auf 500 Exemplare, enthält zwei 20 Minuten-Tracks, schönes Klappcover, guter Preis. Unsere wärmste Empfehlung! "Vinyl only edition of 500 copies. Minimal electric psych inspired by tidal waves. Greg Jacobs (violin), Marc Wroblewski (metals) and Timo Van Luijk (electric guitar) travel through a spectral, time-stretched haze of ash cloud drones, slow-motion titanium echo and backmasked percussion, all adding up to a work that sits comfortably between intense focus and somnambulant drift. Highly recommended for the next time the end of the world comes round the bend. Gatefold sleeve." [label info] www.ondemusic.be "The second album by Onde sees Van Luijk however doing something different. Onde's three members were all once part of Noise Maker's Fifes and consist of Van Luijk on trumpet, guitar and electronics, Greg Jacobs on violin, organ, electronics and Marc Wroblewski on strings, metal and accordion. They sort of play live in the studio and then further process/post produce the material a bit. This is, as said, far away from Van Luijk solo music or duo improvisation. The tides are the central thematic approach to both sides and the music sounds like. Flowing likes waves, breaking the shore, both sides have a great drive to them (does sound like a rhythm machine on 'Vloed' actually). Onde here sounds a bit like Troum: lots of regular instruments feeding through quite an amount of sound effects, but Onde sounds a bit more opened up than Troum (which seem to be hermetically closed at times). Onde seems to be going for that similar kind of trance like music. Drone with a drive. A fine record, topped in a great fold out sleeve." [FdW / Vital Weekly] 2009 €15.00
ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA One CD "Everything is one, unique, peculiar – the message besides the new album from norwegian artist. Absolutely essential collection of his new works is released now on the CD in glossy and beautifully designed digifile. Origami Galaktika is Benny Braaten, A.k.a. b9. Established in 1994 Origami Galaktika is celebrating 20 years of ambient soundscapes. A journey that has brought deep spiritual sounds to close to 20 countries. A variety of venues ranging from art galleries, pubs, punk places, churches, to concert halls etc. How many ambient acts do you know that have played Sunset Strip, Los Angeles? Or the French quarter, New Orleans? A vinery in Aesch, Switzerland? In the woods outside of Gdansk, Poland? Everything from youth clubs to tea-houses in Slovakia? Vancouver, Toronto, the middle of the praries where hardly anybody has ever been? Supported extreme metal bands, opening metal festivals? Supporting The Legendary Pink Dots more than 50 times and played with: I: wound, (r), Daniele Brusaschetto, The Angels Of Light, Dave Phillips, Nocturnal Emissions, Francisco Lopes etc… In addition to Galaktika, Braaten is also working with the historical music projects Folket Bortafor Nordavinden (The People Beyond The North Winds) and Skvalthr. He is also having music history "lectures" where he tells us about and demonstrates ancient musical instruments… He is also hosting tonings and drum journeys. Braaten is also working on music for a dance performance to be performed in May 2014. The new album "One" is a bridge between the "old" and "new" Galaktika. Featuring two older (previously unreleased) pieces and 6 brand new ones. After many years of mostly sample based live performances, Origami Galaktika today is mostly accustic and no sampler is used in the live performances these days." [label info] www.monochromevision.ru "Behind Origami Galaktika we find Norway's Benny Braaten, who has been doing music for a great many years. He toured with Nocturnal Emissions and The Legendary Pink Dots and releases his records around the world, albeit quite sparsely. I must admit I am never sure how this whole Origami business works, but it's a larger group of people working together, although it seems that Origami Galaktika's Braaten is mostly working solo. I saw him a couple of times and his music is highly atmospheric and generated on relatively lo-fi equipment: electronics, field recordings and four track cassette tapes. Atmospheric and drone like is what he offers us. There was a time when we called this ambient industrial music, when we played the cello bow on the guitar and added lots of reverb here and there. That is, essentially, what Origami Galaktika still does. On this grey, rainy day this is probably the perfect soundtrack for the mood one can find oneself in. A usual piece by Origami Galaktika starts with a drone and on its way gathers more drones in small variations and a box tricks is opened and small variations on a theme appear. I was thinking about the fact that it sounds like something I heard a lot, even when perhaps not very recently; if that the lack of innovation is a real 'problem' (to whom, I wonder). True, Origami Galaktika doesn't necessarily change tactics, but he does a great job in what he does. If you like say Troum or Maeror Tri, and you like your sub consciousness tickled than Origami Galaktika is surely something you must hear, if you don't know them already. 'One' is one great CD." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2014 €12.00
OTZEPENEVSHIYE / VIR' За Ножом / For A Knife CD "Otzepenevshiye were formed in 2006 and by now have already recorded a conceptual split-album with Allerseelen and Neutral (2008, Ewers Tonkunst / Indiestate), have taken part in a series of releases of the Heliophagia label and contributed to several compilations. The band consists of members of the well-known Russian post-industrial projects Sal Solaris and Reutoff... Vir' dates from 1996, having released some self-made demos, split-releases and two full-length albums: "Lower Forest" (2006, Indie-Go!) and "Horna" (2008, Mosquito Records)... The creation of a collaboration album was conceived by the members of both bands during their collective gig in Kazan'. Through the mutual exchange and editing of material they managed to record not just a split but something more that combined the planes of both acts and surpassed their traditional sound, not always resembling the individual works of both projects. The style of the album is really hard to define but to mark the relative field we could use such tags as sludge / drone doom / industrial / dark ambient... Roaring guitars and the powerful drive of a live drum kit turn into measured industrial drum-machine rhythms, a clatter of iron sheets, synthesizers and field recordings, then again giving room to overdriven strings and profound insane vocals of Sergey Milushkin (Vir')... Metaphysically this album is a kind of optical device, a magic lantern with opaque glass - matching the anguish and desperation of Russian life. However looking more closely one can distinguish amazing patterns on the black soot of this glass behind which shines the everburning living fire." [label info] "There’s no surprise in that Otzpenevshiye and Vir’ succeed in producing together something fine and new: the latter is a well-established name by now, and the former constitutes from members of Sal Solaris and Reutoff. The album starts with dark ambient that turns into guitar-drone driven, almost doomy layer, to which is then added a set of matching drums and screaming vocals. The result is nevertheless not exactly doom metal, but something between that and ambient, and simultaneously something different from artists like Sunn O))). As the disc moves to the second track, a leap takes place, to instrumental, Megaptera-like post-industrial. After that comes guitar-led, spacey wave-sound, reminiscent of a mixture of Troum and drum machine. Later on there’s for example noise-spiced dark ambient, and at the magnificent end, the disc returns to the early doom moods. Everything is excellently done, but the jumps from one genre to another every track eat away the power of the record. It sounds more like a compilation from various bands than a singular album. Really good tracks, but more suitable for listening in small segments than as a whole." [Jiituomas @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys] 2013 €12.00
RE-DRUM S CD "An excellent piece of work by Pavel Aleshin whose drone soundscapes were released by Oophoi's record label Umbra and Slovakia-based Black Orchid Productions. The album explores the area of sacral and infinite, hence the title. S can be seen as the symbol of them. Re-Drum was founded in 2002 by Pavel Aleshin. The sound of Re-Drum varies from deep drone/noise soundscapes on the first albums to light, warm, even melodic textures in the last works. For fans of Robert Rich, Lustmord, Troum, Maeror Tri, Lull, Yen Pox DISCOGRAPHY 'Fragments of the Faith Forgotten' MC 2003 (Black Orchid Productions) 'In the Shadow' CDR 2004 (Black Orchid Productions) "_" CDR 2005 (Black Orchid Productions) 'Four Whispers for the Bees' CDR 2005 (Umbra) 'Inhalation' CDR split with Rattus 2008 (Black Orchid Productions / Minorlabel / Ambsine) 'S' CD 2009 (Zoharum)" [label info] www.zoharum.com 2009 €13.00
