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Atsusaku LP Moving Furniture Records MFR031 GARETH DAVIS is the bass clarinetist of OISEAUX-TEMP╩TE, and has a long list of collaborative releases with MACHINEFABRIEK, ELLIOT SHARP, STEVEN R. SMITH, FRANCES-MARIE UITTI, or recently AIDAN BAKER; this collab. with MERZBOW shows his love for harsher textures: "A massive wall of sound over two tracks that moves from the shifting low-end structures and the ricochet of howling reeds to the blistering haze of dense white noise and rapid-fire electronic tones". lim. 300 2016 €18.00
Broken Landscapes LP Moving Furniture Records MFR076 after the first successful collaboration "Atsusaku" (2016) here's the follower, with GARETH DAVIS (OISEAUX TEMPETE) on bass clarinet and electronics, using lots of field recordings and focused on the theme "mechanisation of the environment" => "Broken Landscapes is built on impenetrably thick walls of manipulated field recordings while the bass clarinet saturates the midrange, the massive swirling mesh of analogue and digital material painting pictures of the magnified terrain that surrounds us." - lim.300 2020 €18.00