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Dirty Blind Vortex CD Crionic Mind CM006 one of the earliest DEISON releases back in stock (first full length album CD) - 12 tracks of intense ambient industrial tunes, feat. diverse collaborations (R.H.Y.YAU, SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, LASSE MARHAUG, etc.), more noisy and pestering than today... "A fuming miasma of desiccated frequencies and oppressive atmospheres.." ; mastered by THOMAS DIMUZIO - now special priced ! 2000 €8.00
Night Sessions CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1149 excellent full album by this long active Italian project, somehow twisted old school ambient electronics meet with guitars, found sounds, glitchy arrangements.. 13 tracks full of variations but with a very own style, recommended if you like challenging 80's/90's ambient industrial electronics, created with today's approach... 2011 €12.00
Quiet Rooms CD Aagoo Records AGO051 field recordings of EMPTY HOTEL ROOMS build the basis for the four tracks of this album, completed with electronics... this is dark isolation ambient drone at its best ! - "...these lonely urban soundtracks evoke powerful tensions between serenity and alienation.. . Drones builds to such dystopian density that the sounds of our world become science fiction" - comes with special fold out poster! 2012 €13.00
Any Time Now CD-R Loud! - L!CD09 very limited (100 copies) self released DEISON album from 2016 on the theme "Time", excellent instrumental source sound procession, last copies! - "the record is focused on small sounds, interferences and long slow-moving drones captured to explore the perception of time.." 2016 €10.00
Substrata 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-28 long playing 3 track EP by Italy's Cristiano DEISON - filed under "awesome crystalline drones", based on prepared tapes, metals, strings, wires and electronics... Sounds of elementary transformations, metamorphosis, and overcoming the usual sense of time; lim. 300 copies on transparent green vinyl 2020 €15.00
Una Notte Che Non Finisce Mai BOOK + CD SILENTES / 1970 Millenovecentosettanta 7001 Drone Records artists DEISON has collaborated for this suspenseful work with SANDRA TONIZZO, who is responsible for the 50 page booklet (21 x 21 cm)with 8 short stories and photos about the "monster of Florence", a serial couple killer from the 1970's.. - " through suggestions, reports, impressions and memories" the listener is taken into 8 suggestive trips to these mysterious cases and the atmosphere of that time, now part of the Italian cultural memory.. lim. 200 copies 2021 €20.00