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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Of the First Light CD-R Audio Immolation Industries A/I/I/005 first CDR-release from this strong "experimental ambient" project (aka FIRE IN THE HEAD); lim. 200 copies letterpress cover 2006 €8.00
Spectrehorse CD Audio Immolation Industries [A/I/I/03] MICHAEL PAGE aka FIRE IN THE HEAD; debut album of slowed down crushing doom ambience 2006 €12.00
Threnody for Collapsing Suns CD Small Doses DOSES99 strong new release for this US ambient project, combining melancholic dark ambient atmospheres with more "cosmic" synth-elements in a powerful way..recommended for fans of LOKI or CYCLIC LAW releases... 2011 €12.00
Corranach CD Reverse Alignment RA-26 the second project of MICHAEL PAGE (FIRE IN THE HEAD) now on Reverse Alignment, presenting three epic tracks (57 min total) of unsettling, eerie ambience pulses and waves, a must for any LOKI or CYCLIC LAW fan.. "...one of the craziest, exhilarating journeys Ive ever taken when listening to dark ambient. Have you ever had that dream where you were flying high enough you never saw the land? Corranach was the soundtrack to that dream." [Resounding Footsteps] 2016 €12.00
Chapel Image CD Wrotycz Records WRT 028 impressive new one-tracker album by MICHAEL PAGE's heavy ethereal 'ambient industrial' project... "a constantly shifting journey through the nebulous depths of drone and dark ambience with full-immersion being just held at bay by the uneasy dichotomy of low and high frequencies and punctuation of rhythmic and industrial elements." lim. 300, & still to discover 2017 €12.00