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The Newsflash update for December 2009 has been mailed out, its now also available for download as PDF (together with the Newflash Nov. 2009) at the NEWS section.
The following drones are just being produced:

DR-96 AUN - Utica 7" (Canada; harmonic distortion-drones of a higher beauty; the rising drone-star from the active Montreal-scene; white vinyl)
DR-97 CTEPHIN - DUAD 7" (USA; a whole drone-family (incl. 7 children) from the Great Plains doing bizarre & lovely ambient noise; comes on golden vinyl)
DR-98 MELANCHOHOLICS - Masking My Monkeys 7" (Germany; a trio working on dark guitarish & very filmic sound-drones, "thick atmospheric darkness" at its best. dark blue vinyl)

available soon!!

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