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Four Squared Wheel CD Moving Furniture Records MFR029 another incarnation of Dutch experimental 'legend' FRANS DE WAARD, who many years ago was one of the starters in our Drone Records 7" series with his BEE QUEEN 7" "Summer Rain" (DR-03); with MODELBAU he follows the concept of using as much as 'live equipment' as possible and no laptop, so everythings created by hand in realtime... "Four Squared Wheel" is a long one-tracker in four parts, with high-pitched overtune almost sinus-tone drone wavings.. 2016 €12.00
Neither Nor CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACN 1001 another rare release (lim. 50 copies!) of FRANS DE WAARDS latest solo-project, analogue drones & loops and strange field recordings merge in a pretty subliminal way, with a very 'direct' approach... "These days Modelbau uses pre-recorded cassettes, iPad apps, sound effects, laptop, shortwave radio, small synthesizers, ancient 2bit sampling device; everything is recorded on the spot, as is, and without multi-tracking and very minimal editing." 2017 €6.00
Nightcrawlers CD Norwegianism Records NOR 022 fabulous transcension drones, a slow evolving full atmo piece (45 min.), recorded in one take, which starts from almost inaudible transmissions of the air and atmosphere, you feel as of being inside a very soft, organic, humming bubble.. - lim. 100 copies 2019 €13.00
Thermolite MC Hyster Tapes- Number 33 rare cassette only release on Finnish "recycled tapes" label => FRANS DE WAARD (KAPOTTE MUZIEK, BEEQUEEN, WANDER..) in full low fi slow-drone mode, subtle rumbling expanses interspersed with even more subtle feedbacks and microwave / ancient synth tone pulses, resulting in interesting structures and droning forms... a special kind of drone-ambient! C-30, 4 tracks, only 44 copies made !!! 2022 €7.00
X BOOK + CD Korm Plastics Vanity Series [001] the main project of dutch experimental underground legend FRANS DE WAARD is since 10 years MODELBAU, with a current stream of limited micro releases filled with minimal / immersive ambience, using mainly analog equipment and imaginative concepts.. - MEEUW designed this beautiful full colour book (about 100 pages) with "everything about Modelbau in the closest detail via designs, diagrams, photos and more", incl. a 70 min. CD with previously unreleased material, lim. 100 copies 2022 €23.00
Metal + Motif 7inch Haemoccult Recordings - HAEM 005   2023 €9.50