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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Still*Sleep SS21
Release Year: 2015
Note: the regular STILL*SLEEP series continues with this F.E.M release, using again nature sound sources (metal, wood, stones), but also vinyl player and radio coils => secretful field recordings with low bass sounds, you can almost feel the structure of objects and the air....4 hypnotic tracks with unique 'breathing' organic ambient ... F.E.M. is the experimental solo project of SERGEY SUHOVIC, also active as SISTER LOOLOMIE and part of the drone duo EXIT IN GREY
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More Info

"A project by Sergey Suhovik (Exit In Grey, Sister Loolomie, etc.), this time detouring from processed field recordings towards the arsenal of concrete objects. The instruments were record player, radio, metal, wood and stones. All came out into 4 long pieces with hypnotic textures painted by seemingly familiar sounds, but often twisted in spiral coils, sometimes going into the realm of ultra low frequencies, sometimes stretching to dark resonating spaces." [label info]

"The final release might be from the label boss himself, who goes by the name of [s]. (that
includes the . at the end), and who sometimes works as Five Elements Music, but also Sister
Loolomie for the somewhat stronger forms of ambient industrial music and Exit in Grey. As Five Elements Music his interest lies more in the ambient variations of ambient industrial music.
For the four pieces on this release he uses a vinyl player, radio coils, metal, wood, stones,
effects. On his previous releases [s]. melted all of that to some highly distilled, quite dark
drone music, but in these pieces there are faint traces of rhythmic particles (which I guess are hard to avoid when using a turntable), of rotating hiss, of metallic object dangling in the wind and field recordings of an indefinable nature. Some of these sounds are pitched way down, to get
the max out of the lower regions of the sub-sub bass sounds and you know what you get: a high
quality, dark drone release. Maybe it is all a tad noisier than some of his earlier work but of
equal fine quality." [FdW/Vital Weekly]