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The Newsflash for October 2020 has been mailed out today (#5 for this year).
It is also available as PDF-file download from =>

some personal, most sensual, "droning" highlights from it:
VAN LUIJK, TIMO & FREDERIC CROENE - Ipnopedion LP (La Scie Doree) : ghost music ! 19,50
SIRIA - Boa-Lingua MC (Cronica) : recommended Portugesian sound artist and singer creating a very special atmosphere.. 9,00
PAYNE, MAGGI - Arctic Winds do-LP (Aguirre Records) : re-issue of her mesmering album from 2010 25,00
FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT - Scaath Catfish CD (Helen Scarsdale Agency) : great new FAMP album focused on the "River/Water" theme 15,50
CAPELLE, MIREILLE - Blue Veil CD (AudioMER): breathtaking transcension / installation music 16,00
MYTRIP - Keeper LP (AMEK) : best technoid / rhythmic ambient drone 16,00
HAARVOL + XOAN-XIL LOPEZ - Unwritten Rules of a Ceaseless Journey CD (Cronica) : high class surrealistic experimental drone-scapes 13,00

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