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"B訊ONG is Chris Sigdell, former member of NID (1995 - 2005), and guitarist/singer in Phased. b配ong reaches for the nether regions of experimental electronic sound but is never quite serious. b配ong's music varies from dark ambient layers of sound, brooding drones, itchy-scratchy tones to weird electronics and/or harsh noise. b配ong deconstructs and recycles samples from television, radio and/or films, he records natural and artificial sounds, and he processes and distorts his own voice.
In a live situation, he uses microphones, sampler, and "instruments" such as: metal sheet and spring, various kitchen utensils and an orgon emitter. The sounds thus generated are run through various effects giving birth to images of darkness and tranquility, the solitude of icy polar night, or the equivalent of an underwater journey down a bottomless pit! http://www.myspace.com/btongmusic"

[from a concert announcement 02.2010]

Komplex, nachdenklich und zeitintensiv setzt Chris Sigdell Ausrufezeichen in Sachen experimenteller Klanglandschaften. Den zu vernehmenden Gesamtsound von B訊ONG lupenrein kategorisieren zu wollen, scheitert alleine an der Tatsache, dass Chris Sigdell, der Mann hinter B訊ONG unz鄣lige Stile wie Drone, Noise, Industrial, usw. in seinen Dark Ambient implantiert, wodurch letztlich nur noch von experimentellen Klangcollagen die Rede sein kann, welche sich vornehmlich in dunklen Sph酺en abspielen. Für die perfekte Akzentuierung sorgt eine gro絽 Auswahl von Sprach- & Tonsamples. So ist B訊ONG wie ein tiefer Brunnen, in dessen pechschwarzes Wasser Steine beinahe ger酳schlos fallen. Mit unheilvollem, brodelndem Dark Ambient werden die Kreaturen von Lautr嶧mont und Lovecraft aus der Tiefe heraufbeschworen. Das akustische Horrorkonzept ist so überzeugend, dass es dem Zuh顤er eine authentische G鄚sehaut beschert.....
Seit 2005 tingelt B訊ONG mit seinen Ger酹en durch die Welt und spielte nebst Festivalen wie Sinus-Series (Basel), Ausklang (Hamburg), Shift (Basel), Lab 30 (Augsburg), Unser
Industrie (Leipzig), Kildemose (Refsvindinge), St鼜 P Landet (Trondheim) über Hundert Konzerten in den USA, Asien, Europa und Russland. Von B訊ONG gibt es an die 10
Tontr輍er auf unterschiedlichen Kult-Labels wie Drone Records, Attenuation Circuit und Gears Of Sand. Aktuell sind: Augenaufschlag CD (Attenuation Circuit), eine Spoken Word/Sound Kollaboration mit dem Basler Schriftsteller bOuM; und die Compilation Drone
Mind // Mind Drone LP (Drone Records) B訊ONG wurde in der Vergangenheit unterstützt durch: SUISA, RFV Regiosoundcredit, S.I.G. und Kultur Basel-Stadt
[dito, Sept. 2012]

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Wider der Elektronik schlecht Gewissen 7inch object & CDR Petty Bourgeois Broadcasts P.B.B. SR 500-16 lim./numb. 50 copies. new solo-project of NID-member. The 7" is an anti-record. 2005 €15.00
Microsleep CD-R Verato Project verazit酹 023 overlooked early release by the rising Swiss "experimental musique concrete" artist; numbered. ed. 60 copies (first ed.), professional cover & fabrication 2007 €9.50
Ov ELF and HAARP CD-R & object Attenuation Circuit / Limited Edition Series ACL 1003 most abstract drone-morphologism, fields of concrete otherworldy sounds... excellent album by the Swiss project again, soon also on the very first LP on Drone Records !! lim. / numb. 50 copies coming in handpainted CD/cloth-case with diverse inlays, and sticker, on a new label from Augsburg, Germany, run by EMERGE and GERALD FIEBIG 2011 €11.00
Un_b配ong mCDR-box Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1007 6 short pieces (rather studies) of extreme manipulation from unmusical sounds, mainly human voices -> like a daring from of audio poetry mixed with electroacoustic detailness, this presents new surrealistic paths for the great Swiss artist! Comes in mini DVD box on the excellent ATTENUATION CIRCUIT label from Augsburg, Germany 2011 €6.50
Hostile Environments CD Greytone grey013 phantastic new album by the Swiss 'experimental droner', very dark & otherworldy transcendental muzak with no recognizable instrumental sounds or harmonies, everything that appears is transformed, deranged, mutated in a very eerie way... a surrealistic dark drone mastepriece !!! 2013 €13.00
Prostration before Infinity LP Silken Tofu STX.22 the very first full LP release for the Swiss Drone Rec. artist (MIND 01 LP) who found a remarkable own way to transform subconscious matter into audio material (or vice versa?=), here with a stronger focus on oral / voice sources... we had to think of OVRO or even NURSE WITH WOUND when these bizarre & surrealistic micro sound drones appear, exist for a moment and seep away... lim. 300 "inspired by the vast and still quite unknown space that surrounds us" 2014 €17.50
Each and every Word must die LP HOTS 001 collector's item! - recordings of private concert given in Barcelona in December 2016, in front of an audience of 2 people only!! numbered edition, lim. 100 - handpainted cover - coloured vinyl - inlay - download code 2017 €26.00
Monastic CD Reverse Alignment RA-36 MONASTIC (='kl飉terlich') is the companion release to 'The long Journey' on the same label =>; from various field recordings uncanny soundscapes and strangely reverberating acoustics are formed, resulting in long one nightmarish, unescapable ambience realm which seems to have no beginning or ending, going on in endless circles.. 2017 €13.00
The long Journey CD Reverse Alignment RA-35 "Dont listen properly, behave inaccurate. Dont be obnoxious, be quiet and feel the concrete." - the Swiss project is back with two CDs on Reverse Alignment, "The long Journey" appears like an extremely eerie 'dark ambient earplay", telling a story where your unconscious meets with a dangerous black hole in the center of our galaxy, all kinds of strange acoustic phenomena roll over you like a dark dream... lim. 300 2017 €13.00