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Indite CD Moving Furniture Records MFR024 after the "Hebetude" CDR (2014), "Indite" is the first factory pressed CD from HAARVÍL,,the ambient experimental trio from Portugal; the title means "to formulate or to compose" in Old English, the six tracks are often built on dry analog-electronic drones and evolve to complex shapes with many concrete sounds and different levels of aural events.. an excellent "full CD" debut !! - 6 tracks, 55 min, lim. 200 cardboard sleeve 2015 €12.00
Bombinate CD Moving Furniture Records MFR042 HAARVÍL consists of three members, a sound art project from Portugal with some fascinating works in their discography => "Bombinate" is the first album of a trilogy, this slow moving organic ambience is full of suspense, resonances and transformed field recordings, creating a wonderful spatial and cinematic experience... "The music lives from the subtleties hidden in a powerful but sophisticated mass of sound" - lim. 200 oversized cover 2017 €12.00
Peripherad Debris CD Moving Furniture Records MFR059 the high-class 'experimental ambient' trio from Portugal released this album as a successor to "Bombinate" (2015), merging digital and analogue sources, centered around the theme "Remnants".. - *peripherad debris means: toward the periphery as the remains of anything broken down or destroyed. It is between the enunciation of the sonority and its conceptual spatialization that the sounds that can be heard in this new album are played.* - lim. 200, A5 cover 2018 €12.00
Ridge of Humming Spoils CD Moving Furniture Records MFR082 HAARVÍL consists of three members, a sound art project from Portugal with some fascinating works in their discography => the last part of the trilogy that started with "Bombinate" is an exploration of the deep meaningful implications of "frontiers", sophisticated drones moving over to unknown landscapes with rich details... - lim. 200 copies w. A5 cover art 2020 €12.00
Seeking the Intimacy of Silence CD Moving Furniture Records MFR104 newest CD by the gifted Portugese \"experimental ambience\" trio, recorded during pandemic times they looked for a new approach in the creation of their music: everything was captured \"face to face\" in live session, filled with the experience of silence caused by COVID-19...*To be intimate with silence is to recognise its existence and importance (as CAGE taught us many decades ago)* - this is very floating, blurred, multi layered drone ambience, suggestive and complex.. - lim. 200 copies 2023 €12.00