REUTOFF No One's Lullabies CD "No One's Lullabies" is the 9th album by Reutoff, one of the best-known Russian projects on the international post-industrial scene. Over the course of one hour they will be performing their "lullabies" which won't let you sleep though... The whole panopticon of borderline mental states will unfold before the eyes of our attention. Every track is a masterfully performed decadent dance of emotions and feelings. Steady industrial rhythms, an unhasting but assertive semi-drunk waltz, circus-like grotesque with wicked medieval shades, comatose jazz swinging in dark tones and epic electronic doom that could also fit well in the repertoire of their brother-project Otzepenevshiye - all imbued with remarkable spirit and slightly inflamed imagination. The material entitled "No One's Lullabies" was initially produced as a cassette mini-album by the German label Sea State in 2014 in a small edition of 80 copies in unconventional handmade packaging. The extended version with four additional compositions was put out by Reutoff on their bandcamp page as a web-release. Now we're glad to present the CD version of the album for the happy owners of CD-players and optical drives! The CD-edition contains an exclusive bonus track with a live version of one of Reutoff's rare compositions. The disc is packed in a matte 4-panel cardboard digisleeve, artwork features paintings by Fabrice Billard, the chef of Divine Comedy Records. http://zhb.radionoise.ru/ "If someone were to ask me, which post-industrial artist gives you the biggest pleasure when you listen to their music, I would never mention Reutoff. If somebody else were to ask me which project is in my opinion the most daring in its experiments or simply the most innovative in the scene, Reutoff wouldn’t be my pick either. But if you were to ask me about the musician who combines experimental with so-called “catchiness” the most effectively, well, I’d have to think about mentioning this Russian duo. They’ve been active for about 18 years, releasing a variety of materials, also in collaboration with other artists in their famous Kreuzung series: a collection of names such as Deutsch Nepal, Troum or Der Blutharsch. “No One’s Lullabies” was originally released on tape, thanks to the Sea State label from Leipzig. Zhelezobeton gives us an extended edition on CD, with five additional tracks and a cover image painted by Fabrice Billard, the owner of the Divine Comedy label. For many years Reutoff’s line of work and constructing additional sound structures has more or less been the same. They take a nicely crafted industrial background, a mid-tempo rhythm theme, often looped and encrusted with other trinkets and little diamonds, so that most of the tracks possess a slowly yet nicely building tension that leads to a culmination, abundant in sounds and atmospheres. Not all of the tracks though: Reutoff is not a project that always chooses the easy and proven ways – check this splendid dark ambient of a non-obvious feeling in “Nameless Tune With No Fate”. This is also one of Reutoff’s huge advantages. That you can’t describe their atmosphere in one or two words. You need to build the whole story in your mind, different for each track. It may be dystopian sci-fi straight from Orwell or Bradbury novels; a dark yet epic, sometimes even strangely romantic story, similar to, say, “Blade Runner”. After all, titles like “New World Disorder” or “Requiem for Android” cannot be a coincidence. On the other hand in some track you may notice a somehow optimistic… no, not a good word – a note that breathes with hope. Saying that not everything is lost, that there are still new and mysterious worlds to explore even though our planet is lost. I feel this modern sci-fi element is pretty solid in Reutoff’s works, which is even more interesting considering the fact that when it comes to technical matters a strong analogue vibe emanates over the whole of “No One’s Lullabies”. This is specific for many post-industrial artists coming from Russia, that while they’re faithful to classic samplers and synths, they’re able to achieve such a fresh effect. Reutoff, Cyclotimia, Sal Solaris, some Cisfinitum efforts. This offering is no different, and once again provides us with a certificate of the uniqueness of the Russian post-industrial scene." [Stark/Santa Sangre mag] 2015 €13.00
RYN (or R.Y.N.) Cosmic Birth CD Zweites Album der "Otherworld"-Droner aus UK, die ihren Endlos-Drone-Stil verfeinert haben, wesentlich softere Passagen kommen vor und erkennbare Gitarren-Klänge, doomige Elemente... nur 300 Stück wurden hiervon gepresst ! "R.Y.N. - "Cosmic Birth" - The follow up to this years first album on Unrest Prod. This is an anthology of 03-04 records and is a real treat for your ears! An hours worth of some of the best heavy drone/ambient in the business. Featuring members of Romance and Marzuraan. Highly recommended! Comes in specially printed jewel cases packaging, looks amazing but is easy to ship, best of both worlds! Expected shipping date will be early December. 300 copies." [label blog info] "We were pretty into the R.Y.N 7” we reviewed a while back on the mighty Drone Records label. But this is the first full length we've gotten our hands on (apparently there's another companion full length released earlier this year) and it's pretty amazing. Huge tectonic slabs of glacial doomic drone, equal parts Sunroof!, Sunn 0))), Wolf Eyes, deep grinding low end, shimmering black expanses of churning, washed out murk, blurred and smeared into apocalyptic dirgescapes. Deep dense and ominous, but strangely pretty as well. What we didn't know until quite recently, was that R.Y.N. features the man behind long time aQ faves Marzuraan, which makes sense when you think about it, as most of the R.Y.N record sounds like it could be the early stages of a Marzuraan album, or more accurately, a Marzuraan record with all the metal and pummel removed, no vocals, no buzzing downtuned guitars, just the blackened shadows beneath, and the guitars that DO surface, are blurred into long sheets of undulating washed out muted buzz, wreathed in sheets of feedback, often building to high end symphonies that threaten the very fabric of your inner ear, before slowly subsiding into something much more tranquil and dronelike. And these aren't simple tones either, these are rough edged crumbling sonic expanses, rife with metallic buzz, haunting overtones, layered and dense, a sound active and ALIVE, a burning buzz that often sounds like it's barely being restrained. Often slipping into something soft and smooth, drifting in the distance, lulling the listener before exploding into a sound much more fierce, white hot and glimmering violently like a collision between two sonic suns, with the tracks that follow, like the aftermath, long glowing streaks of sound, unfurling in an endless expanse of blackness, peppered with soft focus glimmers, and barely audible rumbles. The sound of R.Y.N. manages to shift from krautrocky new age to post industrial black ambience and back again, often finding a sonic space right in between that we probably didn't think even existed. By now, it should be obvious if this is your thing, but here's a few other names, that if found in your collection, probably speaks to the likelihood that you need this: Atavist, Hlidolf, Encomiast, Troum, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Fear Falls Burning, Expo '70, Half Makeshift, Sorc'Henn, Xela." [Aquarius Records review] 2008 €12.00
SKY BURIAL Chapel Image CD Sky Burial’s fourteenth full-length recording marks a return to ‘epic’ length compositions fea-turing a single track spanning the length of the release. Firmly rooted in the kosmische ethos, ‘Chapel Image’ is a constantly shifting journey through the nebulous depths of drone and dark ambience with full-immersion being just held at bay by the uneasy dichotomy of low and high frequencies and punctuation of rhythmic and industrial elements. Comes in digipack limited to 300 copies. Note from the mastering studio: “Based in drone, Chapel Image encompasses the listener in abroad stereo field, engulfing you in so-und while elements play back and forth in the stereo mix. You can mention haunting or ethereal but this doesn't serve to define the full range or feel of the entire 45 minute piece. The mood changes throughout shifting from beautiful bell tones and diving into industrial dirges. It's not a recording that sits still for any time. It does repeat some themes eventually revisiting to the bell tones and reverb soaked synth tones or occasional rhythm, but the variation is paced and it paves the way for the liste-ner moving them along with the track.” –Chris Goudreau, Ninth Circle Studios Sky Burial is Michael Page, a visual and sound artist living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After several years recording and touring in the power electronics/industrial/noise genre as Fire in the Head, Michael formed Sky Burial in 2006 as an outlet to explore the ambient side of industrial music, often citing esoteric, literary, esoteric, metaphysical and mythological subject matter as a muse. Much like the Tibetan ritual from which the project takes its name, Michael chose to work under the Sky Burial moniker as an act of freeing himself from artistic confines, providing an unfettered route for sonic expression and experimentation. Although initially inspired by early industrial music projects and electronic/ambient/kosmische acts of the 70's & 80's, the music of Sky Burial continues to evolve and blur genre boundaries. Michael has released over 50 recordings since 2004 under various monikers and has collaborated on his releases with Mark Spybey (Download/Dead Voice on Air/Zoviet France), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Jarboe (ex-Swans), Anni Hogan (ex-Marc Almond), Troum, Danny Hyde (Coil), Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions), Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind), Johann Eiriksson (Reptilicus, Gjöll), Nick Blinko (Rudimentary Peni), Gee Vaucher (Crass) as well as production assistance from James Plotkin (Khanate) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu). www.wrotycz.com 2017 €12.00
