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Hijra. Noise from the Jungle CD Zoharum ZOHAR 120 field recordings made December 2015 at the "famous" refugee camp called "The Jungle" in Calais, France, where 1000s of immigrants lived in tents: this captures the voices, speeches and especially musical vocalizations and singings of the refugees, coming from various cultures and regions of the world, so that this sounds rather like a recording from an ethnologist made far away from Europe... a very special, political release by RAFAL KOLACKI, showing the dignity and beauty of these lost people.. 2016 €12.00
Mektoub (1001 Nocy Paula Bowlesa) CD Zoharum / Alchembria a kind of "literary travelogue" with self made field recordings from Tanger, Morocco, following the steps and words of PAUL BOWLES.: recordings from the market place, the ocean, a prayer, a musician, etc. intermingle with atmospheric drones and short fragments of BOWLES texts... - a very special album by the member of HATI who became a field recording enthusiast, lim. 250 copies 2023 €13.00