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Kilo CD Blastfirstpetit PTYT 76 the PAN(A)SONIC half returns to harsher electronic/rhythmic soundscapes - "a weird mix of ambient soundscapes and beat-heavy industrial trance. it feels like a soundtrack to some sort of brutalist post-apocalyptic rave" [Lounder than War] 2013 €13.00
Mannerlaatta CD iDEAL Recordings iDEAL 149 "isin Pidn Magneetteja Vatsallani" - the PAN SONIC half created the soundtrack to a film by MIKA TAANILA entitled "Tectonic Plate" (in English), a 74 min black & white experiment made entirely without using a camera => "rich, harsh, deep and pulsating electronic music. Extreme at times, meditative at others"; lim. 500 2016 €15.00