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The Newsflash for August 2020 has been mailed out today (#4 for this year).
It is also available as PDF-file download from =>

...in this Newsflash you find new releases by: G. ALDINUCCI, MNEM (new album only available on cassette) NEUBAUTEN, ZEITKRATZER & T. THAEMLITZ, TROUM, PANASONIC, GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ, JACASZEK, THOMAS K?NER, NURSE WITH WOUND, YANN NOVAK, MERZBOW, MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKA, JOHANN JOHANNSSON, N[xx] , FRANCISCO LOPEZ (a 12 hour release!).. Especially recommended: the great VITAL book by Frans de Waard (+ two other books from him !), the MICHAEL LIGHTBORNE LP, ANNE GUTHRIE LP (late discovery!), the DAVE PHILLIPS CD, BRUNE MOREIGNE mcd (re-discovered), and STEFAN ROIGK et al. CD.. and and and..

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