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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Waystyx Records WR 05
Release Year: 2003
Note: massive digipack with many full-colour inlays
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Nach Jahren endlich die erste fabrikgepresste CD von CISFINITUM ! Das Warten hat sich definitiv gelohnt, V ist von einer melancholisch-dsteren Atmosphre geprgt; schwere, rauhe & nostalgische anmutende Sounds prgen das Bild, Anleihen von klassischen Arrangements tauchen auf... special coverpackage mit vielen inlays !

Finally the first fabric-pressed CD by CISFINITUM! V ist based on a melancholic & dark atmosphere; heavy & raw & nostalgic appearing sounds are floating through the album, classical music elements also.. a true masterpieces of dark melancholic drone-Industrial !

"V" is follow-up to the most high valued album "Landschaft" and you can hear some echoing sounds from there. Four long tracks will drive you further into abysmal depths of mind prospectives. "V" is the aural extension of audiochemy method developed by both Cisfinitum
members (Voronovsky and Norvila) in Audioform studio during recent two years, using synthesis of classical composition, industrial aesthetics and tonal noise layers. Listening to Cisfinitum music, everyone can feel physically the exclusive aloofness and impartiality
preceding the heterogeneity and time collaps. Long transitions between initial states, sudden dynamic outbursts and again desolate spaces where apprehensions are the only way to think. This album is notable not only by background contents but by sounding too: the deliberately reduced quality is remained in the past, agressive alienation changed to the introspective one. The atmosphere of sci-fi cinema of the 70-80s is back - cold, dark, mysterious but nevertheless open-minded and reality engaged. For those of you who like to use PC-CDROM for anything labelled with "compact disc" logo, the nice surprise is waiting. [press release]