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The Zsigmondy Experience CD Lumberton Trading Company LUMBCD009 second album by this project, featuring PETER CHRISTOPHERSON (COIL), THIGHPAULSANDRA, and many others.. 2008 €13.50
Into the Dark 7inch Fourth Dimension Records FDS82 poetic & spacious dark ambience Pop, with vocals by SION ORGON on the 1st track, feat THIGHPAULSANDRA, SEB GOLDFINCH and PETER CHRISTOPHERSON (!!) (COIL) on both tracks (for "manipulations, field recordings and atmospheres"); great single crossing the border between ambience & song-structure! lim. 250 copies 2012 €8.00
Recognition Journal CD Lumberton Trading Company LUMB023 six new tracks by the Welsh musician (his third full length album), an incredible mixture of very experimental pure sound / noise pieces and well composed harmonic (prog & folk & synth-pop influenced) songs with vocals, executed with great care... feat. THIGHPAULSANDRA and GAZ WILLIAMS (UNDERWORLD) on three tracks.. CD version lim. 300 copies 2015 €13.00