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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Parallel / Collapsing CD Segerhuva SEGER 9 digipack 2003 €13.00
Akatisi / Somnolens Part I-VI CD Tantric Harmonies X21 lim. 499 in cardboard-folder cover / the solo-projekt of ERIK JARL, one half of IRM 2005 €13.00
Breaking Point Syndrome CD Autarkeia acd 021 excellent "psychedelic industrial/drone" from Sweden, still to discover 2007 €13.00
Wound Profile CD Autarkeia acd 024 re-issue of old MC from 1999, with one bonus-track 2008 €13.00
Tunnel Vision / Mind Reaper do-MC Autarkeia tape 002 acd 031 the return of the do-MC box ! over 130 min. of material spread on two MCs, lim & numb. 200 copies, professional cover & golden printed slip box 2009 €14.00
Vertigo Emission CD Autarkeia acd 045 holy power-drones and hypnotic electro-buzz drone waves, absolutely mind-entrancing! 10 tracks rec. 2005-2009, mastered by PETER ANDERSSON (RAISON D'ETRE), KILLER RELEASE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! lim. 300 2009 €13.00
Vertigo Border CD Autarkeia acd 048 slowly moving & rough electro-waves of transcension; the 13th album of JARL, only 200 copies ! 2010 €13.00
Minus One - Neutral CD Moontrix MTXCD005 our drone-favourite from Sweden (also on the DRONE-MIND Vol. 1 LP) with seven new tracks of pulsing drone-sculputures, totally mesmerizing stuff somewhere between DANIEL MENCHE, AUBE and old BIG CITY ORCHESTRA or M.B.; sounds like metallic rain! Limited to only 298 copies, on a new label from Lithuania 2012 €12.50
Case 1959 - Dyatlov do-CD Reverse Alignment RA-12 three long tracks inspired by the mysterious 'Dyatlov Pass Incident' from 1959 that happened in the northern Ural mountains when 9 ski-hikers died => wonderful pulsing, metallic drones, this is the sound for true psychic elevation.... JARLs masterpiece ! 2015 €16.00
Amygdala Colours - Hemisphere Rotation CD Reverse Alignment RE-21 "For the right and left side of Amygdala" (credits) - indeed, if anything could stimulate your brain then this phantastic one-tracker (56 min.) filled with flushing & waving transcension drones, slowly enfolding you and your mind....maybe the most meditative JARL work so far, this has no quasi-rhythmic elements, only metallic sounding waves, winds & overtunes... 2016 €13.00