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Dear Droners, stay tuned & droned in 2016 !!

We start into the new year with this list of about 50 special offer items (50% and more discount!), of most titles we have only few copies left, so act fast if interested!

Additionally, check our actual FULL STOCK LIST with the following discount option: 25% discount for all CDs 'older' than 3 years (= if 'Release-Date' YEAR is from 2012 or earlier).
(lists only items & price with no further info from A-Z, all items are in stock or should be backorderable in only a few days usually)
The offer is valid until the next regular updated (mid February 2016).

Minimum order: 25 Euro (special offer items & full stock list items can be combined).
You can also reserve items until your next regular order.

The FULL STOCK LIST is downloadable here:

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