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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
V CD Waystyx Records WR 05 massive digipack with many full-colour inlays 2003 €13.00
VS (Curve/Curse) (SOLD OUT) 7" Drone Records DR-66 Lim. 300 on black vinyl with white stripes, in hand-sewed wool-covers. SOLD OUT NOW!! 2004 €6.50  
Bezdna CD Monochrome Vision MV02 lim. 500 2005 €13.00
Coniunctio do-CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 009 CD lim. 500 digipack / material from 1999-2001 2006 €15.00
Devotio 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-04 ed. of 500, white vinyl, artwork by Tilmann Benninghaus 2006 €12.00
Tactio CD Mechanoise Labs MN033 recording of the great concert that happened on 24.Nov. 2005 in Bremen at the huge St.Petri-Cathedral (part of the R.E.M. - "Reihe Elektronische Musik" curated by CHRISTOPH OGIERMANN and LILIAN VON HAUSSEN), co-organized by Drone Records, using bell-sounds from Moscow-cathedrals. Highly recommended, and kind of a sister-release to the SUB-04 10" "Devotio"! Edition of 500 copies, digipack. 2008 €10.00
Landschaft CD Old Captain OCCD05 re-issue of this masterpiece & classic album (= first CISFINITUM CD!) of early Russian emotional drone-ambient (first released as CD-R in 2000), so melancholic and ghostly, sensitive & sad; a deeply touching original sound! Lim. 300 2012 €13.00
The Bog CD Infinite Fog IF-39 THE BOG is dedicated to the myths & archetypes of TOADS (for example the 'princess frog'), using re-processed sounds of frogs, toads and swamps... (based on field rec. made in China, India, and material provided by MARS WELLINK ([AD]-VANCE[D]) and ANDREA MARUTTI (AMON) ) => one long one-tracker with beautfiul drone scapes, 48+ minutes, 4 parts.. 2013 €13.00
O vs 0 CD Old Captain OCCD07 re-issue of the first CISFINITUM album (rec. 1997-1998), one of the earliest Russian industrial projects => minimal ghost drones, eerie and quiet, forming strange acoustic resonances and overtunes.. feat. the legendary ROMAN SIDOROV (STARUHA MHA, DER GOLEM) on one bonus track; lim. 250 2014 €13.00
Live Earth CD-R Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLIX high quality live recording of a special CISFINITUM show that happened in Moscow in February 2015 when sharing the stage with EARTH and NADJA.... CISFINITUM surprises again with a mixture of doom drone and slow industrial rhythms with female vocals by INNA ECHOES and gameboy sounds, extremely heavy... the label calls it "space industrial stoner sludge". lim. 77 copies only ! 2015 €10.00
Monochrome CD Zhelezobeton ZHB-LXXVII / Aquarelist aquarelist 47-19 / KultFront KF-XXXV on 7. Sept 2018 DMITRY VASILYEV, legendary Russian writer, curator and label-owner (MONOCHROME VISION) drowned forever in the ocean waves near Sevastopol (Krim) => long time friend and earliest Russian industrial project CISFINITUM dedicated this remarkable poly-rhythmic release to him, "an alchemical fusion of angelic chorales and dub techno pulsations" using middle age chorals, non-square rhythms, and conceptual links to the Pyramid of Giza and alchemist John Dee, thus forming a complex eulogy.. 2019 €12.00