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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Sprocket (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-09 lim. 250 handpainted cover, luminous bright yellow vinyl ; handmade saw-shaped painted covers 1994  
Substantia Innominata 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-09 the legendary US-duo from New Mexico back on Drone Records! Three new tracks of NEW material ("VIRYA", "DHYANA" and "PURUSA"), highly sublime & emotional "other-dimensional" ambience using lots of vocal material, flutes and self-build string-instruments, all handplayed; almost 39 minutes of material on clear vinyl with golden striae, superb artwork by THOMAS DOHMEN, lim. 500 2008 €12.00
Seven directions divergent CD Conundrum Unlimited CU3 finally the full-length album after their return ! Another masterpiece of ethereal power-drone music based entirely on acoustic instruments & sources, this time much more song- and vocal oriented with at times amazing results ! 2009 €13.00
Anthology One: 1989-91 do-LP Vinyl-On-Demand VOD80 compilation of re-mastered material from the first three VOICE OF EYE MCs "ISOLATION" (1989), "VOICE OF EYE" (1991), and "RESONANT FIELDS / HOT GYPSY FINK HELL" (1991), feat. URE THRALL and others; a very raw & dark ecstatic form of improvised drone- & trance ambience, incredible stuff! ; lim. 500 nice gatefold-cover edition with various photos 2010 €28.00
Primaera mCD-R Taalem alm 62 PRIMAERA is a 18 min. one-tracker especially recorded for this series and belongs to the last releases during the second active phase of the US duo => echo wind instruments, soothing dark drones, little alien sounds everywhere, evolving slowly into something more rough, noisy and completely otherworldy! - this is the true hand-played experimental "psychedelic ambience", transporting you to unknown places beyond knowledge.. BACK IN STOCK! 2010 €5.50
Anthology 2 (1992-1996) do-CD Transgredient Records TR-08 rare & unreleased tracks from the U.S. dark ethno/drone cult-project, all re-mastered by VOICE OF EYE themselves; you can find here: the famous "Sprocket" 7" for Drone Records (1994), the lost mCD for ND that was never released (1995), rare compilation tracks (some of them came never out), plus a complete, fantastic rehearsal for a live show (1996) and an extract from Tryst 8 (split MC with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, 1995); comes in a nice 6-panel digipack & full colour artwork by Bonnie McNairn. 2011 €10.00