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Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Entr'acte 26
Release Year: 2006
Note: comes with kind of largely oversized newspaper with philosophic phrases, sealed in plastic bag
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Things happen. This is obviously wrong. Nach langer Sendepause eine weitere Kallabristische Exkursion in abseitige Bereiche! Schon die Verpackung (verschlossene Senftte mit einer Art Zeitung darin die sowas wie philosophische Aphorismen bzw. logisch aufeinander aufbauende Widersprche enthlt) ist aussergewhnlich genug, das akustische Sprach- und Musik-Material verwirrt und regt weiter an: verfremdetes endloses erkenntnistheoretisches Geschwurbel garniert mit seltsam halb-rhythmischen Mantra-Strukturen und ebenso seltenen Geruschen.... wir sind begeistert vor so viel Geist im Nicht-Geistigen.
Ein genialer Streich.

Kallabris scientific research has always been outstanding: their North Pole expedition, the chemistry of change that can be experienced in mocha, the ondadynamical theory as a clue for the explanation of mental phenomena - just to mention a few, well-known highlights. This time, they go for the core of it all: epistemology covered with ontological speculations. The Apologia gives a rough, yet charmingly delivered sketch of the project -- impressions and reflections performed with an impressing beat. The Corpus Maior is a dance of condensed thought, a playful and enchanted rhythm that cheerfully leads to the Epilogus which, with its skeptical melancholy, makes plainly obvious how little is done when the answers are given. A tribute to quest, but in no means to discovery. [label info]