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Distorted Legends, Pt. 1 (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-89 edition of 300 / black vinyl, oversized full-colour gatefold sleeve 2008 €7.00  
Ordeal 26.04.86 CD Cyclic Law 88th Cycle the Bulgarian Drone Rec. artists SHRINE (see DR-89) became a much respected name in the international dark ambient scene, this new album is centered around the CHERNOBYL disaster 30 year ago, an insight of a possible apocalypse still to come => on 'Ordeal 26.04.86' the development from the pre- to the post-nuclear condition is transformed into deeply touching six movements, so emotional and sad... "overwhelmingly dense.. the best SHRINE album so far" [NON-POP] 2016 €13.00
Harmony, Bliss, Rust MC AMEK amek021 the very first SHRINE release from 2006 was a "file-only" net release and consisted of three long tracks; the Bulgarian label AMEK (home of MYTRIP) has now re-issued this timeless, beautiful rustling ambient album (that evolves into more powerful and harsher territories) for the first time on physical format: a cassette with prof. cover & duplication, only 66 copies made, C-40 2018 €7.00
Nausicań CD Cyclic Law 185th Cycle probably the last ever album by the great Bulgarian ambient project, inspired by a Japanese manga from the 80's named "Nausicań of the Valley of the Wind": 'a story of Earth's future a thousand years after the collapse of industrial civilization, when most of the planet is covered by a toxic jungle filled with deadly spores that choke all human life. An ode to the relationship between humanity and nature, and a call of awareness to the environmental crisis we all face..' - lim. 300 and not to be missed ! 2022 €13.00