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VOICE OF EYE - Seven directions divergent

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Conundrum Unlimited CU3
Release Year: 2009
Note: finally the full-length album after their return ! Another masterpiece of ethereal power-drone music based entirely on acoustic instruments & sources, this time much more song- and vocal oriented with at times amazing results !
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Endlich das erste offizielle "volle" Album nach der Wiederbelebung des Ethno-Drone Paars, die stets alle Instrumente selber einspielen. Sie erweitern hier ihren Transzendental-Ambient mit psychedelischen und Song-orientierten Einflssen, es wird gesungen, alles versinkt in wattigen Echo-Effekten und halluzinogenen Klangpulsen. Die sieben Stcke wirken in der Tat wie sieben verschiedene Richtungen ihres neuen Musik-Kosmos. Perkussive Bass-Gerste bilden oft die Basis fr die hchst harmonischen, warmen Stcke, die einen stark indisch-orientalen Touch aufweisen. Wunderbar z.B. das fnfte Stcke OM SHANTI, ein dronig-sanft & sphrisch-melancholisches Sehnen... engelshafte Gesnge und butterweiche Instrumentalparts bilden oft einen fast ozeanisches Flair, das letzte Stck "Transformational Birth " ist ein grossartiges schamanistisches Geister-Drone-Stck (18 Minuten) mit unheimlicher Sog-Wirkung !! Zwischen Transzendental-Pop und drone-basierter Psychedelic, VOICE OF EYE's Musik bleibt faszinierend spirituell & kontemplativ !

"Seven Directions Divergent (2009) is the latest release by Taos, New Mexico based artists Voice of Eye. Taking over a year to produce, Seven Directions Divergent is the third CD to be released on Conundrum Unlimited, and the fifth full-length Voice of Eye CD.
As artists experimenting with sound we have been inspired by many different styles of music and noise. Seven Directions Divergent pays homage to some of the diverse musical sources that have influenced us over the years from traditional Sanskrit chants to Steve Hillage to cute Euro pop to shamanic transcendence. This is an ambitious project melding many different sources together with the ethereal beauty and yearning magnificence you expect from Voice of Eye. This CD transports the listener along a narrative history of our personal journeys of change and transformation as told through the medium of sound. Seven Directions Divergent was mastered by award winning engineer Jon Gold for the best sounding Voice of Eye release to date. Comes in a Digipack with beautiful full color artwork by Jim Wilson.

Voice of Eye formed in 1991 out of the ashes of experimental bands Esoterica Landscapes 7 and Cruor. Through Voice of Eye, members Bonnie McNairn and Jim Wilson explore profound aspects of consciousness as the music is shared as a tool for entering different states of consciousness. The motivation behind forming Voice of Eye was to connect to a deeper truth we first sensed within our music. This unformed presence first revealed itself to us through music and has continued to manifest taking shape throughout our lifes journey leading to profound mystery.
Voice of Eyes modus operandi is to take sound sources that are acoustic in origin, then process them through little black boxes to warp time and widen sonic perception. Voice of Eyes sound shifts from gentle soundscapes to primal wrenching malevolence with such ease that the listener is unaware of the transition until it is too late and they are fully immersed in the voyage.
Voice of Eye took a hiatus from music in 1997 to build an off-the-grid sustainable home and studio in Taos, New Mexico. The process would take the next ten years. The result is an enormous sculptural free flowing work of art built entirely by the hands of Jim and Bonnie. Living in the open and empty spaces of the desert had the additional effect of deeply connecting them to the truth of their being as begun through music. The desert is the fire that burns away everything. Both members are now focused on the healing arts. Their journey has transformed what was begun through music into a way of life. Please see www.voiceofeye.com and www.myspace.com/voiceofeyemusic for discography, photographs and more information" [label info]


"Since some time Jim Wilson and Bonnie McNairn, together known as Voice Of Eye are back. In 1997 they stopped creating music to 'build an off-the-grid sustainable home and studio in Taos, New Mexico', which took them ten years to build. Since their return their have been a couple of releases, which saw them return to their fine of lengthy, warm ambient electronics with great emphasis on the psychedelic quality of the pieces. Maybe therefore the opening piece here on their twelfth CD 'Seven Directions Divergent' is quite a surprise: its almost popmusic, slow rhythm, e-bow on the guitar, and Bonnie McNairn on some heavenly voice trip, and sounding a bit like Cosey Fanni Tutti. Laid-back popmusic. Almost. This is continued in the following piece 'Where Are You?', which is, me think, even better. Voice Of Eye changed that radical? Hard to believe, and no, they didn't. At least not to that extent. Throughout it seems indeed that elements of popmusic have been brought in, without losing the original ambient sound. 'Transformational Birth', the piece that closes this CD is one of those typical lengthy Voice Of Eye ambient excursions. A bit without any sense of direction, sounds flowing about, like being in space. They drift in and out of the mix, without any synthesizers (according to the cover), like the real cosmic music thing. That makes this a great CD. Drifting, flowing in all pieces, bouncing back and forth towards the more 'pop' like tunes and lengthy, atmospheric excursions. A great album, I'd say, an excellent combination of both ends, making a very mature album. Great psychedelic music." [FdW / Vital Weekly]