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Artist Album Format Label & Cat. Number Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
KALLABRIS Off Mind mCD-R Entr'acte 26 2006 €13.00
Shanghai Dortmund 12inch Genesungswerk GW15 2002 €10.00
Music for very simple Objects 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-12 2009 €10.00
81 n.Br., 178 .L. (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-30 1998  
Schn geht anders CD Auf Abwegen aatp30 2015 €13.00
Red Square LP Inselkind Schalltraeger ABSTRUS 05 2018 €15.00
Kettenwindel Bingo CD-R Klappstuhl Records SP 020 2018 €10.00
The Ping of Pongs 7inch Jazztone 100 / Ping Pong Gallery 01 2018 €15.00
  Red Circle LP Auf Abwegen AATP79 2023 €18.50

"kallabris" entries in albums descriptions

Artist Album Format Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
BAD ALCHEMY No. 98 (Juni 2018) mag neue Artikel & einzigartig formulierte Rezensionen aus Wrzburg: LA STPO, Rumnien-Szene, Moers-Festival 2018, DISCREPANT, Drone Records / Transgredient / Substantia Innominata, TOUCH, Kallabris, Ideologic Organ, und vieles mehr aus der experimentellen, drone, post-industrial, Impro & Neue Musik & NowJazz-Szene... das meiste auf deutsch, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, gnstig & geistreich! 2018 €4.00
BLANCO ESTIRA NUESTRO (+), HERMANA HELICE Cylindre / Oeur (S+C) 12 ex- HELICE PIED (& ex NIXILX.NIJILX)! A new work by this cryptic / philosophic greek project (& Drone Records artist DR-83) who always changes his name after a while, using quotes from MARCEL DUCHAMP, ANTONIN ARTAUD, JEAN COCTEAU, etc... his unique conceptual approach reminds on KALLABRIS; lim.ed.200 2008 €12.00
LEPENIK Music with Words - Rhythms for Dancing CD completely overlooked album which unfolds a very strange, surrealistic beauty, using nostalgic film-like quotes, poetry, weird electronic vintage sounds, in its strangeness comparable to KALLABRIS, in its nostaglic flair to old French films or even FIRST HUMAN FERRO's dreamy ambience - a remarkable work from the Austrian musician (once a member of FETISH 69) and label maker (TONTO) from Graz , filed under: uncategorizable nostalgic strangeness... back in stock ! 2005 €10.00
  Weibsteufel LP after many years, a new release on the KALLABRIS label! - "Weibsteufel" is ROBERT LEPENIK's music for a dramatic theatre-piece act by SIMON WINDISCH, originally written by KARL SCHNHERR in 1914.. expect the unexpectable ! lim. 100 silkscreen cover, design : KALLABRIS 2017 €20.00
MELVILLE 17 TV Themes do-CD double digipack incl. remix CD with remixes by KAPLAN, POSCH, KALLABRIS, M. FUFUNJIRU, DR.NACHTSTROM, etc. 2005 €16.00
V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) The walls are whispering... CD lim. 525 copies in gold-printed 7"-cover, with exclusive material from: TOY BIZARRE, DIETER MUH, KALLABRIS, C.RENOU, VIDNA OBMANA, STEVE RODEN, SVEEN, PBK, INADE, TROUM 2003 €12.00
OEC 100 / THE OLD EUROPA CAFE 7 x CD-Box back in stock this massive celebration release for the 25th anniversary of the important Italian industrial label with 101 (!) contributing artists spreading on 7 CDs, working on the theme "Europe": AIN SOPH, PACIFIC 231, ASIA NOVA, MZ.412, BAD SECTOR, DREAM WEAPON RITUAL, DEUTSCH NEPAL, KALLABRIS, HYBRYDS, MOLJEBKA PVLSE, VOICE OF EYE, VOX POPULI, etc. etc.. - comes in sturdy box with 16p. booklet 2008 €36.00
SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA STARTER SET : 10 SUBS (your choice) as SET 10 x 10inch-SET SPECIAL OFFER! You can choose 10 SUB- releases of our 10" series for a special price! A good starting point if you decide late to collect the SUBs! still available (04.2023) are (many down to absolute last copies + only available inside this set): ASIA NOVA, NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, CISFINITUM, RLW, OPHOI, HUM, VOICE OF EYE, MNORTHAM, OLHON, KALLABRIS, YEN POX, [AD]VANCE[D], LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, COLUMN ONE, BRUME, THOMAS DIMUZIO 2 x 10"(counts as 2), TOY BIZARRE, HITOSHI KOJI & YANNICK DAUBY, BASS COMMUNION, IRR.APP.(ext), JEREMIE MATHES, DEISON, TAUMEL and JOE COLLEY... start to collect it NOW !! 2022 €105.00
The constant Rise of Expectations CD-R electronic / experimental / post industrial & independent compilation with old & new names & wide range of styles: (AD)VANCE(D), MULTER, N, KALLABRIS, SOLANACEAE TAU, GERSTEIN, F-SPACE, THE MMVP, etc... dedicated to LYDIA TOMKIW (1959-2007)of ALGEBRA SUICIDE 2012 €12.00
AUSGEWHLTE GERUSCHE do-CD & BOOK jubilee release for this German label and magazine which links the personal history from AUF ABWEGEN from the last almost 25 years with the evolution of the German noise / experimental / drone scene: 29 rare or unreleased tracks (many Drone Rec artists!) AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF, MOHR, MAEROR TRI, KALLABRIS, HITHLAHABUTH, CRANIOCLAST, WERKBUND, LICHT-UNG, COLUMN ONE, , N, THOMAS KNER, etc... comes with 82 page book with infos & essays, a must have!!! 2016 €22.00
  Ich glaube ich hre Genesungswerk CD nice ambient / electronica / experimental compilation from this now in-active label based in Dortmund, Germany, run by one MULTER member, with exclusive material by: KALLABRIS, SEGMENT, MULTER, N , PALE ASLE PETTERSEN, KRILL MINIMA, KARTEN FRANKREICH, KONRAD BAYER, P. MILES BRYSON, and others....special price now ! 2002 €8.00
LEPENIK Treatments CD-R Sinustone-symphonies and intelligently composed collages, in fact these are 17 miniatures / remixes from other TONTO-artists material. Wild combinations of experimental tunes, searching for the NEW, mixed down to the point, very well done ! "...besonders beeindruckt hat mich die enorme kuerze, in der sich Deine stuecke entfalten, ohne je ueberladen zu sein. Du weisst offensichtlich ziemlich genau, was Du da tust, arbeitest sehr przise und verfaellst nicht in blinden aktionismus. die rhythmen, die sich oft in schiefen verzerrungen bahn brechen, sorgen - wie auch manches andere - fuer eine verspielte leichtigkeit, die mir das ein oder andere mal ein feistes schmunzeln aufs gesicht brachte. wirklich, sehr schoen." (Zitat "Kallabris" ber "Treatments") www.tonto.at 2002 €11.00