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the "Avant-Shamanic Throat Singer" SORIAH (who lives in California and Tuvan Republic, Russia, a master of 'Khoomei', the traditional Tuvan Throat Singing) with two mesmerizing; evocative drone pieces, feat. ROEDELIUS (CLUSTER, etc.) on pipe organ and NORMAN WESTBERG (SWANS) on guitar - lim. / numb. 350 copies, printed inner sleeves, clear vinyl, download card; - high price unavoidable but this is a very special item we believe !!
A Corte
a masterpiece of suggestive dronescapes, based on a photographic exploration of "Corte di Cadore" in the Italian mountains, combining field- and object recordings of architectural spaces, nature, etc. with electronics... the result in interaction with the beautiufl 24 page book (full colour, oversized) is truly mesmerizing! *...explores folds of the soul of a place, overstepping realilty to become a dream. A total immersion in an "other" dimension amongst woods, etc.." - lim. 200
Mdchen in Schmutzigen Schrzen
the great surrealistic film (92 min. long) *Die Versuche des Naum Kotik* from COLUMN ONE member KRM BURG (aka JRGEN ECKLOFF / EGG-LOVE) in two versions, plus 19 min. Appendix on the BLU-RAY video disc; the full soundtrack as 16 single tracks on the additional CD.. a most memorable and unique experimental / animation film about a bizarre scientist,, with great sounding.. - oversized 8 panel cover, 4 postcards, 300 copies

About Us

DRONE RECORDS is a label-project and mailorder-service for outsider and niche music genres such as: EXPERIMENTAL DRONE - DARK AMBIENT - TRANSCENDENTAL POST-ROCK & DOOM - INDUSTRIAL & NOISE - ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC - FIELD RECORDINGS - IMPRO - MODERN CLASSIC - SOUNDTRACKS - =>==>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=>=> = everything atmospheric & experimental, based in Bremen, Germany.

DRONE RECORDS as a (vinyl-only) LABEL started in 1993 with a very idealistic, uncommercial attitude & philosophy, influenced by the independent cassette-culture scene from that time [for details please read the original full label concept at the RELEASES / DRONES-section].

The 7"-label series was active from 1993 to 2010 with 100 released "drones" (7" EPs), presenting many newcomers from the international experimental "drone"-scene. Somne of them are still available [see -> RELEASES, then -> VIEW ALL DRONES]

In the meantime (late 2005) a second VINYL series / sub-label has started, this time on 10"-vinyls, named SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA. This series with a special concept embracing the "Unknown" could be seen as an interface between experimental music & cultural science, psychoanalysis and philosophy. See www.substantia-innominata.de for details.

At the end of the year 2011 we have started a new LP-series called "DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE" - dedicated to the drones of the world - and the drones of our minds. Presenting 4 artists for each volume, this is a continuation of the drone 7" concept, the new era of drones!



The new mailorder update (Newsflash) for Aug/Sept 2023 has been mailed out today. It is also available via download from: https://download.dronerecords.de/23-08-NewsflashAugSept.pdf + the current FULL STOCK LIST: (please copy & paste) => https://download.dronerecords.de/GESAMTLIST230828.pdf

The new mailorder update (Newsflash) for June/July 2023 incl. a a TuTRuR special offer action, has been mailed out today. It is also available as PDF-file via e-mail, please ask: drone@dronerecords.de

The new mailorder update (Newsflash) for April/May 2023 has been mailed out today. It is also available as PDF-file via e-mail, please ask: drone@dronerecords.de

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