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LABEL NEWS: two new albums in our CD series "SYM", OUT NOW:
CONTRASTATE - Life without Agriculture CD (Drone Records SYM:05)
an album as "re-imagining" some of the DADAist, futurist, and surrealist clubs of the 20th century, from Moscow 1918 over Tehran 1966 to M?nster 1997; a multifaceted and surprising work by the British post industrial + ambient performance trio
MOLJEBKA PVLSE - Topography of Frequency and Time CD (Drone Records SYM:06)
the Swedish ambient experimental and electro-acoustic project with the sixth release in our new CD series, applying the concept of TOPOGRAPHY to sounds and time, which can be interpretated 'geographically' like a landscape in a similar way..

other news: Two legendary German post industrial / experimental ambient / audio mythology - projects are back with new / unreleased material, WERKBUND and CRANIOCLAST, both albums are on heavy rotation here and much recommended !

.. as alway, after countless hours of listening, we can't help to name some personal recommendations:
ANGELICA CASTELLO - Catorce Reflexiones Sobre El Fin LP (Gruenrekorder): Mexican sound artist with great LP, based on an installation with 14 objects woven with magnetic tape that interrelate to the sound and to each others...
OTTO SIDHARTA - Kajang LP (Sub Rosa) : four newer works (2015-2020) by the Indonesian composer, a great organic and contemplative mixture of processed field / object recordings, multi-layered drones, traditional instrument recordings (gongs, etc.)
STEFAN ROIGK - De composed BOOK + 2 x CD (Errant Bodies Press): 144 pages art book of STEFAN ROIGKs works 2005 to 2023 => acousmatic compositions, sound installations, musical graphics and text-sound compositions, photos, texts and drawings..
BLANKET SWIMMING - Of Form And Formlessness MC (Momentarily Rec.): collectable handmade object cover - a one man ambient project from the States with two slowly brewing long form drone pieces (C-60), undulating in endless waves... -
GRISHA SHAKHNES - The Heaver MC (More Mars) : the master of somehow "intimate" 'droning field recordings (combined with electro static low fi hums + noises and mysterious hissing and harmonies) with a new tape on one of our most beloved tape labels..
YVAN ETIENNE - Twist LP (Aposiopese): compositions with SERGE MODULAR synth (developed 1972) in combination with field recordings of granular surfaces noises, objects and environment... overlooked release, to discover !
CRANIOCLAST - Arctic Salon do-LP (Auf Abwegen): the "lost album" from the 90's has now been finalized and published - a transcendental sound journey to the North Pole, building a kind of narrative audio mythology..

Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website. Please always mention the PRICES with your order! Full Stock List link at the bottom...
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