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Inner Space / Outer Space CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACC 1011 the duo of SINDRE BJERGA (Norway) and CLAUS POULSEN (Denmark) doing experimental, floating ambience with enough concrete edges & unusual sounds, working with everything the are getting in their hands it seems (metal objects, radio sounds, guitar, prepared amplified objects, electronic sources...), all is handplayed, improvised and often quite rough... (based on live recordings from two performances in Hamburg and Aalborg, Denmark, April 2012); comes in DVD case with translucent cover 2013 €8.00
Sandwich Music CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1010 STAR TURBINE (aka CLAUS POULSEN of SMALL THINGS ON SUNDAYS and the manic live performer & drone-improviser SINDRE BJERGA from Norway) are back with their 2nd release on A.C. => amplified objects, handplayed drones, + transformed material of MARTIN KLAPPER; they create a kind of 'musique concrete' drone stream, a manifold floating sound entity, too good to be missed! lim. 50 2014 €8.00
White Lines across the Void MC Discombobulate BOB004 the project of SINDRE BJERGA & CLAUS POULSEN (known from SMALL THINGS ON SUNDAYS) with two side-long pieces from two live shows in UK Febr. 2014: dense sound/noise/object/drone improvisations, starting from tiny scratch sounds this develops into a rich detailed low-fi floating collage..."The art of meta-sound-collage-improvisation presented with heavily perfumed panache" the label from North-East UK 'specialising in alien sounds' calls it; lim. 50 2015 €10.00