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The Newsflash for April 2022 has been mailed out today (#2 for this year).

It is also available as PDF-file download from =>



Dear Droners, we hope you are all safe and sound, here's the update for APRIL 2022 - 2nd "Newsflash" this year !

* * * BarakHssss personally recommended micro worlds to explore:
MONTE ESPINA - Pa CD (Elevator Bath) => very sensual drones, vibrations, pulsations derived from objects and grating contact microphones.. a duo from Venezuela with 2nd album
MATTHIJS KOUW & PHIL MAGUIRE - Isometry do-CD (Verz Impriint VI22 / Clinamen C09) => hyper minimal drone-music like structured architecture, with some ghostly undertones
FAULHABER, RK - The Dugong Weeps MC (Helen Scarsdae) => almost uncategorizable "texture music" based on pure digital synthesis (no acoustic/instrumental/electronic sound sources used)
MOLJEBKA PVLSE - Borrowed Scenery: Appearance maxi-CD (Zoharum) => great shimmering immersion ambience with circling resonances and acoustic spirals surrounding...
META MEAT - Infrasupra LP (Ant-Zen) => shamanistic / ethno / electronic percussion music with incredible tension and suction, the project of VON MAGNET & SOME KILOS
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO - Wilderness Studio 2005-2019 do-CD (Nowhere Worldwide) => awesome collection of reworked field rec's from Brazilian Amazon and South African Savanna

+ stunning new albums, re-issues and re-listings from :: ZOVIET FRANCE (third massive vinyl wood-box to complete the trilogy), the TIME ENDS double vinyl version as special edition (one full side for DESIDERII MARGINIS, MARTIN BLADH, ANEMONE TUBE, and TROUM),
GHEDALIA TAZARTES last finalized album project von LP + CD, NURSE WITH WOUND (two CDs with NEW material), ROLAND KAYN (re-issue of the famous "Tektra" box), NADJA /AIDAN BAKER (very lim. studio LP / CD set), MERZBOW's earliest tapes on a 10 CD box,
BJ NILSEN, RLW, AUBE, P. NIBLOCK, JARL, L. HORTOBAGYI unreleased archive material on LP, and for the first time we can offer HALFER TRIO most cryptic 7 x 10"es from the 90's as a set:::
....as always, there's much more to find & cherish below !

Please send your orders & all communication to: drone@dronerecords.de, or use the order system on the website.
best drones! BarAka[H]

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