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On this page you will find a MEDIA-section (downloads & links) with press-releases & flyers for Drone Records-releases, Articles & Interviews about Drone, but also more general articles & links about the philosophy & psychology of Music & Music-Theory, etc.

Music-Theory, Philosophy, etc..

(VERHEISSUNGS-?)-VOLLE DRÖHNUNG. Dronemusik und spätmoderne Zeiterfahrung, Dec. 2013 (German language). Article by GERALD FIEBIG, published in Testcard #23, 2013. Link to abstract:
Direct link to PDF: www.geraldfiebig.net/Fiebig_Testcard23_pp212-219.pdf
Download here: GERALD FIEBIG-Volle Dröhnung

Konzept "Intermission: Rauschen und Flimmern" for the exhibition in Leipzig, Germany, at Gallery D21 12. Nov.2010 - 12. Dec. 2010 (German), by Melanie Albrecht & Michael Wehren.
See also: http://www.d21-leipzig.de/2010/11/rauschen-und-flimmern/

"LA BELLE AMBIANTE. Pour une cinematique de la drone music." (French) [2009]
Article from FEAR DROP-publisher DENIS BOYER about the romantic metaphors of drone music, understanding it as a medium between thoughts/language and "the unknown", featuring releases by AFE Records, TAALEM and Drone Records as examples. French only so far.

Thesis / Diploma-work by Stefan Knappe (in German only, sorry) [2004] : "DAS UNBEWUSSTE UND DER KLANG: Psychoanalyse und experimentelle Geräuschmusik"
Das Unbewusste und der Klang

Articles & Interviews with / about DRONE RECORDS

DER DRONE IST ÜBERALL: OX-MAGAZINE Article, published August 2013 (German language): OX MAG. Interview/Article: Stefan from Drone Rec. is talking about his passion for Drones, Metaphysics & more..

SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA-INTERVIEW for FEAR DROP 16, published May 2012: FEAR DROP INTERVIEW Substantia Innominata (this is the English version, the magazine has translated to French)

WENN ICH EIN DRONE WÄRE... Interview with Michael Wegmer / NON-POP about the essence of drones... (February 2012)(german language only): : WENN ICH EIN DRONE WÄRE

HOW TO MAKE DARKNESS VISIBLE? Article about Drone Records from a more philosophic view, by Lucas Schleicher (January 2009) (english language) : VISIBLE DARKNESS

EMOCIONALNI EXPERIMENT: Article about Drone Records by Petr Ferenc for HIS VOICE (2006, Czech Language): EMOCIONALNI EXPERIMENT

Article & Interview: D-Effects No.3 (also about TROUM) (Germany, 2005) (german language):

Interview EQUINOXE # 25 (Germany, 2004) (german language): EQUINOXE # 25

Interview DEGENERATE (Finland, 2003) (english): DEGENERATE # 3

Interview DARK ENTRIES (2003) (english): DARK ENTRIES


MIND-06 mp3s & flyer

SUB-25 BASS COMMUNION - Sisters Oregon - 10" promo package 10.2017:
SUB-25 promo pack

SUB-24 HITOSHI KOJO & YANNICK DAUBY - 10" promo package 02.2017:
SUB-24 promo pack

Press-Releases / Flyers for Download / Print-Out


Press Release-Info / Flyer DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE Vol.5 LP (10.2016) Flyer MIND-05

Press Release-Info / Flyer DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE Vol.4 LP (05.2015) Flyer MIND-04

Press Release-Info / Flyer DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE Vol.3 LP (12.2013) Flyer MIND-03

Press Release-Info / Flyer DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE Vol.2 LP (12.2012) Flyer MIND-02

Press Release-Info / Flyer DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE Vol.1 LP (12.2011) Flyer MIND-01


Basic / Conceptual Info & Label-Catalogue SUB-01 to 10 (05.2009) Label-Catalogue & Basic Info

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-24 (02.2017) Flyer SUB-24: YANNICK DAUBE & HITOSHI KOJO

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-23 (03.2016) Flyer SUB-23: KRENG

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-20 (09.2014) Flyer SUB-20: THOMAS DIMUZIO

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-19 (09.2013) Flyer SUB-19: BRUME

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-18 (05.2013) Flyer SUB-18: COLUMN ONE

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-17 (10.2012) Flyer SUB-17: ILLUSION OF SAFETY

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-16 (04.2012) Flyer SUB-16: LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-15 (09.2011) Flyer SUB-15: (AD)VANCED

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-14 (05.2011) Flyer SUB-14: YEN POX

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-12 & 13 (04.2010) Flyer SUB-12 & 13: KALLABRIS & NADJA

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-10 & 11 (07.2009) Flyer SUB-11 & 10: OLHON & MICHAEL NORTHAM

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-09 (02.2009) Flyer SUB-09: VOICE OF EYE

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-08 (09.2008) Flyer SUB-08: HUM

Press Release-Info / Flyer SUB-07 (06.2008) Flyer SUB-07: OÖPHOI


Press Release-Info / Flyer DR-99 & 100 (08.2010) Flyer DR-99 & 100

Press Release-Info / Flyer DR-96 to 98 (12.2009) Flyer DR-96-98

Press Release-Info / Flyer DR-93 to 95 (11.2008) Flyer DR-93-95

Press Release-Info / Flyer DR-89 to 92 (03.2008) Flyer DR-89-92

Press Release-Info / Flyer DR-84 to 88 (05.2007) Flyer DR-84-88

Full Label-Catalogue DR-01 to DR-100 (2010) Labelcatalogue DR-01->DR-100


Press Release-Info / Flyer TR-12 RAISON D'ETRE & TROUM - XIBIPIIO. In and Out of Experience CD (09.2017) Flyer TR-12 RAISON D'ETRE & TROUM - XIBIPIIO CD

Press Release-Info / Flyer TR-11 YEN POX & TROUM - Mnemonic Induction CD (re-issue)(06.2015) Flyer TR-11 YEN POX & TROUM - Mnemonic Induction CD

TROUM - basic info / biography (10.2014) TROUM - Discography Oct. 2014

Press Release-Info / Flyer TR-10 RAISON D'ETRE - Mise en Abyme CD (03.2014) Flyer TR-10 RAISON D'ETRE - Mise an Abyme CD

Press Release-Info / Flyer TR-09 TROUM - Mare morphosis CD (12.2013) Flyer TR-09 TROUM - Mare morphosis CD

Press Release-Info / Flyer TR-08 VOICE OF EYE - Anthology 2 do-CD (02.2011) Flyer TR-08 VOICE OF EYE do-CD

Press Release-Info / Flyer TR-07 NADJA & TROUM - Dominium Visurgis CD (05.2010) Flyer TR-07 NADJA & TROUM CD

TROUM - discography TROUM Discography 01.2015

BAD ALCHEMY 86 reviews BAD ALCHEMY reviews June 2015 MIND-04 SUB-20 DR-68