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Wir meinen: MOLJEBKA PVLSE geh÷rt inzwischen zu dem besten, was die internationale "advanced" Drone-Szene zu bieten hat! Das sind Drones die wirklich einen "Drift", einen Sog erzeugen... [Drone Rec. 2007]

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Sadalsuud CD Some Place Else SPECD07040 back in stock this phantastic multi-layered multi-drone one tracker (69+ min.) CD of the Swedish project, created with diverse guest musicians and sound sources => smooth / earthy dronescapes, whispering voices as coming from an intermediate dimension, surrealistic, microdynamic and complex... a true drone masterpiece !! 2007 €13.00
Fall in Woodland Cemetery mCD-R Taalem alm 49 a phantastic drone one-tracker (19 min.) from the Swedish drone/dark ambient project that always excites with a certain 'electro-acoustic' quality, incorporating many field recordings into his minimal and trance-inducing soundworlds... "Fall in Woodland Cemetary" is a very far away, nebulous sound-haze, with a metallically shimmering aura, and as such: Pure Atmosphere! ... BACK IN STOCK 2008 €5.00
lode lvx (SOLD OUT) 7 Drone Records DR-91 edition of 300 / black vinyl, black silk-screened black cover 2008 €7.00  
Zojo CD Greytone grey008 surrealistic dreamdrone-scapes of a higher beauty; you can not recognize how these sounds were made anymore, really captivating stuff that sinks slowly into your deeper mind; feat. Japanese artist MICHIKO KASHIBA, MOLJEBKA PVLSE has created this album without any musical instruments; very much recommended !! 2010 €13.00
A Transformation CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-16 our favourite Swedish psychonautic drone project with three new tracks - revealing how droning foundations are superimposed by 'concrete' sound material, which is never becoming too distinct, but stays in a foggy acoustic background like in a dream, with elevating transcendental effect at the end... lim. 100 professional digipack ed., highly recommended again !! 2015 €10.00
In Love and Death You are Alone 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-21 after a long break our series dealing with "the Unknown" continues with this great 10" by Stockholm based MOLJEBKA PVLSE, presenting two dense & emotional drone-tracks ("In Love and Death" , "You are Alone") that form an existential unity; lim. 300 only, comes on crystal clear vinyl with 'frozen bronze' metallic cover print, artwork design by THOMAS DOHMEN. #### OUT NOW !! 2015 €15.00
Komoku CD Cyclic Law 118th Cycle ...resonating and waving layers of sounds, noises and drones in steady transit to unknown places... newest masterpiece by the Swedish 'spatial' droner, based on field recordings made in the deserts of the American Southwest, and instrumental recordings from JOHN BJÍRKMAN on Nepalese instruments.. not to be missed!! - the first M.P. CD for CYCLIC LAW, lim. 500, recorded at the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm 2019 €13.00
Heaven's Great Dome do-CD Reverse Alignment RA-50 jubilee release for the 20 year anniversary of the great Swedish 'transcension ambience' droner, feat. three long wide & airy compositions (70+ min.) with lots of tiny details arising, hypnotic and of melancholic beauty... the bonus CD "Discourse on Deconstructions" has remixes of MP material by DANIEL MENCHE, COLIN POTTER, PHILIP KNIGHT (SILVERMAN), ISABEL FOGELKLOU, MARJA-LEENA SILANP── and TROUM; comes in a nicely designed 8 panel double digipak 2020 €15.00
Borrowed Scenery: Appearance maxi-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 244-2 awesome designed & sounding limited CD EP (20+ min.) release with special packaging (oversized 6" thick fold out cover incl. 2 postcards), the first part of the "Borrowed Scenery" sessions => this fully immersive one tracker spreads and waves in a melancholic way, entangled by circling resonances and acoustic spirals... highly recommended day dream ambience... - lim. 200 copies 2021 €12.00
Borrowed Scenery LP Zoharum ZOHAR 261-1 the complete "Borrowed Scenery" sessions, now on vinyl - these droning sculptures spread and wave in a melancholic way, entangled by circling resonances and acoustic spirals... highly recommended day dream ambience! - lim. 150 with the "Borrowed Scenery: Appearance" CD-EP as bonus !! 2022 €20.00