TESTCARD #20 : ACCESS DENIED BOOK "Ortsverschiebungen in der realen und virtuellen Gegenwart »testcard« geht in der 20. Ausgabe der Frage nach, wie sich Orte und das Leben an bestimmten Orten in den letzten Jahren verändert haben – von Gentrifizierungs-Prozessen bis hin zu neuen sozialen Netzwerken im Internet. Kaum eine andere Kategorie hat sich in den letzten 15 Jahren so radikal verändert wie die des Ortes. Gab es schon immer Differenzen zwischen dem realen Ort, wo jemand sich pysikalisch befindet bzw. hin will, und dem Orts-Diskurs, den er dazu hat bzw. vorfindet, so tritt zu den klassischen Differenzen seit einigen Jahren verschärft die von realen vs. virtuellen Orten hinzu. Die in »testcard« #?20 versammelten Texte analysieren die Veränderungen und benennen zugleich, welche Konsequenzen für Kultur und Subkultur damit einhergehen. Politische Artikel über radikale Einschnitte in unseren Städten finden sich neben Debatten um die Wirkung, Funktion und Grenzen von virtuellen Netzwerken. Inhaltsverzeichnis »Ortsverschiebungen«. Tisch Nord Roger Behrens: Post Pop City Life Not In Our Name, Marke Hamburg! Pascal Jurt: Bohèmistische Lebensweisen ­brauchen subkulturelle Orte. Im Gespräch mit Klaus ­Ronneberger Dagmar Brunow: Soundscapes als akustisches ­Gedächtnis der Stadt. Künstlerische Strategien gegen Gentrifizierung Annika Mecklenbrauck: We are so not Berlin. Ein kritischer Blick auf Köln-Ehrenfeld Steffen Hendel: Die Zurichtung Bernd Volkert: Das Territorium nicht besetzen. Das Territorium sein. Auf den Spuren des Aufstands: ­Ortsbegehungen mit dem ­Unsichtbaren Komitee Torsten Nagel: Linke Räume – Short Cuts Verena Spilker: Queere Subkultur. Geboren aus der Randständigkeit, bedingt durch den radikalen ­Moment Florian Neuner: Kulturhauptstadt im Winter Maik Rennert: Den Räumen Zeit geben. »hr. fleischers«-Kiosk Sebastian Löwe: Die IBA-Mitschrei-Predigt Jonas Engelmann: Erinnerungsräume. Im Gespräch mit Michaela Melián »Ortsverschiebungen«. Tisch Süd Matthias Rauch: Sound, Orte und Landschaften. Ein Versuch der Relation Wolfgang Seidel: Echtzeitmusik Jonas Engelmann: Wo ist Zuhause? Zwischen den Orten! Phantom Limbo Frank Apunkt Schneider: Für eine kleine Identität. Zur Ästhetik der Verkrampfung Mick Schulz: Wo machst Du Musik? Fotos von Proberäumen Ewgeniy Kasakow: »Immer dagegen« Zur Geschichte des Sibirischen ­Undergrounds Michael Wehren: Von der Nation zur Heimat und zurück. Raumstrategien im Neofolk und Black Metal Thomas Burkhalter: Weltmusik 2.0. Musikalische ­Positionen zwischen Spaß und ­Protestkultur Ernest M. Faber: Der Händler der vier Jahreszeiten Steffen Greiner / Wiebke Reinert: Ansätze einer postmodernen ­Plattenkritik. Vom versteckten Pop-Appeal ­sozialistischer Großtafelbauweise Jonas Engelmann?/?Klaus Walter: Nahost-Tisch. Im Gespräch mit Avi Pitchon Christian Heller: Meine Daten in Meiner Festung. Kleine Kritik der Privatsphäre Michael Liegl: Die Sorge um den Raum. Mediale Ortlosigkeit und ­Dispositive der Verortung Jana Ballenthien / Tanja Carstensen: Das entgrenzte Subjekt. Vom Mutigsein in digitalen Räumen Johannes Ullmaier: Ortsverschiebungen Die Jugend von heute. Darius (11) und Paul (12) zum ­Thema Musikkonsum von Jugend­lichen heute Rezensionen Tonträger AIDAN BAKER: Liminoid/Lifeforms ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS: Swanlights APSE: Climb Up ÅRABROT: Rep.Rep ARBEIT: Fassbinder Raben AZURE RAY: Drawing Down The Moon BRIAN ENO WITH JON HOPKINS & LEO ABRAHAMS: Small Craft On A Milk Sea CARL CALM: Dayglo Port CHRIS CUTLER, THOMAS ­DIMUZIO, FRED FRITH: Golden State CHRISTIANE RÖSINGER: Songs of L. and Hate CLASSLESS KULLA & ISTARI LASTERFAHRER: Wir hatten doch noch was vor COMING SOON: Ghost Train Tragedy DANIEL HIGGS: Say God DATASHOCK: Die Pyramiden von Gießen / Taramöpskäsefuss / Paradieswärts Dull DEERHOOF: Deerhoof vs. Evil DJ MARCELLE: Another Nice Mess, Meets more Soulmates at Faust Studio Deejay Laboratories DOUBLE DAGGER: Masks DUCKTAILS: II ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK AUS KOELN: A Synthetic History of E.M.A.K. 1982-88 ELFENBEINTURM: Pizza Party Produktion Trilogy Boxset ELISABETH SCHIMANA: Höllenmaschine FELIX KUBIN & ENSEMBLE ­INTÉGRALES: Echohaus FENNESZ / DANIELL / BUCK: Knoxville FRANK ROTHKAMM: ALT GIUSEPPE IELASI: (third) Stunt GOOD FOR COWS: Audumla GREIE GUT FRAKTION: Baustelle GROUPSHOW: The Science (Behind Shoes) / Pet Ramp and Staircase HANNO LEICHTMANN: The African Twin Tower Suite HEAD OF WANTASTIQUET: Unrock Series 18.02.2010 HERE WE GO MAGIC: Pigeons HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR: Mount A IGNATZ: Selected Songs From Cassettes 2005–2009 / I Hate This City IIBIIS ROOGE: s/t ILYA MONOSOV: Collected Works of Ilya Monosov JACK ROSE & GLENN JONES: The Things That We Used To Do JACK ROSE: Luck In The Valley JACK ROSE: Unrock Series 12.11.2009 JG THIRWELL: Manorexia JOHN KING: Mysteries JOHN ZORN: Femina KAIKYT (SLOBODAN KAJKUT): Krst KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN: Disingenuity/Disingenuousness KING KONG DING DONG: Youth Culture Index KODIAK / NADJA: Split KOMMANDO SONNE-NMILCH: Pfingsten LP/CD KRISTOF SCHREUF: Bourgeoise With Guitar KUUPUU: Unrock Series 19.11.2009 LITTLE WOMEN: Throat MAJA K.S. RATKJE / LASSE MARHAUG: Musik For Gardening MARIO DIAZ DE LEÓN: Enter Houses of MATTHEW DE GENNARO: Adversaria MATTHEW HERBERT: One Club MAX EASTLEY: Installation Recordings 1973–2008 MICHAEL ESPOSITO / CARL ­MICHAEL VON HAUSWOLFF: The Ghosts Of Effingham ­(Wachszylinder, Download) MUKRA: Vergölst EP MUTTER: Trinken Singen Schießen (2LP/CD) NADJA / TROUM: Dominium Visurgis NATE YOUNG: Regression NAUTILUS: Pumpkin II NOAH CRESHEVSKY: The Twilight of the Gods NÖRZ: (Also Known As) Acker Velvet ONE MAN NATION: Suspended in a Vortex … OREN AMBARCHI / KEIJI HAINO / JIM O’ROURKE: Tima Formosa OSTENDORF / ZOUBEK / LAUZIER: Subsurface OUR LOVE WILL DESTROY THE WORLD: I Hate Even Numbers PAN SONIC: Gravitoni PASCAL PINON: Pascal Pinon PIVIXKI: Gravissima POLAR BEAR WITH JYAGER: Common Ground RADIKAL SATAN: Viento Del Este, Agua Como ­Peste RAFAEL TORAL: Space Elements Vol. 2 RHYS CHATHAM: The Bern Project ROBIN HAYWARD: States Of Rushing rowland s. howard: Pop Crimes SABBATH ASSEMBLY: Restored To One SAJJANU: Pechiku!! SAM PREKOP: Old Punch Card SAMARA LUBELSKI: Unrock Series 19.11.2009 SCANNERS: Oz Antep STELLA: Fukui STEREOLAB: Not Music STEVE GUNN: Camel Throat (MC) STROTTER INST.: Minenhund TENDER FOREVER: No Snare LP/CD TERROR PIGEON DANCE REVOLT: Have The Best Day Of Your Life! THE BOOKS: The Way Out THE NECKS: Silverwater THE REMOTE VIEWERS: To The North THEE SILVER MT. ZION ­MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA: Kollaps Tradixionales TREVOR WISHART: Fanfare & Contrapunctus / Imago UTON: Unexplained Objects VAMPIRE WEEKEND: Contra VARIOUS ARTISTS: Freedom, Rhythm & Sound. ­Revolutionary Jazz & Civil Rights Movement 1963–82 VARIOUS ARTISTS: Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose VARIOUS ARTISTS: Next Stop … Soweto. Township Sounds from the Golden Age of Mbaqanga VARIOUS ARTISTS: Riddim Box. Excursions in the UK Funky Underground VARIOUS ARTISTS: Shangaan Electro. New Wave Dance Music from South Africa VERSCHIEDENE: Berlin Songs Volume 3 VERSCHIEDENE: I Love Marbach Records presents 001:04:00.00 VERSCHIEDENE: Sonic Vigil 4 WOLFGANG VOIGT: Freiland Klaviermusik XELA: The Divine XIU XIU: Dear God, I hate myself YELLOW SWANS: Going Places ZEITKRATZER: Old School – John Cage / ­Old School – James Tenney ZOLA JESUS: Stridulum II Rezensionen Papier A.G. SCHWARZ, TASOS SAGRIS, VOID NETWORK (Hg.): Wir sind ein Bild der Zukunft – auf der Straße schreiben wir ­Geschichte AG QUEER STUDIES (Hg.): Verqueerte Verhältnisse. Inter­sektionale, ökonomiekritische und strategische Interventionen ANDREAS KRASS (Hg.): Queer Studies in Deutschland. ­Interdisziplinäre Beiträge zur ­kritischen Heteronormativitäts­forschung ANJA SCHWANHÄUSSER: Kosmonauten des Underground. Ethnographie