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Asperities CD Leaf Records BAY 92 the fourth album of JULIA KENT - extremely subtle & emotional compositions for multi-layered, looped Cello, with a cautious use of electronic effects that add tension & drama... "The cello swirls in clouds of reverb, dancing around the stereo stage, temperamental, volatile and glum. Like the early dark clouds of an autumn downpour, the sonic whirlwind slowly gathers among the textured washes of its aural weather..." [Headphone Commute] 2015 €15.50
Green and Grey (Expanded) do-LP Leaf Records - BAY 107VX 'personal landscape music' based on Cello, electronics and field recordings that appear in loops & layers, beautiful, timeless and deeply melancholic; second solo-album by this New York City based Canadian artist - this is the first vinyl issue for this album in an expanded version with bonus material: three tracks from the the rare "Last Day in July" EP (2010), and two previously unreleased tracks; comes on green & grey coloured vinyl; a special RECORD STORE DAY BLACK FRIDAY release ! 2019 €25.00
Temporal (lim. white vinyl) LP + CD LEAF Records BAY 106VX JULIA KENT's new album is a "meditation on the transitory and fragile nature of existence", most material was originally made for dance theatre productions... "The electronic manipulations are subtler, with Julia sampling voices from a theatre production and processing them into unrecognisable textures: ghosts of the source material." lim. 500 white vinyl, + CD of the same album 2019 €22.50