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Dear Sonic Creatures, also in 2023 we invite you to new nautical journeys on and inside the oceans of the Subconscious = 1st Newsflash in 2023 !

... there is no static, stable, or permanent reality that is not traversed, shaped or transported by a play of vibrations, whether those of particles, of forces, of fluxes, of pulsions, of emotions, or of symbols. The real is oscillatory, in so far as it makes sense to speak of any "being" whatsoever if to 'be' is to oscillate" [Jean-Luc Nancy, Resonance of Sense, Spectres II, Shelter Press 2020]

new release in the Substantia Innominata series (SUB-30) :

JOE COLLEY - Acting As If 10" vinyl

MECHANICAL RITUALS: => 23 years after his EP for Drone Records (DR-28, as CRAWL UNIT) we are proud to release another / new work of conceptual / minimal / object drone artist JOE COLLEY from California. We think JOE COLLEY (*1972) is a master of using mechanical object sounds and electronic static, but also strange low fi found sources and field recordings, creating alienating, surrealistic effects, similar to the likes of SMALL CRUEL PARTY, JIM HAYNES, DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE or even the more experimental side of ZOVIET FRANCE... or maybe better said: => "Rhizomes of sound that speak poison. Drink up, if it doesn't kill you, it will only make you stronger." [Jim Haynes]

+ as usual, some personal recommendations:
MIGUEL A. GARCIA - Beastiari (for Tzesne) MC (Crystal Mine) - remixes from TZESNE source material, 8 tracks full of mechanical post industrial sounds, between subtle moments and more powerful passages, great tape, artful design!
WYRM - Wolfish Outlaws & Other Heathens CD (4iB Records) - excellent collection of rare material : ghostly, eerie, and mysterious "other dimension" drone-muzak....
NEZNAMO - Molva CD (Muzyka Voln) : extremely suggestive transcendental drones for the inner core self, multi-layered and most organic archaic dronescapes...
LOCRIAN - New Catastrophism LP (Profound Lore Records) - first new LOCRIAN album after 7 years, four great droning magmatic tracks..
JON DALE - Last Blues LP (De La Catessen) - incredibly hazy, elevated drone spheres, waving and strangely harmonic, you get addicted to this immediately. lim. / numb. 150 copies only, Australian import!
ANA FOSCA - Poised at the Edge of Structure CD (Helen Scarsdale Agency) - impressive debut CD by this female Danish artist, a dark & violent trip, truly surrealistic and pointing widely to the Unconscious..
JO MONTGOMERIE - From Industry Home MC (Helen Scarsdale Agency) - cassette-only release by this sound artist from Manchester, UK, creating fascinating, complex, emotionally stirring dronescapes out of audio debris, etc..

Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website. Please always mention the PRICES with your order! Thanks!!
& best drones from... BarAka[H]

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