einer Berliner ­Szene ASTRID PROLL (Hg.): Goodbye to London. Radical Art & Politics In The 70’s BIANCA SCHMOLZE / KNUT RAUCHFUSS (HG.): Kein Vergeben. Kein Vergessen. Der internationale Kampf gegen Straflosigkeit BIRGIT RICHARD / HEINZ HERMANN KRÜGER (Hg.): inter-cool 3.0. Jugend Bild ­Medien. Ein Kompendium zur aktuellen Jugendkultur­forschung CARSTEN JUNKER: Frames of Friction. Black Genealogies, White Hegemony, and the Essay as Critical Intervention CHRISTIAN ORENDT: Da kommt man eher drüber weg als drumherum! / Es ist nicht schlimm ein Gott zu sein. CHRISTOF GRAF: Leonard Cohen. Titan der Worte CHRISTOPH JACKE: Einführung in Populäre Musik und Medien DAMIEN DEROUBAIX: Die Nacht DANIEL CLOWES: David Boring DANIEL CLOWES: Wilson DAVID PRUDHOMME: Rembetiko DAVID SHRIGLEY: Äh ... was machst du da ­eigentlich? DORIS LEIBETSEDER: Queere Tracks. Subversive Strategien in der Rock- und Popmusik. EMMANUEL BOVE: Schuld ÉRIC LIBERGÉ: Monsieur Mardi-Gras – Unter Knochen Esther Leslie: Hollywood Flatlands – Animation, Critical Theory and the Avant-Garde GABRIEL KUHN: Straight Edge. Geschichte und Politik einer Bewegung GEORG SEESSLEN: George A. Romero und seine ­Filme GUDRUN ANKELE (Hg.): absolute Feminismus HEINZ LUDWIG ARNOLD / ­ANDREAS C. KNIGGE (Hg.): text + kritik Sonderband V/09: ­Comics, Mangas, Graphic Novels IN NUMBERS: Serial Publications by Artists ­Since 1955 JAMES STURM: Markttag JEAN-PHILIPPE TOUSSAINT: Die Wahrheit über Marie JOHAN KUGELBERG: Born in the Bronx. Die Anfänge des Hip Hop KARIN FISCHER / SUSAN ZIMMERMANN (Hg.): Internationalismen. ­Transformationen weltweiter ­Ungleichheit im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert KATHY ACKER.: Meine Mutter. Dämonologie KERASCOET / VEHLMANN: Jenseits KERI SMITH: Mach dieses Buch fertig / Das ist mehr als ein Buch KIRSTEN EINFELDT: Moderne Kunst in Mexiko. Raum, Material und nationale Identität LENTOS KUNSTMUSEUM LINZ (Hg.): Alfred Kubin 1877–1959 LINA WALDE: The great Love’n Romantic Swindle M.S. BASTIAN / ISABELLE L.: Bastokalypse MARC-ANTOINE MATHIEU: Die 2,333. Dimension / Gott höchstselbst MATTHEW DAVID: Peer to Peer and the Music ­Industry. The Criminalization of Sharing MELANIE GERLAND: Offene Arme MICHAEL RAPPE: Under Construction. Kontext­bezogene Analyse afroamerikanischer Popmusik. 2 Bände. NANETTE RISSLER-PIPKA / ­MICHAEL LOMMEL / JUSTYNA CEMPEL (Hg.): Der Surrealismus in der Mediengesellschaft – zwischen Kunst und Kommerz. OLE FRAHM: Die Sprache des Comics OLIVER DEMNY / MARTIN RICHLING (Hg.): Sex und Subversion. Pornofilme jenseits des Mainstreams. PAUL McCARTHY: Paul McCarthy’s Low Life Slow ­Life PETER BIALOBRZESKI: Informal Arrangements ROBERT FOLTIN: Die Körper der Multitude. Von der sexuellen Revolution zum queer-feministischen Aufstand RUDI HURZLMEIER / OLIVER MARIA SCHMITT: Das Urknall-Komplott SAFIA AZZOUNI, UWE WIRTH (HG.): Dilettantismus als Beruf STEFAN HÖLTGEN: Schnittstellen – Serienmord im Film STRAPAZIN: # 100: Comics aus China / # 101: Visionen für Zürich SUSANNE KIRCHHOFF: Krieg mit Metaphern. Medien­diskurse über 9/11 und den »War on Terror« THOMAS BEY WILLIAM BAILEY: Micro-Bionic. Radical Electronic Music And Sound Art In The 21st Century TOBIAS ZIELONY: Story/No Story VALERIE SOLANAS: SCUM. Manifest der Gesellschaft zur Vernichtung der Männer WILL EISNER: Ein Vertrag mit Gott WINSHLUSS: Pinocchio WOLFGANG POHRT: Gewalt und Politik. Ausgewählte Reden und Schriften ZUNI VON ZUBINSKI: Alles! Rezensionen DVDs 32A – Ein Film von Marian Quinn BLESSING BELL – Ein Film von Sabu CYCLING THE FRAME / THE INVISIBLE FRAME – Zwei Filme von Cynthia Beatt DER ERSTE TAG IM WINTER – Ein Film von Mirko Locatelli DIE HEIMAT TRILOGIE – Filme von Edgar Reitz EXAMINED LIFE – Ein Film von Astra Taylor KLANGBAD. AVANT-GARDE IN THE MEADOWS – Ein Film von Dietmar Post und Lucía Palacios MEA CULPA – Christoph Schlingensief MORGIANA – Ein Film von Juraj Herz NOISY PEOPLE: IMPROVISING A MUSICAL LIFE – Ein Film von Tim Perkis OVERLORD – Ein Film von Stuart Cooper RÜCKENWIND – Ein Film von Jan Krüger THE NOW NOW – Ein Film von Ali Russell TOUKI BOUKI. DIE REISE DER HYÄNE – Ein Film von Djibril Diop Mambéty VALERIE – EINE WOCHE VOLLER WUNDER – Ein Film von Jaromil Jires WALHALLA RISING – Ein Film von Nicolas Winding Refn WENDY AND LUCY – Ein Film von Kelly Reichardt" [Verlagsinfo] www.testcard.de 2011 €15.00
THEOLOGIAN Pain of the Saints do-CD "5 years have passed since Navicon Torture Technologies' 2009 masterpiece finale, The Gospels of the Gash, and the last time Lee Bartow recording something specifically for release on Malignant, so it is with great honor and pride that he is welcomed back into the fold. During this span, primary releases on Crucial Blast and Handmade Birds have established and solidified his "new" project, Theologian, as a consistent and fruitful source for epically scaled and sprawling industrial soundscapes, and the 2CD set Pain of the Saints continues that trend, laying forth a dizzying 2 ½ + hours of music. Once again, Bartow has sculpted an impeccable and highly detailed excursion into tortured yet brilliant realms, where contrails of burning frequencies and blackened atmospheres intersect with densely concentrated rhythmic pulsations, ethereal, blissed-out shimmer, and the majestic monoliths of smoldering, post-apocalyptic desolation. There's a lot to absorb here, but the focus is precise even as the palate of sounds is broad and varied, a true testament to the deft skills of someone who's spent the last 15 plus years creating some of the most inventive and revolutionary sounds in modern industrial music. Largely produced in collaboration with Fade Kainer (STATIQBLOOM, BATILLUS), and featuring the core trio of Lee M. Bartow, Matt Slagle, and Kainer, Pain of the Saints also includes contributions from David Castillo (PRIMITIVE WEAPONS/WHITE WIDOWS PACT), Joan Hacker (FACTORIA/HEROINE), Christiana Key (DELPHIC ORACLE), Matthew Melnick (DARKSIDE NYC/ex-DISASSOCIATE), Eric Morgan (A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH), Jessica Way (WORM OUROBOROS/BARREN HARVEST), and more. Lyrically and thematically it represents Bartow's rallying cry against Christianity and more specifically Catholicism — an "Anti-Theist manifesto" — and sonic diatribe exposing hypocrisy within the church and a broader questioning of what sainthood means. In his own words, "...in many cases, it seems almost like a prerequisite for Sainthood is to suffer at the hands of the Church. It was common to imprison, torture, execute anyone with ideas that ran contrary to what the Church dictated, to brand them as a heretic or a witch, or an apostate, and then end their lives using some of the most brutal methods humans have ever conceived. Then, the ultimate hypocrisy: to turn around and dub these victims of the Church as saints, centuries after having murdered them." In luxurious 8 panel DVD Digipak with stunning artwork, mastered by John Stillings." [label info] www.malignantrecords.com "Theologian is an iconic post-industrial and transcendental noise project founded by Lee M. Bartow. Notable materials have been signed on crucial blast, annihilvs. On a conceptual level the whole Theologian music universe is surrounded by a dynamic system of symbolical references, from hermetic beliefs, neo-occultism, black magic to cyber-like cult conditioning, psych confinement, post-modernism delirium. In this new album published on Malignant, Theologian carries on the construction of complex, harsh, assaultive and mystical sonic soundscapes. The compositional line is structured on a vast corpus of abrasive sound textures where heavily treated and distorted noises meet cinematic sound samples, occasional percussive ritual motifs and ecstatic droning e-guitar chords. The project explores once more the disturbing qualities of psycho-neurotic sounding effects and darkly isolationist-shamanic electronic excursions in a real independent and stylistically autonomous way. As in the legendary drone noise ambient projects such as Troum or Maeror Tri, a few pieces delivered in this album demonstrate a certain interest for fractured, disemboweled melodious phrases which bring to the ensemble a hauntingly mournful inclination. Cryptical sonic experimentalism, turbulent power electronics and noisy in-trance electronic inferno that will spark the interest of listeners of Death Industrialism such as Atrax Morgue, Mauthausen Orchestra and Maurizio Bianchi to the expressively blackened dreamscaping ritualism of Maeror Tri, Voice of Eye and Deutsch Nepal. Seriously recommended." [Philippe Blache, IGLOO MAGAZINE] "The works of this American artist have always followed a self-imposed regime of writing artistry, contextualized in respect to his actual psychological reactions to the world. If he has chosen noise as the material on which to labor his faith it is a matter of relative incidence, because I believe Lee Bartow is in fact a prodigious poet. “Pain Of The Saints” came out on Malignant Records at the beginning of 2015. Lee Bartow is helped here by Matt Slagle and Kainer, plus many other collaborators. This