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VROMB - Episodes Vinyl-Set

Format: do-12
Label & Cat.Number: Ant-Zen act 111.11
Release Year: 2001
Note: lim 446 copies / 2 x 12", plus 7"
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €22.00

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subliminal ambient-noise techno hypnotism . Ant Zen macht es Sammlern wirklich nicht leicht, das neue (vierte full-length) Werk Episodes gibt es gleich in 3 verschiedenen Versionen, als normale CD, als CD-Box mit 5 und in dieser reinen, limitierten Vinyl-Version hier, von der wir uns paar sichern konnten. Hugo Girard aka VROMB gelingt es wieder eindrucksvoll, hypnotische Rhythmen & Stimme atmosphrisch zu verbinden, so da, hnlich wie bei ORPHX, eine geradzu zwingende Dynamik entsteht. Zurecht inzwischen einer der gefeiertsten Ant-Zen acts. Tres fantastique !
Auch als CD (fr 14.00) erhltlich.
2x12" vinyl + 7" vinyl in cardboard box w/12p booklet + sticker. limited 446 copies.
it has been vromb's intention since 'le facteur humain' that the text on each release should add to the music. furthermore, the text should be be lingually understood. as such, the writings on each release are translated into french, english and german....the end result has been a hypnotising combination of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, rhythms and voices. also with 'episodes' you get the feeling that you are listening to a soundtrack that has yet to be done. beware - this is not 'consumer ambient' you have to watch and to listen! [press-release]
static hisses and expansive drones lay the foundation for retro-sci-fi bleeps and twirls on top of pulsating dynamics and rubbery beats. electro-tribal is that feeling of dreams where you are falling and where you can't escape. episodes is the final chapter of the lastest vromb releases. please check www.ant-zen.com/episodes for a full information how to handle the sonic motions of vromb. [another press-release].