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Meditative Sound Environments LP Alga Marghen plana-PF 31VocSon161 unreleased recordings from 1971, created in improvisation at the same time when the performance for "Illuminations" happened.. shimmering drones, female voice, ethereal atmosphere, a nostalgic low fi flair.. verr nice ! *all of a sudden they were doing a new kind of jamming together. everybody in the audience loved it because it was so dreamy and they found amazing how a man and a woman can act in that strange, very dreamlike oriental way as in trance..* - lim. 365 copies 2021 €21.50
Illuminations LP Alga Marghen plana-PF 21VocSon082 great contemplative recordings from 1971 (glass harmonics, bells, voice, piano) in collaboration with Italian dancer SIMONE FORTI, this is the re-mastered new ed. from 2022 (365 copies) - [ in 2016, the piece was performed again in Middelburg at Vleeshal, NL, look for the VIMEO film ] 2022 €22.50