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STAR TURBINE - White Lines across the Void

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Discombobulate BOB004
Release Year: 2015
Note: the project of SINDRE BJERGA & CLAUS POULSEN (known from SMALL THINGS ON SUNDAYS) with two side-long pieces from two live shows in UK Febr. 2014: dense sound/noise/object/drone improvisations, starting from tiny scratch sounds this develops into a rich detailed low-fi floating collage..."The art of meta-sound-collage-improvisation presented with heavily perfumed panache" the label from North-East UK 'specialising in alien sounds' calls it; lim. 50
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"Living bric-a-brac pulls itself together clicking like raw peas. Cadets Sindre Bjerga and Claus Poulsen jointly tweak various close-miked micro-sounds to flood into your gracious ear oles and master the erotic squeal of leather rubbed with a moistened finger. At one moment the intense pressure waves promise to painfully stretch those ear drums tight; in another a junk-yard gamelan made of tin cans and string poing and ping with off-camera heavy breathing. The art of meta-sound-collage-improvisation presented with heavily perfumed panache.

Sindre Bjerga (Norway) has released over 100 records of his deeply personal take on that drone chestnut across our world. Claus Poulsens (Denmark) Sci-Fi electronics grace the great Small Things on Sundays and an increasingly weighty slew of solo and small-group interventions." [label info]