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1 LP Moving Furniture Records MFR036 like ELEH or PHILL NIBLOCK, a "pure drone approach"-album, but on this collab. by the two dutch sound artists, a very monotone / monochromatic drone starts to warp and develop harmonic 'bubbles' and resonances after a while that seem to be filled with independent life on their own, like slow dancers of shimmerings waves... the special beauty in here is only revealed after you crossed a certain threshold of time, and your mind... lim. 300 2017 €16.50
3/4 do-CD ERS - CD008 third collab release of the new dutch drone stars! => 'On their new album, MENS and KOUW use a 12-meter magnetic string instrument and a modular synthesizer to create 6 carefully tuned pieces. With a total playing time of over 2 hours, 3/4 continues the long-form drone explorations first released on the LP 1 on Moving Furniture Records in February 2017.." - a homage to the drone works of ELLEN FULLMAN, LA MONTE YOUNG and ALVIN LUCIER, ed. of 300 copies 2018 €15.00
2 LP Moving Furniture Records MFR056 second "pure drone" collab by these Dutch artists, starting from almost nothing both long dronescapes evolve very nicely into a dance of pleasant micro-waves..."..continue their exploration of long-form drone. By using precisely tuned analogue synthesis, Mens and Kouw create a rich tapestry of drones and slowly changing environments. To the careless listener, nothing much seems to happen. However, an attentive ear will reveal a rich variety of resonances and sonic artefacts." - lim. 300, DL code 2019 €16.50