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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
The Strom EP mCD-R Black Orchid Productions # 57 "natural ambient. slow electronic. acoustic. 4 tracks / 17 minutes" another EP by the Slovakian drone/ambient project, to discover 2007 €6.00
October Reversed mCD-R Ambsine three new tracks by the awesome Slovakian guitar-drone/ambient project, pure gracious beauty-drones in the way of EXIT IN GREY or ULTRASOUND; edition of 86 copies, numbered 2011 €6.00
Analog Venus MC GINJOHA GJ-033 magic early morning drones from Slovakia... C-37, lim.100, very few in stock.. 2012 €7.50
Famadihana mCDR Taalem alm84 wonderful guitar drone muzak inspired by a funeral ritual of a tribe in Madagascar .- endless spaces, mildly distorted, slowly evolving/devolving overtunes & hisses.. think of FINAL, N, EXIT IN GREY, TROUM.. 2012 €5.00
Urban Blues CD Zoharum ZOHAR 060-2 the Slovakian beauty-droner known from Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone Vol. 2 with the second "fabric-pressed" CD, inspired by 'reverse deja-vu' feelings of a city-walk.. textures of shimmering guitar spheres ambient with discreet electronics & field electronics, bitter sweet melancholia.. 2014 €12.00
Glaciology CD Zoharum ZOHAR 090-2 the Slovakian guitar ambient project is back with a work dedicated to glacial, arctic landscapes, but this must be a very sunny winters day he had in mind, producing very warm ambient washes full of beauty and melancholy... drone shimmers to dive in, drift, relax, levitate...lim. 300 copies 2015 €12.00