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SION ORGON - Into the Dark

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Fourth Dimension Records FDS82
Release Year: 2012
Note: poetic & spacious dark ambience Pop, with vocals by SION ORGON on the 1st track, feat THIGHPAULSANDRA, SEB GOLDFINCH and PETER CHRISTOPHERSON (!!) (COIL) on both tracks (for "manipulations, field recordings and atmospheres"); great single crossing the border between ambience & song-structure! lim. 250 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

More Info

"Representing the second entry in the new Fourth Dimension Singles Club (see details below only a few subscriptions still available!), this is the latest release from the Welsh weaver of molten electronic sounds, avant-garde sensibilities and, indeed, even versatile pop/rock where surprises are the order of the day. The two pieces here are the first from Thighpaulsandra/Coil affiliate, Orgon, for a few years. The flipside song, Paper State, features the late Sleazy, Thighpaulsandra himself and Seb Goldfinch. Strictly limited to 250. Released in November 2012." [label info]


"The second release in the 'Singles Club', following Richard Youngs/Luke Fowler (see Vital Weekly 837), is by one Sion Orgon, who is somehow connected to Thighpaulsandra, Coil and thus it's hardly a surprise we find Peter Christopherson present on both sides of this record, and Thighpaulsandra and Seb Goldfinch on one side. For me an introduction. A pleasant one, if not too brief, but that's life with 7"s I guess. Sion Orgon plays electronic music, atmospheric and moody. I think the etching on the record is not correct, as there are no labels. In the title piece we find a bunch of moody, airy electronics and a strong vocal delivery as starting points, taking it into more noise bits and drums, effectively creating this is into a nice Coil-like piece. 'Paper State' on the other side is also atmospheric, but more 'out there' indeed in which a melancholic piano plays a big role, drifting and flowing about, with eerie electronics backing the whole thing up. It's excellent modern pop classic - perhaps. Here time will tell." [FdW/Vital Weekly]