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Notre Debut CD Finalmuzik FM E2 collection of twenty tracks by this remarkable German post-industrial / minimal / electro-wave duo active from 1986-1991 who established their very own style, with vocals & piercing synths, but also through very dark & melancholic songs..; coming from the same small town (Leer) as MAEROR TRI they shared the stage few times. Very first widely available CD!! 2011 €12.00
Sans Fin LP Hafenschlamm Records HR07 first album (and first ever LP) after their re-union; very experimental minimal synth & industrial-pop between cold despair, weirdness & melancholy; NEW recordings made in Hamburg 2009-2011; numbered ed. 500 copies 2012 €14.00
Magie Fragile LP Hafenschlamm Rekords HR011 / Urknall Tonquelle 75 second album with new studio recordings by the re-activated German "minimal / industrial / wave" duo, who proceed with their typical 80's sounds in a great way... lim. 300, lyric sheet 2015 €16.00