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NORTHERN VALENTINE - The Distance brings us closer

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silber Records silber068
Release Year: 2009
Note: band from Philadelphia doing mellow / warm guitar-driven ambient drone spheres with an experimental edge, feat. BEN FLEURY-STEINER (LIGHT OF SHIPWRECK); sounds similar to LABRADFORD, ULTRASOUND, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, AARKTICA, more quiet TROUM... very nice
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Band aus Philadelphia mit drei (!) Gitarristen (sowie Synths & Streicher), die sehr subtilen & warmen, fast "flssigen" Gitarren-Drone-Ambient machen mit leichter experimenteller & geruschhafter Note, Anklnge an LABRADFORD, ULTRASOUND, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, WINDY & CARL..

"Northern Valentine is husband & wife Robert & Amy Brown along with friends who join them from time to time. They have been writing & recording music since 1997 & have released material previously on acclaimed label Gears of Sand as well as on their own label Baresound. We are glad to have them added to the Silber roster. They are from Philadephia, Pennsylvania & they love to play live shows. Depending on the performers, live shows can range from quiet and meditative drones to loud & fuzzy instrumental post rock, often within the same set. Recommended if you like: Labradford, Windy & Carl, Ennio Morricone, Eluvium, Mogwai, Seefeel, Earth, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Spacemen 3" [label info]

"So this is one of those records where the cover totally gives away whats hiding inside. These Philadelphia drift-heads sent us this disc a few weeks ago, and we were totally blown away. The music so nicely reflects the cover photograph: beautiful, expansive oceanic horizons, almost glowing with a looming grayness. With keyboards, violin, three electric guitars and a bass, this five piece really hone in on a super liquidity, an organic, fluid type of drone composition. Their third album out of four, The Distance Brings Us Closer resonates with long, lush tones and delicate melodies that seem to blend and form chords in mid air. Always moving and turning like fog creeping along the forest floor, Northern Valentine has a distinct sound that kinda reminds us of a more darkened and coastal Windy and Carl playing with Rameses III in some giant cathedral. Very dark and mysterious, the record travels through blissed out walls of trance inducing drones and into more textural noisy Fennesz-like atmospheres. Though they call themselves a post-rock band, the guitars and instruments used are so dripping with reverb and delay that it might be more accurate to describe Northern Valentine as a dark and drifting ambient group. At least thats how they sound on this particular record, as word on the street is their other albums have drums and are more propulsive and less drifty. Either way we dig what theyre doing A LOT, and couldnt wait to share it with all of you! If you like anything Type records related or that recently reviewed Elegi, youll love this too! Completely and utterly recommended!! " [Aquarius Records review]