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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Episodes Vinyl-Set do-12 Ant-Zen act 111.11 lim 446 copies / 2 x 12", plus 7" 2001 €22.00
Jeux de Terre CD Ant-Zen act 161 digipack 2003 €13.50
Jeux de Terre do-LP Ant-Zen act 161.1 limited vinyl version of their first great album, which came out originally as CD on TESCO in 1993 (TESCO 014) - a masterpiece of repetitive, droning atmo-industrial, pure & rough industrial hypnosis, created without any samplers, sometimes fast & pulsative, sometimes slow & grinding... Last copies back in stock for special price !! 2003 €14.00
Rayons LP Ant Zen act 151.1 the transformation of RAYS into music; minimal tribal hypno-ambience/industrial from Canada! SPECIAL OFFER now! 2003 €8.00
Rayons CD Ant Zen act 151 digipack 2003 €13.50
ChorÚgraphie. Electro-Bruits et Tonalites Low-Fi CD Ant-Zen act313 'the choreographer of imaginary sounds' - the return for the Canadian project after many years, deepening the specific hypnotic VROMB minimalism (based on always pulsating, 'flittering' multi-layered analogue electronics) with great success: "subliminal trance-inducing beats, mighty pulsating sub basses and repetitive sequencer textures enriched with surrealistic ambient dronescapes"; a must for fans of BAD SECTOR, ORPHX, SEETYCA, XABEC, etc.. 2015 €13.50