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VOICE OF EYE - Anthology 2 (1992-1996)

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Transgredient Records TR-08
Release Year: 2011
Note: rare & unreleased tracks from the U.S. dark ethno/drone cult-project, all re-mastered by VOICE OF EYE themselves; you can find here: the famous "Sprocket" 7" for Drone Records (1994), the lost mCD for ND that was never released (1995), rare compilation tracks (some of them came never out), plus a complete, fantastic rehearsal for a live show (1996) and an extract from Tryst 8 (split MC with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, 1995); comes in a nice 6-panel digipack & full colour artwork by Bonnie McNairn.
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"Since a few years Texan group Voice Of Eye are back. Their various new releases have been reviewed before. But its the second incarnation of the group, a duo, which existed before from 1989 to 1996. They were pretty active back then too, with lots of releases, like CDs, cassettes, 7"s (for Drone Records among others) and contributions to compilations. Last year Vinyl On Demand already released a double LP of that older stuff, but now Troum's Transgredient label goes out even more, with a double CD of material from 1992 to 1996 (and makes it the first non-Troum release on the label). To say that Voice Of Eye play ambient music is not entirely true. Their music is indeed based on all things 'atmospheric', using an array of drone like sounds, percussion and the heavenly voice of Bonnie McNairm, but what sets Voice Of Eye apart from so many others is their free flowing sound, almost psychedelic, always full of sound effects (the reverb is hard to avoid here), widely meandering ab out.
There is always a rough edge with Voice Of Eye that makes them a bit different from many other drone artists, which is perhaps due to the fact that they use many effects and maybe due to the fact that the recording medium is not the greatest. Also they use various bits of percussion, acoustic objects (one track is entirely made of bicycle wheels). Its great to have this collection of rare CD compilation pieces, 7" vinyl and long unreleased pieces - especially the very free floating space of 'Sonic Works Live Dress Rehearsal'. Two long CDs of highly weightless space music. Excellent stuff." [FdW/Vital Weekly]