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KALLABRIS - Kettenwindel Bingo

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Klappstuhl Records SP 020
Release Year: 2018
Note: re-issues of two very rare / deleted CD-Rs ("Kettenwindel" from 2004 & "No Bingo" from 2002), now digitally available and as a special edition (few copies made) => another trip into the bizarre musical world of KALLABRIS, which combines strange samples and rhythms, atmospheric synths, kind of oriental melodies, odd voice-samples, accordeon-tunes & popmusic-found sounds, often merged to something like dark coloured 'songs', designed for careful listening...
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More Info

"Another odd but somehow beautiful release for this wondrous german project. KETTENWINDEL (= chaindiaper) consists of 13 minimal tracks with a short playtime which combine strange rhythms & pulses, kind of oriental melodies, bizarre sounds & voice-samples, accordeon-tunes & popmusic-found sounds, but all merged to something like dark coloured songs, designed for careful listening. Really unique." [orig. Drone Records info for KETTENWINDEL]