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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Solumpremoterra CD-R Still*Sleep SS05 special sandpaper-cover 2005 €9.50
Mystic Echo CD-R Still*Sleep SS11 full colour / cardboard-cover 2006 €9.00
New Communications : One CD-R Still*Sleep ss09 full colour / photo - cardboard-cover 2006 €9.50
New Communications : Two CD-R Still*Sleep SS12 full colour / photo - cardboard-cover; two long tracks of mysteriously droning post-industrial ambience, revealing a microsounding inner level... very nice & recommended ! 2006 €10.00
Six acts of Saprofields CD-R Still*Sleep ss07 handmade photo-cover sleeve 2006 €9.50
Isolation and Echoscopy CD-R Still*Sleep SS13 work created with performed sounds from the human body; comes in professional full colour cover; the great solo-project of Sergey Suhovic from EXIT IN GREY from Moscow! 2007 €10.00
VarunaGhat CD-R Mystery Sea MS40 lim./numb. 100 hand/laser-printed fullcolour cover 2007 €12.00
CTOK CD-R Still*Sleep ss17 two long deep droning pieces mainly based on water-sounds, but also lots of other field recording details appear.. 2008 €9.00
Kapotte Muziek by... CD-R Moving Furniture Records MFR001 the great Russian project reworks material recorded on a KAPOTTE MUZIEK show in St. Petersburg May 26th 2008. On a new label from Amsterdam run by ORPHAX, lim. ed. 100 copies 2008 €7.00
Nexus CD-R Still*Sleep SS15 full colour / cardboard-cover 2008 €10.00
Pictures from Sand: Boiling Line CD-R Still*Sleep ss18 two mini-albums combined on one CDR, using the sounds of sand and boiling water; ultra-minimal & contemplative archaic hiss-drones and concrete micro-sounds for a higher awareness listening.... 2008 €9.00
Sylphstream CD-R Still*Sleep SS16 full colour / cardboard-cover 2008 €9.00
Herbal Cemetary CD-R Still*Sleep ss19 organic drone-muzak made of field recordings from rustling leaves, herbs, branches, blowing wind, etc.. ; as everything from this Russian project, this is highly recommended for any "archaic / pure sound / transcendental drone" listener ! 2009 €9.00
Summer Session CD-R Still'Sleep SS20 processed concrete nature drone recordings that build a nice earthy flow - bees, water, stones, etc... masterful release by this Russian project; nicely printed CD-R & full colour cardboard cover 2011 €9.00
Rishikesh CD Unfathomless U11 the favoured Russian project presents field recordings from two highly interesting places in India (Ganges river, Himalaya, and the ancient city of Vrindavan), all recorded in the middle of the night - very special atmosphere; fabric-pressed CD, numbered ed. 200 copies, in the typical artwork-style (beautiful patterns from nature & natural objects) of Daniel Crokaert 2012 €14.00
Oborot CD-R Still*Sleep SS21 the regular STILL*SLEEP series continues with this F.E.M release, using again nature sound sources (metal, wood, stones), but also vinyl player and radio coils => secretful field recordings with low bass sounds, you can almost feel the structure of objects and the air....4 hypnotic tracks with unique 'breathing' organic ambient ... F.E.M. is the experimental solo project of SERGEY SUHOVIC, also active as SISTER LOOLOMIE and part of the drone duo EXIT IN GREY 2015 €9.00