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N░6 MAG Marhaug Forlag PB6 magazine for "noise, music and the cosmic soup" published by LASSE MARHAUG, 100 pages A4 format: "meeting Sun Ra, starting to play the sax at 28, The Nihilist Spasm Band, UFO sightings, changing guitar strings in 23 seconds, how play glass on your face, playing drums on a trampoline, painting skulls, noise bombing in Indonesia, salt, broken radios, etc.+ interviews with PBK, MARCIA BASSETT, JOE McPHEE, SODADOSA (Indonesia), SKASET.. full colour! 2016 €10.00
N░8 mag Personal Best LASSE MARHAUGs beloved magazine (almost a book) for "noise, music and the cosmic soup" with a new issue: GHEDALIA TAZARTES, JANA WINDEREN, PETER BRÍTZMANN, PETER REHBERG, OTOMO YOSHIHIDE, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN, RACHEL SHEARER, BENJAMIN NELSON - all with extensive interviews incl. many unseen photos, cover pics, posters, etc.. - A4 format, 100 pages, full colour 2020 €11.00