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Body Music CD Experimental Intermedia Foundation XI 109 music made on the unique self-built 'Long String Instrument' (80 foot long, with 80 strings), creating rich overtune-drones full of waving vibrations... great work back in stock ! 1993 €14.00
Staggered Stasis CD Anomalous Records NOM 29 one of the last releases on the legendary Anomalous Records label from Seattle was this beautiful overtune drone-album by ELLEN FULLMAN, perfecting her Long String Instrument; two long pieces of colourful drone-rays 2004 €15.00
Through Glass Panes CD Important Records IMPREC336 four new pieces by the US American minimalist, known for her "Long String Instrument" invention - unique sounding drone-muzak with additional cello & violin 2011 €13.00
The Long String Instrument LP Superior Viaduct SV085 finally a re-issue of ELLEN FULLMANs LP from 1985 (her first release), 5 pieces performed on her self-built 'sound-sculpture' consisting of 70 foot long metallic wires, producing natural overtone drones with impressive effects; feat. ARNOLD DREYBLATT on one piece.... "... like standing inside an enormous grand piano" 2015 €22.00