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Tentacles BOOK & CD Gruenrekorder GRUEN 170 recordings from "under the bridges" during a trip on a ship that travelled from Berlin to southern France, the bridges were touched with tentacles to reveal their personal soundprofile... the artists group KG AUGENSTERN created this mixture between a permanent sound installation (tentacles) and field recording journey, plus two sound exhibitions, nicely documented in a 42p. page book with photos, maps and travel notes: Berlin-> Nijmegen-> Paris-> Lyon-> Monpellier 2016 €15.00
Circles and Cycles BOOK + CD Gruenrekorder GRUEN 202/20 after the obscure, hyper conceptual sound art "Tentacles" release on the same label, a like-minded offering by KG AUGENSTERN from Berlin: recordings from scratching surfaces with a special fiberglass tentacle, this time made on abandoned places and ruins in Sicilia and accompanied with video recordings of the sites, also using sheep wool and clay, which lead to an exhibition in Palermo; - comes wtih a very nice 60 page art book with many s/w and colour photos, texts, notes.. 2020 €18.00