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MOLJEBKA PVLSE - Borrowed Scenery: Appearance

Format: maxi-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum ZOHAR 244-2
Release Year: 2021
Note: awesome designed & sounding limited CD EP (20+ min.) release with special packaging (oversized 6" thick fold out cover incl. 2 postcards), the first part of the "Borrowed Scenery" sessions => this fully immersive one tracker spreads and waves in a melancholic way, entangled by circling resonances and acoustic spirals... highly recommended day dream ambience... - lim. 200 copies
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During the pandemic, many of the restrictions introduced, in particular, on movement, artists, like most of us, made their journeys mainly in their own rooms or made pilgrimages deep into each other. Mathias from MOLJEBKA PVLSE at that time uses his own studio as a vehicle he traverses through virtual field recordings, composing his own abstract environments and discovering distant lands. The map of these borrowed places is written in 3 long compositions, complementing each other like the topography of neighboring places or overlapping grids showing different properties occurring at the same latitude. It is possible to read them separately, just as it is possible to listen to only one of the three compositions and it gives some idea, allowing you to capture a selected fragment, this listening to the whole gives a deeper insight. The material from the session was divided according to a similar pattern and properly divided into two complementary releases: the album "Borrowed Scenery", which will be released next spring on vinyl, and CDEP "Borrowed Scenery: Appearance", introducing the atmosphere of the longplay, respectively. The CD containing over twenty minutes of composition folded in a 6-inch gatefold with two postcards attached is the next installment of a series of short musical forms, initiated in our catalog by the publication of the material "Klechdy" by Rigor Mortiss.

CD EP folded in 6" gatefold sleeve + 2 postcards limited to 200 copies