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Obscurum Per Obscurius CD Moving Furniture Records MFR066 awesome release by the dutch experimental drone artist with philosophical approach: on 9 tracks shimmering glass-like harmonics resonate, granular micro sounds crackle gently, soft repetitive pulses appear, dense metalloid aural expanses proliferate in mysterious and multiple ways... lim. 200 and highly recommended for any lover of transcendental drones!! 2018 €14.00
The Great Image has no Form CD Esc. Rec 64 ".. inspired by Kouws visit to the Wudang Mountains in China in 2007, where he studied Chinese meditation and martial arts as a result of his long-time interest in Daoism=>'Daoism teaches us that the foundational cannot be named and identified, but rather has to be experienced firsthand' => This is perfectly captured by the five pieces on this album, ranging between 5 and 17 minutes, dwelling in the unnamed space of complex drones..." [Ambient.blog] - 5 tracks, 51 min., only 100 copies pressed 2019 €14.00