release is comprised of two discs, with pieces counting around 10 minutes each. The length of his tracks is in direct correspondence to the way he conceives a song, in the same way one would write a poem. When Baudelaire or Aloysius Bertrand renounced versification, enacting the so-called prose poetry, they were searching for a more significant manner to express feelings in deep relation to images. On Theologian’s record such a strong stream of consciousness is being deployed with the help of industrial noise textures that are arranged like a continuous flux waving towards the endpoint. As said, image is impulsive and depicts psychological states like on the first song “Savages”, but it can also be a concrete a-metaphoric industrial rhythm, which can be heard on “Infection”. Another feature that approaches this music to literature is the careful and conspicuous naming of the pieces. It is the title first which introduces one into the text or into the melody in this case; titles open and close a text, and resume the subject. “Serpentine Angels” evokes the serpentine movements of the flying creatures described in the Old Testament as punishers in the name of Yahve. It is the story of Moses that magically sets a bronze serpent on a pole, “and if a serpent bit a man, he would look at the bronze serpent and live”. This bronze serpent announces the Messiah by the image of the Luciferian reptile. And if we came to Jesus, Lee Bartow shows off a passion for (anti-)religious fetishism reasonable to understand if we situate his work in a network of correspondences. Artists in this bleak musical genre often use religious imagery to provoke and invite to reflection, but in some cases, the spiritual metaphor reflects – even aggressively – some complicated inner experiences or deviations. “Piss And Jism” encloses the name and figure of Jesus in an anomalous sexual rite, reproduced by filthy and corrosive sharp noises concentrated in a homogeneous, neurotic melody. The diverse artifices that embellish the tracks help maintain the attention, which can be rather difficult due to the aforementioned length and solicitude of the melody. Bartow moves in different registers with naturalness and sagacity, and the song “Gravity” displays a completely different spectrum of sounds, with a superbly illustrative driving force, which seems to actually alter my center of gravity, like when you dream of flying above the earth. Likewise, in “Without Trust, Your Love Is Meaningless”, the constant rave beat is cut through by a beam of sharp, high-pitched sound and so favors a certain alarming disposition, as if being on drugs. The word play, derision and intended irony is all made for a liberating purpose, as a cure for false morality. This title “Of Foulness And Faithfulness” recalls a Swiftian satiric tale that resounds formidably heavy, hammering all the way to the core of the brain in an old Swedish industrial vibe (Negru Voda is surely a reference). It is both primitive and hieratic, like the combination of mediocre intelligence and blind devotion. Actually, it is really natural for the American noise musician to work with rather antagonistic material, under dichotomic psychological states, calculated or spontaneous, manipulating grim, abrasive textures or tender, almost evanescent ambiances. The final three songs from disc one detach themselves as droning, spectral musical movements, inviting self-forgetfulness and a certain objective melancholia. Disc one ends with “Sainthood Is Suffering”, which somehow resumes a tendency of the artist towards a personal interpretation of a futuristic sacral music. Generously remembering Vatican Shadow, the ritual cadence of the modern rhythms is juxtaposed on grey-toned broiling textures. As you fall into the pit of the song, you realize horrified that this is the declamation of a saint without a god. One who has martyred himself by necessity and passion for self-mortification, as an evasive method to elude an existence to which he has found no foundation or explanation. Disc two seems to concentrate more on the semantic field of sainthood, although the intention is reversed on the apparent falsehood and hoax of the religious martyr.“The Lies Of The Past Become The Prayers Of The Future” de-sacralizes the worship of relics, seeing them as objects used by priests for their own purposes. The melodic noise textures constructed by Theologian have an intrinsic sense of desperation and deferent lucidity, so that the more openly one is infused with them, the more they are likely to partake in a genuine simulacrum of pain or pure death. “Suppuration” gasps with that floral stench martyrs are said to have, in such a way that a strange and occasional immanence of sainthood envelops the space around. It is an ambiguous, but tender self-lacerating illusion of letting out you the evil that man made. All the more ambivalent as Bartow’s intertextual intention is to demystify the actual object in case: the saint; as well as other clerical vices or actions, like on “Witchfinder”, using diaphanous, luminous excursions of sound. There are remarkably disgusting portrayals of monks or nuns in books like “In The Name Of The Rose” or Diderot’s “The Nun”; here too the image seeks to express the diachronic, depraved and slimy, hypocritical man of god: on “Their Gelded And Rapacious Hearts”, Bartow diagnoses the entrails and ego and takes into sound a vicious aggregate of the vilest bile. The Saints of the desert, in the first centuries after Christ, have established the basis of monasticism. The forms of deprivation which they experienced are likely to seem extreme or simply sick to modern spirit; patriarchal literature has enough stories. These artists of pain possessed perhaps the strange vanity to suffer more than their role model, Christ. “Depravation And Blessed Prey” relates to the martyric stasis, resonating as hallow, transcendental melodies, moments of abandonment and oblivion. Like any of us, alluding pain to fainted endeavors of surpassing self-deficiencies, mocking is always the easier route to take with regard to such subjects; yet at at the same time this proves the existence of the struggle we can not abandon. On “With Eternal Derision Or Redemption”, Bartow tells the story of the modern artist and musically congregates nihilism and sarcasm alike, on the post-romantic melodic infamies we all like. Perhaps taming the senses is the only cure and form of asceticism proper to this century, resumed by indifference to the leviathan world we live in. “It Was You Who Taught Me Indifference” develops this subject, as it features agoraphobic engagements with harsh, cutting steel-like sounds, which can be finely combined with an alternative pharmakon, induced pain, presented on “Self-Flagellation As Faith”. Theologian no longer borders on power-romance music, that displayed a fascinating, but too personal quantification of the spirit. Bartow has universalized pain from the artistic point of view. Apparently, this huge album is a work of criticism (of Catholic sainthood); however, great records or works of art begin from an idea and come to a different, sometimes antagonistic result. Despite perhaps the artist’s first intentions, the saint appears as a raw model for anyone who seeks to understand his/her subjectivity, because in the end pain may be the only exception that allows us to take a step beyond our limited self." [Iaha Crax / SantaSangre] "The profane and blasphemous agenda of Lee M. Barlow (the principle agent behind Theologian, working with a few willing supplicants) looks backwards at the dual histories of metal and industrial culture. Yup, it is commonplace to find vehement opposition to Christian doctrine in the reversal the symbols as sigils of a black magic. Yet, this opposition is rarely a full-frontal denial of God as the blank void of atheism has no place for the transcendent and the spiritual, both of which manifest proudly in this rich and diverse iconoclasm. Aesthetically speaking, we suppose this could be trace even further back to Carl Orff, whose work has become the de facto audio signifier for all things Satanic; and probably further before Nietzsche, Lautremonte, and Baudelaire to the charisma of heretics, ignoble witches, and self-designated messiahs. So in a polemic for the will to power and the deification of the self, it's not all that much about what's said, but how it's said. And the aesthetics of Theologian speak mightily through blunt force, wielded as a relentless production of blackened synths and grim industrial drone. Pain Of The Saints conjures a sonic turbulence that is almost wholly drumless, which stands as a departure from much of the other Theologian albums which rely on heavy Teutonic beats to propel the vitriol and wailing. It's nonetheless an exhausting and exasperating journey, blasting through one miasma after another of aggressive amalgams of guitars, synths, and voice, two whole discs worth!" [Aquarius Rec.] 2015 €15.00
