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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
MARTIN. Seven [New] Aspects mcd-R TIBprod tibcd36   2004 €6.00
Ice field mCD-R My Own Little Label MOLL 002 new label by FRANS DE WAARD; non-jewel-case cover 2007 €6.00
Untitled Drone Work mCD-R My Own Little Label MOLL 003 re-release of the Twenty Hertz CDR 2007 €6.00
Capture mCD-R My Own Little Label MOLL 017 remix of material recently presented on the AUDIOSCOOP doLP 2008 €5.50
Reflection mCD-R My Own Little Label MOLL 019 lovely one-tracker on FRANS DE WAARDS mikro label, comes with handmade photo cover .... "Piano sources recorded on boxing day, transformed in the days after with the final mix on new years eye 2007. Moody textured music with a bite." 2008 €6.00
Replicas CD Monochrome Vision (mv19) all sound- & image-sources taken from ASMUS TIETCHENS album "Daseinsverfehlung" 2008 €13.00
True Type CD-R Moving Furniture Records MFR003 a collection of old MP3 tracks 2001-2003, now in much better quality 2009 €7.50
At home at last. Six Songs seek Shelter MC BEAM ENDS be13 unreleased material from the archives, lim. 30 only, professional duplication & cover 2011 €8.00
Stainless Steel LP Ini.Itu # 1101 FREIBAND reworks Gamelan-sounds! Minimal drones, repetitive structures, metallic atmospheres... great LP, with 2 endless grooves on Side B; mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN, numbered edition of 250 copies 2011 €12.50
Stainless Steel Redux & Finale mCD-R My Own Little Label MOLL 043 kind of companion-release to the "Stainless Steel" LP with a track from the same sessions, not on the LP; 20min. long 2011 €5.50
Mutatis Mobilis CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACR 1028 re-workings of AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF and FREIBANDs own source-material, resulting in mysterious ambient industrial drones full of metallic overtunes & hissing cloud-mantras, ultra minimal, analogue & soft... very nice ! 2013 €8.00
Cubes CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-29 on 'Cubes', FREIBAND re-works sound material by Ukrainian project DAO DE NOIZE, resulting in slowly evolving frequency-shifts and electrical storms, from soft metal/glass drones to granular, rustling sound whirls.... lim. 50 only 2016 €10.00