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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Experimental Intermedia Foundation XI 109
Release Year: 1993
Note: music made on the unique self-built 'Long String Instrument' (80 foot long, with 80 strings), creating rich overtune-drones full of waving vibrations... great work back in stock !
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ELLEN FULLMANN, Mitglied der DEEP LISTENING BAND mit Pauline OLIVEROS, arbeitet mit selbstgebauten string instruments, deren Drhte z.T. viele Meter lang sind, und erzeugt so schwirrende, hell klingende, reichhaltig-obertongenerierende drones. Komplexer Minimalismus.

Body Music is music for Ellen Fullmans unique The Long String Instrument,an 80-foot long instrument with approximately 80 strings. Fullman has been developing this instrument for longitudinally vibrating long strings over the past thirteen years. When she started making it, she saw it as "sculpture as music;" now she has come full circle in conceiving "music as sculpture." For the most part, the music in Body Music relies harmonically on the diatonic scale. Because of the prominence of overtone content, more complex harmony is suggested. [label description]

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