THISQUIETARMY Aftermath CD "Quite some time ago I reviewed 'Unconquered', one of the three previous releases by Eric Quach, also known as Thisquietarmy (see Vital Weekly 628). His fourth album is 'Aftermath', and released by Basses Frequences. Quach is not unlike his fellow country man Nadja (or perhaps like Aidan Baker), he plays guitar and lots of sound effects. To result is not too dissimilar to Nadja or Baker: highly atmospheric drone music, with a nice touch of melody here and there. In general the idea is to raise a wall of sound (as in built from many layers, not the noise type of sound) through loops created on the guitar and through the effects, and then, when everything is in place, he adds a guitar melody on top. Its a simple yet effective method to create such music, and Thisquietarmy does that well, I must say. Great moody music. But like with so many others, armed with guitars, loop stations and such like, there is also not much new under the sun. That should merely be noted. Not as a complaint, but as a statement. If you are looking for something new, this might not be the place where it happens, so you know. If you are looking for more music along the lines of Troum, Nadja or Fear Falls Burning: Thisquietarmy is as good as them." [FdW/Vital Weekly] www.bassesfrequences.org 2010 €12.00
V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) Foglands CD-R Ambient-Compilation on the OÖPHOI-label, with SEREN FFORDD, DARKENED SOUL, MATHIAS GRASSOW, NETHERWORLD, DREAMSTATE, OÖPHOI, THOMAS WEISS, oversized full-colour cover. "Foglands is the follow up to the gorgeous and very well received compilation The Threshold Of Silence reviewed a while back, which featured a bunch of AQ faves: Aidan Baker, Troum, Paul Bradley and a bunch of others. A gorgeous collection of minimal dronemusick running the gamut from ominous Lustmordian darkness to glistening dreamlike ambience. Foglands is sonically similar, but features a lineup of groups for the most part unknown to us. Thankfully, all the bands involved are mining the same mysterious sonic soundworlds as our favorite soundmakers and dronelords. There's the slightly ominous, almost new wave blisss out of Seren Ffordd's “Haze”, the rich lustrous whir and cavernous shimmer of Darkened Soul's “Visu”, Mathias Grassow offers up a sprawling expanse of hazy glimmering soft focus hum in the form of “Deeper Purity”, Netherworld's “Frostnetter” is an reverb drenched percussive soundscape, Eastern tinged and rife with bits of feedback, and strange clanks and clangs, dreamSTATE deliver “Fogbound”, a lengthy dreamy drift of soaring cinematic strings and soft swirling swells, Oophoi's “Outremer” is a super abstract, stark soundscape of whirring winds and almost static stretches of slow shifting hushed blur, and finally Thomas Weiss closes the proceedings with “Isolation”, an appropriately isolationist sprawl of whispered melodies, deep throbbing low end, and gently swaying bits of chordal glimmer. Fans of all things drone and ambient and dark ambient and black ambient and drifting and dreamlike, will definitely fall under the soporific spell of Foglands. Packaged in an oversized full plastic sleeve, with an oversized card, full color image on one side and liner notes on the other. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES, each disc hand numbered." [Aquarius Records] label-website: www.deeplistenings.it 2007 €12.00
  PYRE CD A Cold Spring label sampler, presenting 15 tracks of industrial, esoteric, dark ambient, ritual, Japanese noise, drone, power electronics, doom, death industrial and experimental sounds. Unearth the world of Cold Spring! Sealed card slip. TRACKS: 01. Troum - Outer Brain Outsourcing (Excerpt) 02. Khost [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] Godflesh - Inversion 03. La Breiche - Le Mal Des Ardents 04. Skullflower - Furfur 05. Penny Rimbaud's L'Académie Des Vanités - What Did You Know, What Did You Care? 06. Tunnels Of Ah - Purging Process 07. Sutcliffe Jugend - Howl (Edit) 08. TenHornedBeast - All Fled (Excerpt) 09. Sun Ra | Merzbow - Granular Jazz Part 4 10. She Spread Sorrow - Crushed On The Pillow (Excerpt) 11. Coil - Fire Of The Mind 12. Common Eider, King Eider - A Wisp Of Smoke, And Salem Burns (Excerpt) 13. Trepaneringsritualen - All Hail The Black Flame 14. Henrik Nordvargr Björkk / Margaux Renaudin - Sunyata 15. Dave Ball · John Savage - Dead Neon 2016 €4.00
VOICE OF EYE Anthology 2 (1992-1996) do-CD "Since a few years Texan group Voice Of Eye are back. Their various new releases have been reviewed before. But its the second incarnation of the group, a duo, which existed before from 1989 to 1996. They were pretty active back then too, with lots of releases, like CDs, cassettes, 7"s (for Drone Records among others) and contributions to compilations. Last year Vinyl On Demand already released a double LP of that older stuff, but now Troum's Transgredient label goes out even more, with a double CD of material from 1992 to 1996 (and makes it the first non-Troum release on the label). To say that Voice Of Eye play ambient music is not entirely true. Their music is indeed based on all things 'atmospheric', using an array of drone like sounds, percussion and the heavenly voice of Bonnie McNairm, but what sets Voice Of Eye apart from so many others is their free flowing sound, almost psychedelic, always full of sound effects (the reverb is hard to avoid here), widely meandering ab out. There is always a rough edge with Voice Of Eye that makes them a bit different from many other drone artists, which is perhaps due to the fact that they use many effects and maybe due to the fact that the recording medium is not the greatest. Also they use various bits of percussion, acoustic objects (one track is entirely made of bicycle wheels). Its great to have this collection of rare CD compilation pieces, 7" vinyl and long unreleased pieces - especially the very free floating space of 'Sonic Works Live Dress Rehearsal'. Two long CDs of highly weightless space music. Excellent stuff." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2011 €15.00
WYRM Divination Bones (2nd extended ed.) 7 Excellent abstract drone-experimentalism by this mysterious project by the long active ALLAN ZANE, feat. LIZ LANG (AURACENE); this is second, revised & complete version of both tracks previously released as a picture-7", due to a pressing mistake an uncompleted version has been pressed before - which means everyone who bought already the pic-7" can get this second edition FOR FREE (excl. postage)! "Während auf der Picture-7“ die Demoversionen zu finden sind, schob Drone Records nach Betriebsschluss seiner 7-Zoll-Serie eine zweite Edition mit dem Original nach- und bildet damit den Kreislauf zweier Kompositionen nach. Tradiert feldrekorderhaft und mit der Betonung auf Troum’sche Harmonielehren setzen sich in zwei spitzenintendierten Stücken geradezu vexierte Spiralen an Klang und schleichender Verdichtung in Gang, die in ihrer schleifigen Ruppigkeit dem Trägermaterial Vinyl eine Menge abgewinnen- während die Demo deutlich spurenarmer ausfällt, nimmt sich die Komposition im ausformulierten Zustand mehr Zeit während die sonore Klangmechanik weitaus differenter ausgearbeitet ist. Der Gestus beider Stücke fällt in den Zuständigkeitsbereich von irr. app. (ext.) und bietet neben dissonanten Saitenexperimenten Versatzstücke der Hauntologie in quälender Zeitlupe. Als letztes Signal von Drone Records eine wahrlich lohnende Investition: Käufer der Picture-Disc bekommen die Platte beim Bestellvorgang sogar umsonst dazu. 5/5" [Thorsten Soltau / AEMAG] 2011 €6.00
WÄLDCHENGARTEN Distractions CD Trotz diverser hervorragender Releases sind die Dänen WÄLDCHENGARTEN weiterhin ein Geheimtip für Drone-Freunde. Elektronische, rauhe & majestätische Drones voller amorpher Elemente sind ihre Spezialität, Soundquellen sind kaum auszumachen, im Klang liegende Wellenbewegungen bestimmen das Bild. "Distractions" ist ihr drittes "full-length" Album. "The senses are hit by a typhoon of charged electricity, which sends your mind into a cabinet of mirrors where darkness folds and unfolds. The sound image presents itself as an inseparable unity in which myriads of parallel sequences are constantly undergoing transformations. Transcend through ethereal radiation!" [label info] "Since seven years Wäldchengarten exists as a lone but strong voice in the world of Danish experimental music. They have had a couple of releases (see for instance Vital Weekly 510, 465, 380, 338 or 265) which all can be noted for the strong love of noise and drones. Everything they do deals with electronics, from the samples they use to the sound effects and the analog electronics. Noise is never the end result: rather Waldchengarten use noise to create an effect that is trance inducing. Also Waldchengarten has no theme, it seems. No track titles, no obscured nazi images or any such things known to the world of noise, all they (the two brothers Hansen) care about is playing mind altering ambient industrial music, and they do a great job. They can easily be compared with the likes of Troum. Forcefully present, but twistin' the senses. With 'Distractions' they created an even finer balance in the music, moving slowly forward with their sound. Every new release is an improvement from the previous, slightly refining the music. Waldchengarten doesn't take big steps, nor are they in for a radical change, but with releases at this rather slow speed, it's quite alright. So far their best release." [FdW / Vital Weekly] www.phisteria.com 2006 €14.00
YEN POX Blood Music do-CD "15 years after its original release, and out of print for almost as long, Yen Pox' Blood Music has finally been re-issued. Regarded by many as a benchmark recording within the realm of dark ambient music, this deluxe 2CD edition contains a completely re-mastered and remixed version of Blood Music plus a previously unreleased track on disc 1, as well as the first cassette and various compilation and 7" releases on disc 2. Combined, the discs offer well over two hours of colossal, mind bending atmospherics of the highest order, the sounds radiating outwards into a sprawling horizon of sulfur dark skies, then descending into a relentless maelstrom of shifting textures, treacherous reverberations, and endless, sinister drift. Packaged in a luxurious 8 panel DVDdigipak, with completely new design by Andre Coelho (Sektor 304), this is the perfect marriage of both music and packaging, and will further solidify Blood Music's status as one of the all time classic dark ambient releases. Disc One: Infinite Domain, Twilight Eternal, Purgatorio, Descent, Illuminate, Absolute Zero, Beneath the Sun (previously unreleased) Disc Two: From 1993 self titled cassette: Dervish, Suction, Head Shot, Thin|Empty, Virus From Hollow Earth 7" on Cohort Records: Hollow Earth From 1997 Release Your Mind Vol. 2 V/A CD on Release Records: Summer Skin" [label info] www.malignantrecords.com "Here is the re-release of the stunning dark ambient work by Yen Pox, Blood Music. Fifteen years after its original format this double disc edition is more than welcome, and released by the same label no less. Here it combines a two and a half hour expansion with additional bonus material that was originally only on cassette and 7″ vinyl. Steven Hall and Michael JV Hensley are Yen Pox and their sound is chilling, drowse-inducing, very dark. Blood Music puts you in this place where you virtually levitate. Tracks like Twilight Eternal and Infinite Domain infiltrate a sense of being expanded in mid air, and once up there you’re dangling only by your subconscious. If you might imagine yourself dead center on a runway while a jumbo jet is coming your way, full frontal you may meet half way on Descent. The atmosphere really captures this air of the depression of gravity, going down, down, way low. Illuminati is equivalent to an automated underwater carwash, drenched in the flickering and faded depths of the deep, plenty to obscure your peripherals and increase slumber. Blood Music mixes metaphors by crossing the push/pull divide between a slow-motion thrill ride and an echo chamber of mirrors where you must strategize escape. The flow of Virus places you in a cacophonous open space where the air pressure forces and sucks making it nearly impossible to ground yourself from either falling or ascending. As Hollow Earth rumbles along, a cascading wave of drone drives a sense of alarm to the edges of the room. The space quickens with a vibrancy that is sensuous in shape cloaking itself in mysterious background noise. With each step you become witness to the strange, eroding abyss." [TJ Norris, Toneshift] "After some hot days earlier in the week, the weather has cooled down, and the sky is grey. How is that of any relevance, you may wonder, for a reviewer? I'm happy to have received the Yen Pox not earlier than now, since the type of music they play is certainly not something one wants to hear on a nice spring, summer filled day. The total and utter darkness of their ambience may not fit the grey spring day, but the early darkness of a winter afternoon I guess, but then today will do just as fine. Yen Pox have been around for a long time, and somehow I don't think they ever changed what they are doing. Its hardly any relevant I guess. Yen Pox stumbled upon a specific type of sound, a musical approach and they feel more than happy to fill their entire career with doing what they like best. This double CD harks back to a CD called 'Blood Music' from 1995 and a previously unreleased track and on the second a cassette from 1993, a 7" from 1996 and a lost compilation track from 1997. The ultimate beautiful nightmare music. Highly atmospheric, highly drone like but also always on the move. This is not some static drone piece, but because its filled with tons of sound effects, which make the sounds bounce around. Obviously there is an immense space created through the use of reverb, which is never a personal favorite, but for this kind of music its understandable that its necessary. If Lustmord is anywhere your discman, or Troum, then Yen Pox should never be far away. The beautiful cruel world of blood music indeed. No doubt the best way to spend a grey, rainy night. Excellent." [FdW / Vital Weekly] 2010 €16.50
Universal Emptiness 10inch Finally NEW material by the "almost legendary" US-duo, working with deep e-bass sounds to create a really isolationistic mass of darkest cosmic ambience; artwork by the great artist & photographer EYELYFT (eyelyft.blogspot.com) feat. gloss spot printing parts; comes on BLACK vinyl, lim. 500, over 30 min. playtime! **extra NOTE: the original material was so massive that it needed 3 master-plates before it could be pressed - the original tracks had to be shortened & de-equalized as they were TOO HEAVY! www.substantia-innominata.de "Some ten issues ago I reviewed a CD by Blood Box, the solo project of Michael J.V. Hensley, who is a member of Yen Pox, and I wondered: do they still exist? It has been a while since I last heard Yen Pox, but they still exist: here is a brand new 10" with two pieces, 'Above' and 'Below'. Apparently with some problems to get it pressed, since the music of Yen Pox deals with much low end. Despite the alchemical titles ('as above so below', remember), I think this music is otherwise free anything remotely 'occult', 'magick', 'gothick', which sometimes sips in with this kind of music. Two pieces of utter dark ambient music, reverberating drones from the underworld. Hard to say what Yen Pox are doing though. Are these highly processed field recordings? Lots of analogue synthesizers? Digital ones? Just sound effects? Or, and that is perhaps the most likely thing, a combination of all of this. Slowly moving, hypnotic, trance like. Yen Pox sound like Troum here, and that, I think, is a big compliment. Very fine record indeed. Why is there so little Yen Pox out there?" [FdW/Vital Weekly] "Soundmassen, schwarz und zäh wie Teer, wälzen sich durch Universal Emptiness (SUB-14, 10"). Die Urschlange und Mutter allen Dröhnens hat eine derartige Konsistenz. Auf dem Vinylmaster war das Klangbeben, das YEN POX einzufangen versucht, kaum zu bändigen. Aber wer wie Michael J.V. Hensley & Steven Hall seine universale Wahrheit zu verkünden versucht, muss bis an die Grenze des Machbaren gehen. 'Above' & 'Below' heißen die beiden urig pulsierenden, dröhnenden, grollenden, rauschenden Seiten der Medaille und erinnern damit an die hermetische Weisheit der Tabula Smaragdina. Demzufolge ist auch oben ein Abgrund, denn synästhetisch erfassbar ist nichts als eine dunkle Tiefe, eine tiefe Dunkelheit, Protuberanzen einer Schwarzen Sonne, Strudel der Ursuppe. Sie hat einen metallischen Beigeschmack, den Geschmack von Fanfaren. Der Wind aus der Tiefe bringt etwas mit, das in Götterohren Musik zu sein scheint, Stöhnen, Schreie, Rufen, vielleicht Gesang. De profundis. Aber Oben ist Unten, die Götter brüllen selbst. Wir hören sie als - Gedröhn." [Rigobert Dittmann / Bad Alchemy #72] 2011 €12.00
  Between the Horizon and the Abyss CD "Arriving on the scene in 1993 with their self-titled demo, Yen Pox immediately made their presence known with an ability to create monumental, light devouring soundscapes that transcended all that had come before it. Proceeding releases, including their debut CD, Blood Music, 2000’s New Dark Age, and the collaborative CD with Troum only solidified their standing and reputation. With Between the Horizon and the Abyss just being their first full length recording in over 15 years, Yen Pox will never be accused of being prolific. After all, with the two members spread out between Indiana and Washington State, creating new material doesn't exactly lend itself to convenience. But on the rare occasion that recordings do arise, it’s nothing short of masterful, reminding listeners why they’ve achieved such notoriety with such a limited discography, and why their recordings are consistently recognized as benchmarks within the dark ambient genre. Time between releases has been well spent, with the new material taking the early template and expounding upon it greatly, adding layers of industrial churn and structure to the infernal kosmische sprawl they’re so adept at creating. And yet throughout its entirety, Between the Horizon and the Abyss is remarkably polished and fluid. Within its realm, no seconds feel wasted, and every sound feels purposefully placed, even as it moves and flows in perpetual motion; strains of a distant angelic choirs fall beneath a complex array of arcing tones, liquidous, molten textures, & harrowing orchestral shimmer, with fervent masses of malevolent atmospherics billowing forth in glorious detail. While this technically falls under the banner of dark ambient, what Yen Pox has managed to create goes far beyond genre specifications and boundaries, crafting a new benchmark and adding a high water mark to an already stellar discography." [label info] www.malignantrecords.com "The year is 1995 and an extremely young label from Maryland has just begun to open its eyes to the world. Prior to this moment, its entire three-year existence had been dedicated to a ‘zine/compilation combination known as Audio Drudge, with a more official birth coming with a compilation of a different kind in 1994 that featured noise/industrial artists that ran the gamut from celebrated veterans in Illusion of Safety, Maeror Tri, and Contrastate, to what was at the time excruciatingly obscure in Söldnergeist, Vromb, and Kirchenkampf. It was an artist from the latter side of this list that was destined to give rise to one of the most important labels that post-industrial music has seen to this day—a label that, in the absence of Cold Meat Industry, has rightly taken its place at the helm as the leading name releasing the new generation of old-school industrial and dark ambient music today. That label is of course Malignant Records. And the artist? Yen Pox, the duo of Steven Hall and Michael J.V. Hensley, who tomorrow (May 5th) will be making their return after a full decade and a half of silence, save for a notable collaboration with another seminal dark ambient duo in Troum, Mnemonic Induction, and a little-known two-track 10″ on Drone Records, Universal Emptiness. This also requires one to overlook their respective solo projects in Veil of Secrecy and Blood Box, both of which have also been agonizingly slow to realize new music over the years. Yes, this is the project that began the maelstrom of high-quality releases that would make Malignant the monolith of the genre that it has become today, and that in itself should leave expectations at an absurdly high level for any curious ear. For the uninitiated, the project’s name should be enough of a hint to bring about hallucinatory visions of slow-rolling drones and desperate metallic chatter. “Yen Pox” was famously written by William S. Burroughs in Naked Lunch as being “the ash of smoked opium,” which should immediately lead one towards assumptions of the surreal brilliance held therein. Indeed, “The Awakening” arrives with a bass-end rumble that moves with enough sluggish grandeur, complex drones, and vastly cinematic space that it warrants comparisons to some of the finest names in the genre including deep audio extraordinaire Bad Sector and the aforementioned Troum. It is with this impressive track that Between the Horizon and the Abyss opens with the full force of a black hole, slowing down time and stretching it infinitely over an unimaginably monstrous mass, ripping metallic atoms apart with the pulsing black heart of the cosmos. Even “Tomorrow in Ruins” somehow leaves a similar astral impression as that of Ben Frost‘s incredible recent work with A U R O R A. There is a ritual edge present on some tracks as well, from the percussive clamoring and distant feedback howling of “Cold Summer Sun,” to the distant whispers and unnerving climaxing noise of “Grief Ritual.” However, this is only a minimal part of Yen Pox’s identity, as everything about Between the Horizon and the Abyss feels about as purely nihilistic as anything I’ve heard in recent years. The apocalyptic atmosphere present on the album is almost overwhelming at times, imparting an unforgiving amount of dread upon the listener as they float not through dreamy ethereal dimensions, but rather through the smokey black veils of what lies at the end of our journey. The intense album artwork and concise yet visionary track titles certainly don’t help one get an opposite impression though the radiant golds are an interesting and effective choice for such an atmosphere, but the music stands on its own as one of the most defining albums for dark ambient music of the past decade. Truly, at least to some degree, it sets a bar that leaves other modern releases from the genre sounding dry at best. Between the Horizon and the Abyss is one of the few releases of the past few years that has simply come as advertised. It is a triumph of the genre and is destined to be a celebrated gem. One can only imagine that it is the lack of quantity that has provided such astounding quality on Between the Horizon and the Abyss, but with this reminder that there are still new levels to achieve, we can only hope that it isn’t another 15 years of near-dormancy before another full-length surfaces." [S.L.Weatherford / Heathen Harvest] "A colossal record like this doesn't get made in a day, or even a year for that matter. It's actually been 15 years since Yen Pox has produced a new album. There was an excellent collaborative project the American industrial-ambient technicians did with the German pioneers Troum; and M.V. Hensley from Yen Pox has released a handful of albums under his moniker Blood Box. But, the last proper Yen Pox album, New Dark Age, arrived in the cold months of 2000. Not quite as slow in production as Giancarlo Toniutti, who took well over 20 years to issue a new solo album. But like Toniutti's immaculately conceived electro-acoustic wastelands, the records of Yen Pox are the stuff of epochal change, slowly revealing themselves through the dark veil between this world and another, or as the title implies between the horizon and the abyss. The scope of this work is suitably grandiose, following the template for the entire dark ambient genre that Yen Pox helped sculpt so many years ago alongside the likeminded projects Lustmord and Inade. The horror-laden drones that Yen Pox conceives are hardly static, as they spiral as if thrown from stable orbit by the all-consuming gravity of a black hole. The deep female vocal utterances are courtesy of the gothic siren Ruby Smith (aka Dark Muse) whose bellows and moans sporadically break through the dense clouds of Yen Pox' subterranean echo and reverb as the only ghosts of humanity to be found within this album. Bleak and heavy, to say the least." [Aquarius Records] 2015 €13.00
[AD]VANCE[D] Flushing the Veins DVD The second release for the "post"-VANCE ORCHESTRA project is a DVD with four films & new music, combining colourful vivid & floating shapes with field recordings and electronic sounds & drones... lovely stuff, contemplative & little bit bizarrre as always... Comes in nicely designed handmade DVD-box, with colour-booklet, lim. 300 "Hier auf dem Moskauer Kleinlabel für Sammlereditionen, das auch schon Merzbow, PBK, Troum, Maeror Tri und Telepherique veröffentlicht hat, folgt im reizenden Leinendesign mit farbigem Booklet dann die Kombination aus den beiden Interessen-schwerpunkten von Mars F. Wellink mit Support durch den audiovisuellen Produzenten Moreezz. Visuell erinnert mich das Ganze weitgehend an Derek Jarmans TG-Film "In The Shadow Of The Sun" - verfremdete, monochrome & fluktuierende Gebilde. Selbiges läßt sich fast ebenso vom musikalischen Teil sagen. Im Gegensatz zur Erstveröffentlichung von (Ad)Vance(d) geht es hier aber mit mehr Kontrast und Tiefenschärfe zur Sache. Verschiedene Geräusche des Alltags (Fieldrecordings in Deutsch) werden bewußt extrahiert, präsentiert und betont bis hin zur Aufdringlichkeit. Hier wird zielstrebig und kultiviert nach innen gebohrt in Bereiche, derer man sich vorher gar nicht bewußt war oder werden wollte, unterteilt in 4 Kapitel. [cs] "...Wellink was one half of the Vance Orchestra, 'which lost after 10 years most of his magic', as we read in the booklet. We also read that Wellink was treated for cancer and that this new DVD 'symbolizes my feelings' and hence the title. The images and sounds were created by Wellink and processed by one Mooreezz. Like Telepherique (Ad)Vance(d) likes to use loops, but whereas they are simple in the 'Stahl Und Steine' release of Telepherique, with (Ad)Vance(d) they are produced on a wider scale and he takes the listener on a more coherent journey. Tinkling bells, animal sounds, voices, street sounds, they all rotate with a constant tempo. The images have a similar process: colored fields rotate about, return, change shape and color, and keep on rotating. Music and images have a hallucinatory effect if you watch and listen this closely on a TV screen and with the sound quite loud. Or it works as a nice ambient environment to which glance every now and then, while having the music. Many possibilities there." [FdW / Vital Weekly] label-website: www.waystyx.com 2007 €15.00